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Twin Dragons

original title: Shuang long hui


  • Regular Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: Oct 24, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Regular Version and the Japanese Version (both available on the Japanese Blu-ray by Twin / Paramount)

- 3 differences
- Length difference: 77 sec (= 1:17 min)

And a further odd Extended Version of a Jackie Chan movie from Japan. This time, it is not the outtakes. Though regarding the outtakes, the movie from 1992 definately stands out. At the time the movie was made, outtakes during the credits had already become standard for Jackie Chan movies and yet there are none - neither in the Regular Version nor in the heavily censored US Version. Not even in the here compared Japanese Version.

Therefore, there is a rather insignificant plot scene in the middle of the movie and also new footage during the end credits. Appearing inappropiate at first glance, one gets to see some kind of "Best of" of the stunts and action scenes from the classics "Police Story" and "Polce Story 2", followed by an entirely new scene. Apparently, the intention was using Twin Dragons to promote the third installment of "Police Story" starring Jackie Chan as Kevin Chan, the cop. This exclusive footage in particular is quite exciting for die-hard fans (no pun intended).

Other than that, the Japanese Blu-ray is quite a nice package which one more time becomes kind of uninteresting due to the lack of missing English subtitles. At least, one gets both versions as true HD Master (by the way also from a different source which means the Japanese Version has NOT been restored based on the regular master - unlike many other Japanese Jackie Chan Blu-rays). In addition to that, it contains the US Version in good HD quality and English audio. But as mentioned sooner, it is roughly cut which makes it poor conolation.

Time index refers to
Regular Version Blu-ray / Japanese Version Blu-ray

The Japanese Version starts with its own credits, followed by the Golden Harvest logo (which is missing in the Regular Version on the Japanese Blu-ray).

29.3 sec

Two more screenshots in order to illustrate the different quality of the HD master of the Regular and the Japanese Version and also to illustrate the hardcoded Japanese subtitles for both texts and dialogs.

Regular Version (Japanese Blu-ray)Japanese Version (Japanese Blu-ray)

67:36 / 68:05-68:17

When Boomer and John seek each others advice, the Regular Version stops in the middle of a close-up the moment Boomer puts his arm behind John on the chair. In the Japanese Version, the shot continues and a discussion during which John removes his arm from the chair follows. Then the door bell rings and the counseling starts earlier. When Boomer leaves, the versions are back in sync.

12 sec

102:40-103:56 / 103:21-105:13

The Regular Version shows the regular end credits on a black background.

76.2 sec (= 1:16 min)

Besides the (slightly altered) end credits, the Japanese Version also contains the highlights of "Police Story" and "Police Story 2".

Subsequently an entire film scene that explains the footage which doesn't actually fit to "Twin Dragons". The scene is commented by a typical trailer narrator in Japanese.
Jackie drives up on his bike, then a shot of him and Yuen Wah undercover. They are knocking at the door of a gangster who seems to smell a rat. So he draws his gun but Jackie easliy manages to get his hands on it. A text reads that "Police Story 3" will be in theaters soon.

112.4 sec (= 1:52 min)