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original title: Ma Ko Po Lo


  • HK DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Dec 27, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut HK DVD by IVL and the extended German DVD

- 2 additional scenes
- Length difference: 35.6 sec

Genre fans should have gotten used to it by now: Celestial hast all the Shaw Brothers movies in the archives and "restauration" over the years was almost always incredibly rough - to say the least. Tears, small defects etc. at the beginning and end of a shot have not been edited. Instead, those frames just got cut. Best case scenario: that was it even though the result was a movie lacking approx. 4 minutes of footage, compared to earlier releases. But those release could still be considered "uncut". And then, there are cases where whole scenes are missing resp. that footage either was considered beyond remedy or the effort to restore those scene was not made in the first place. A very loud outcry was caused when those removed moments were part of the fights.

Altogether, there are only a few cases like that. Unfortunately, the here compared Ma Ko Po Lo is one of them. Especially two scenes in the finale always seemed hinky, the first one is a distance shot with a length of 30 seconds. When the German label "Koch Media" decided to release the movie, they fortunately added that footage to the Celestial master. Prety obvious due to a much worse image quality because these scenes were taken from a VHS master. But at least, this DVD contains an extended version - compared to the HK DVD. Due to the frame cuts mentioned at the beginning, the German DVD is still 2 minutes shorter than the Dutch VHS which is considered uncut. But then again, there is not missing an entire shot anymore.

Time index refers to
HK DVD / German DVD

The Celestial logo on the HK DVD is part of the actual movie file on the German DVD.

11 sec

91:54-91:56 / 92:05-92:35

After Kuo Tsui went for Duldian's throat, a short black and white flashback showing a similar situation with the flip in the water hole has been added on the HK DVD.

Actually, there is a very long distance shot with Duldian tumbling around with the last of his strength but the hits the ground anyway.
(For the German DVD, this scene has been reconstructed from the VHS.)

German DVD 28.5 sec longer (Length of the additional shot: 30.5 sec)

98:14 / 98:53-98:58

Additional medium long shot of Chi Kuan-chun hitting the guy a few more times before he goes down.

5.2 sec

Like the logo at the beginning, the Celestial logo is part of the actual movie file on the German DVD but it is not on the HK DVD.

11 sec

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