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original title: Parodius da! Shinwa kara o Warai he


Censored Version
Rating: not rated
Region: Japan

Uncensored Version
Rating: not rated
Region: Japan

Release: Aug 28, 2014 - Author: kurisuteian - Translator: Tony Montana
As the title already implies, Parodius is a parody of the space shooter Gradius by Konami. Many elements of the Gradius series are being spoofed, some Japanese media culture has been added, accompanied by European art and classical music. Parodius is the second of five installments produced for arcade cabinets and ported to several gaming consoles.

Parodius is one of the few titles released in Europe but not in North America. As main reason for that, it is often being refered to the second boss: one has to shoot at a white-headed eagle dressed American style until he looks like a roast chicken (the white-headed eagle is the heraldic animal of the United States).

// In Europe, the game was released but with some minor alterations that don't have any influence on the story or the course of the game. And since that is the case, the Western Versions are just as much fun as the uncensored Japanese Version.

The Arcade Version is available as part of the Parodius Collection for PlayStation Portable - even though it has only been released in Japan.

Title of the SNES Version:Titelof the Arcade Version:

Compared are the uncensored Japanese Arace Version and the slightly censored Japanese SNES Version.
Stage 2

At the end of the second level, one encounters a "mini boss" that can't be defeated. Instead, the boss only needs to be flown round. "Chichibinta Rika" is a huge Las Vegas showgirl with short skirt and stuff and she moves around on the screen.

When she reaches the side on the screen in the Arcade Version, she starts shaking it, forms her mouth to a kiss in the direction of the player and blinks. The shaking part is missing in the SNES Version - whether it has been removed for techinical or morality reasons remains unknown.