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Deadly Manor

The Dallas Connection

Cannibal Apocalypse

The Beast and the Magic Sword

Common Law

1.01 Pilot


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 02, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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Removed Scene
16:52 / 18:13

The entire end of the conversation is missing in the TV Version resp. the TV Version only contains 3 little shots and that is it.
In the Extended Version, the conversation goes on for a bit. Then the judge leaves and so do Travis and Wes. It turns out that Travis took the judge's phone. Travis writes down Zach's number in order to trace his phone, Wes lectures him.

86.48 sec
TV VersionExtended Version

19:27 / 22:14

Longer black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 2.36 sec lšnger

Removed Scene
19:30 / 22:15

Subsequent to the missing black screen, the TV Version lacks the shots that show Travis and Wes on their way to the roof. They approach Zach on the ledge and with the following shot of Zach, the versions are back in sync.

12.68 sec

Removed Scene
22:17 / 25:15

After Wes and Travis save Zach, the TV Version lacks their subsequent conversation with him. They question him about Tobey, the knife that was used and they also tell him he is not getting arrested.

65.12 sec resp. 1 min and 5.12 sec

Removed Scene
23:06 / 27:09

When Wes realizes that Travis dented his passenger door, their conversation is longer in the Extended Version. Also, there is an additional exterior shot of the police station.

20.16 sec

Removed Scene Extended Version
23:06 / 27:29

The interior shot of the police station starts slightly earlier in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.52 sec longer

Removed Scene
24:31 / 28:52

Travis tries to avoid explaining why he wants to fill out the paper under any circumstances. In order to do so, he compliments Ellen.

8.84 sec

Removed Scene
28:05 / 32:36

The conversation with Dominic Santori, the car/drug dealer, is shorter in the TV Version.

12.04 sec

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