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Release: Sep 18, 2009 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
In the US, Clint Eastwood made a special cut of his 8th movie (as a director and producer): the TV-Version offers about 11 minutes of additional footage. Later, it was published on Laserdisc and DVD, but the extended cut remained an US-only-release. In Germany for example you can only see the usual Theatrical Version. But if you have the choice, buy the Extended Cut - the additional footage tops the movie off very well. For example, you see how Gant (Clint Eastwood) prepares himself for the mission. In the Theatrical Version one might think that he is just thrown in at the deep end.

It should be noted that the Extended Version has been around since 2002 now, long before the hype of Extended/Unrated Versions or Director's cuts. The fact that the movie is longer is neither mentioned on the cover, nor in American online shops.

Run time of the German DVD (PAL!) 1:59:26 Min.
Run time of the US DVD/Extended (NTSC!) 2:16:09 Min.
Run time of the additional Scenes: 697 Sec.
Number of additional Scenes: 16
9:06 Min.
Major Mitchell Gant (Clint Eastwood) gathers information about his mission from Captain Buckholz (David Huffman).
33 Sek.

10:39 Min.
Kenneth Aubrey (Freddie Jones) makes a speech.
19 Sek.

11:56 Min.
Gant uses a flight simulator to be prepared for the mission. The white dot represets a missile wich has to hit the small green plane. A female officer issues instructions. After that, he has to pass a simulated landing. General Brown (Thomas Hill) and Captain Buckholz watch him. The general says that he has seen enough and turns away. We can now see how Gant is sitting in the flight simulator, looking upwards to Buckholz.
40 Sek.

13:32 Min.
Gant now has to deal with a real dogfight. Buckholz talks to Walters (Austin Willis) first, then he talks to Gant. After that, Gant goes back to a simulated dogfight again. General Brown and Captain Buckholz watch this from another room. They witness him getting better and better. Then he says goodbye to the other pilots and drives away in a trasporter while Buckholz and Brown talk to each other.
154 Sek.

The real Boris Glazunov (Barrie Hougton) is lead off by the KGB agents. Colonel Kontarsky (Kenneth Colley) sends another car to Glazunov's workplace.
15 Sek

Pavel Upenskoy (Warren Clarke) talks with Gant abouth the real Glazunov.
67 Sek

Colonel Kontarsky communes with Dmitri Priabin (Oliver Cottonzwei) and a KGB agent.
65 Sek

We see a close-up of Boris Glazunov who was tortured to death.
3 Sek

The scene in which Pyotr Baranovich (Nigel Hawthorne) tells Gant about the plan to steal the Firefox is longer.
43 Sek

Pavel, who was hit by a bullet, stumbles through the woods.
15 Sek

Baranovich's conversation with Gant is longer. It is followed by a meeting in the KGB headquarters. Dmitri Priabin gets some information from a KGB agent and instantly gives instructions to build a staff to extend the search for the enemy agent.
75 Sek

The First Secretary's (Stefan Schnabel) conversation with Gant over the radio is longer.
19 Sek

The First Secretary now complains to Chairman Andropov (Wolf Kahler) about the failure of security. The persons concerned decide to take note of it without responding.
35 Sek

General Vladimirov (Klaus L÷witsch) talks longer about his strategy.
8 Sek

The First Secretary asks General Vladimirov several questions.
11 Sek

The First Secretary believes that the Firefox was shot down with Gant in it. General Vladimirov has some doubts about it and rightly says that Gant is far too clever to simply get shot down like that.
95 Sek