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original title: Pembalasan ratu pantai selatan


  • US DVD
  • Japanese VHS
Release: Jun 07, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the the US-DVD from Mondo Macabro and the Japanese VHS from Columbia.

With "Lady Terminator" the Indochinese director H. Tjut Djalil produced a blatant "Terminator" Rip-Off mixed with an Indochinese legend about the evil queen of the South Seas. A good deal of scenes known from "The Terminator" have been copied, for example the dance club shooting, the massacre at the police station and the eye surgery.

Just like "Dangerous Seductress" there are two versions of the movie. Lightning effects have been put over every bare breast for the Indochinese market this effect is missing in the International version. The Mondo Macabro DVD features some sort of mix version. The major part is equal to the International version while the scene in which Tania trashes the hotel room is equal to the Indochinese version. The additional effects are somewhat impressive alright but unfortunately they cover up Tanias breasts in some shots. Apart from this censorship the Mondo Macabro DVD is slightly cut, most notably during the sex scene with Max and Erika, and also sports a few jump cuts that are not listed in this report.

So the Japanese VHS features the "real" International version which is the longest version worldwide. Nevertheless, the US-DVD offers a lot for its money; the quality is good and so are the bonus features.

Due to some capturing problems the screenshots from the Japanese VHS are of pretty poor quality. This is not the actual picture quality of the tape.

Running time data is taken from the US-DVD.
Running times:

Jap. VHS: 81:20 Min. (NTSC)
US-DVD: 80:38 Min.(NTSC)

The lightning effects are missing in the International version when Tania destroys the hotel room.

No time difference (30 sec.)


As Tania pulls the guard into her room the effects are missing as well.

No time difference (4 sec.)


The waiter serves the beer. The US-DVD is missing some background conversation before that.

5 sec.


Jap. VHS.

The punks are seen longer, followed by the couple at the table.


The waiter brings the couple their beer. On VHS this is seen earlier (see previous cut). The waiter walking over to the table is still missing.

3 Sec.


Max closing the filing cabinet is missing.

1 Sec.


A shot of Max's partner is missing.

0,25 sec.


Tania grabs the car and the car starts.

3 sec.


Tania is seen after one of the soldiers has been shot.

0,5 sec.


Max takes cover.

The US-DVD shows Max shooting at Tania. This shot belongs to the scene two shots before now when Max runs out of the hallway and starts shooting. The scene is in the right order in the International version.

1 sec.


Max and Erika are kissing longer, intercut with a shot of Erikas hand.

12 sec.


Tania stretches a bit longer after she killed the bellboy.

5 sec.