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2.18 Goliath Returns Part 1


  • Syndicated Version
  • Uncut
Release: Nov 16, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut Syndicated Version (UK Blu-ray by Fabulous Films / First Edition) and the uncut Original Version (German DVD by Universal).

- 10 cuts
- Length difference: 376.9 sec resp. 6 min 16.9 sec

Please note: Minor differences such as missing credits, missing or different black screens etc. have not been listed in the following comparison. The focus is on the alteration made for reruns in syndication and that is it.

Basically, the UK Blu-ray is a highly recommendable release even though some people complain about the abscene of the TV movie "Knight Rider 2000" because it is available as bonus of the DVD release. The problem is that this was originally another pilot for second Knight Rider series that never saw the light of day. So technically, the movie is not part of the original Knight Rider from 1982. However, definately worth criticizing is the fact that the Blu-ray set only contains the shorter Syndicated Versions of all the two-part episodes which have been cut to a length of approx. 45 minutes (Blu-ray / NTSC) in order to fit in the slot.

But at least one has the chance to get the discs with the uncut episodes via Fabulous Films. One can either send the discs with the Syndicated Versions and get a free replacement or one can keep the old discs and get the ones with the uncut episodes for a small fee (payment via Paypal). Either way, the new discs then will be shipped to your address.
According to Fabulous Films, the first batch with the shorter episodes is completely sold out. But of course, there is still a slight chance that one gets a copy of those because the vendor still has some in stock.

Last but not least, a few words about the Syndicated Versions: Admittedly, they are still OK to watch but fans will realize that scenes are missing. The huge exception here is the pilot "Knight of the Phoenix". While the alterations of the second part of the pilot are being kept within bounds, they did a real number on the first part of the pilot. Including the opening, "Knight of the Phoenix Part 1" has a total length of approx. 3.5 minutes (!) and after that, the second part already begins. Basically, everything is missing. If one is not familiar with the show or the story of the pilot, it is incredibly hard to follow resp. I would say it is almost impossible. This is also the reason why the Syndicated Version of the pilot only consists of one single episode while the other two-part episodes still consist of two episodes each. Considering that there are only 3.5 minutes left of the first part of the pilot, this is not a surprise though.

Time index refers to
Syndicated Version (UK Blu-ray) – Uncut Version (German DVD in PAL)
01:16 / 01:14

The first shots of both its surroundings and the prison itself are missing.

42 sec

04:34 / 05:07

Michael's and K.I.T.T.'s appearance is missing here. Michael is about to test a new function.
Michael: "Alright, K.I.T.T. Let's try April's new device."
K.I.T.T.: "Michael, I have serious reservations about this."
Michael: "Hang on, buddy… and get ready to make like a bird."
But the system malfunctions.
K.I.T.T.: "Michael, the release mechanism is malfunctioning. Abort! Abort!"
Michael stands on the brakes and they stop right before the cliff.
Michael: "That's just too close for comfort."
K.I.T.T.: "You can say that again."
Michael: "Looks like it's back to the drawing board."

The subsequent shot of the semi is insignificantly longer on the DVD (no screenshots).

The beginning of the following conversation is missing as well.
April: "I'll have it fixed in 15 minutes."
Michael: "Take a half an hour. Just make sure it's perfect, OK? Better yet, take an hour."
April: "Will you relax? I know what I'm doing."
K.I.T.T.: "And I know what I'm not doing."
April: "What's that, K.I.T.T.?"
K.I.T.T.: "I'm not going near another cliff. Teetering on the edge of oblivion has spoiled my appetite for heights."
Devon: "Don't worry, K.I.T.T. There's been a change in the menu. It's canapés and croissants for the ext few days. (I assume you've both heard of Dr. Klaus Bergstrom?)"

81.4 sec

12:10 / 13:46

Michael and K.I.T.T. take Bergstrom and his niece Christina to their hotel.
K.I.T.T.: "Actually, I first went online in a mainframe in Washington but the government bureaucrazy never suited me. Too stuffy."
Bergstrom laughs: "I know exactly what you mean. I have spent half my life with dried out bureaucrats who have dust in their veins instead of blood."
K.I.T.T.: "I am much happier at the Foundation. Of course, I still have to deal with human beings."
Michael: "Well, you're not exactly a cold beer on a hot day either, pal. Moody, temperamental and almost no sense of humor."
K.I.T.T.: "I beg your pardon. I have a highly developed sense of humor. For example, have you heard the one about the man who walked into a bar with a horse?"
Michael: "Eh, later. We're here. And not a moment too soon."

40.6 sec

17:22 / 19:27

The beginning of Michael's conversation with K.I.T.T. is missing.
K.I.T.T.: "You seem pleased."
Michael: "I am."
K.I.T.T.: "Was it the food or the company?"
Michael: "Both. Hey, what's with the third degree anyway?"
K.I.T.T.: "Just checking. My sensors indicate some interesting biochemical activity in your body. Not related to digestion, I might add."
Michael: "Meaning?"
K.I.T.T.: "You tell me. Either you had a scintillating conversation with Dr. Klaus Bergstrom or you and Christina found something to chat about."
Michael: "Well, take a wild guess, buddy."
K.I.T.T.: "Advanced human psychology?"
Michael laughs. With his following comment, the versions are back in sync.

28.7 sec

19:40 / 22:09

Garthe takes Devon and April downstairs. He shows them a cell.
Garthe: "Lovely, isn't it? Don't worry, this room's reserved for a very special guest."
They leave and go back upstairs. Further shots of the cell, then Devon and April who get locked up in some room.
Garthe: "With luck, he'll be here soon. For your sake, I hope he is."
Garthe leaves the room, Devon and April take a look around.

67.6 sec resp. 1 min 7.6 sec

20:34 / 24:08

In the Syndicated Version, Michael leaves FLAG headquarters. An exterior shot that shows K.I.T.T.'s front follows. The Uncut Version contains further shots of K.I.T.T. after Michael leaves.

Due to that alteration, the Syndicated Version lacks both the end of the shot of Michael leaving as well as the beginning of the subsequent one aka the mentioned exterior shot of K.I.T.T.'s front (no screenshots).

21.2 sec

21:15 / 25:09

The end of the conversation about Garthe and Goliath is missing.
(Michael: "Somehow, some way, somebody put the pieces back together again.")
K.I.T.T.: "Who could have done such a terrible thing?"
Michael: "It's a good question. Who and why? Garthe hates me but he's also very greedy for money and power. Whatever he's up to, it's much more than a personal vendetta. The question is what's he after this time?"

19.1 sec

25:05 / 29:10

The beginning of the scene with Bergstrom and Christina at the hotel is missing.
Christina (on the phone): "Michael Knight, please. I see. No, it's not important. Can you please just tell him Christina called? Thank you."
The conversation is over.
Christina: "That's strange. He said he'd call. Where do you suppose he could be?"
Bergstrom: "Hmm?"
Christina: "Uncle Klaus?"
Bergstrom: "Yes?"

19.5 sec

27:06 / 31:26

The end of the exterior shot of K.I.T.T. is a little shorter in the Extended Version. The reason is simple: The conversation between Michael and K.I.T.T. is actually longer and when K.I.T.T. has a question, he starts asking from the off at the end of this very exterior shot. Of course, the actual conversation is also missing.
(K.I.T.T.: "You don't suppose this could be trap, do you, Michael?"
Michael: "K.I.T.T., with Garthe, anything's possible.)"
K.I.T.T.: "Is that also true of Goliath?"
Michael: "What do you mean?"
K.I.T.T.: "Is it possible he's a new and improved model?"
Michael sighs.
K.I.T.T.: "You're hesitating."
Michael: "Well, to hesitate is human."
K.I.T.T.: "I thought 'To err is human'."
Michael: "Both are."
K.I.T.T.: "And now you're stalling."
Michael: "Alright, K.I.T.T., it's possible. Yeah, it's very possible. You alright?"
K.I.T.T.: "That depends on how one defines alright."
Michael laughs: "Now, you're stalling."
K.I.T.T.: "OK. No, I'm not alright. The thought of meeting Goliath again is quite unsettling."
Michael: "Join the club, pal. Join the club."
K.I.T.T.: "Thank you, I'd rather not."

43.8 sec

42:48 / 47:09

Another missing shot of K.I.T.T. in the air after he went over the cliff.
K.I.T.T.: "Michael, what are we going to do?"
Michael: "Pray April fixed you."

Technically, the episode ends here on DVD. But then again, it does not because it is a two-part episode. But there is some kind of transition here (similar to the transitions before a commercial break), simply because it is the end of part one.
At the beginning of part two, one gets to see a little exterior shot of K.I.T.T. in the air which is also missing in the Syndicated Version. Instead, one instantaneously gets to see K.I.T.T. telling Michael that the entire system malfunctions. Oddly enough, this belongs to part one in the Syndicated Version - probably for length reasons. Be that as it may, the part one of the Syndicated Version ends with Michael being taken by Garthe resp. his men.

13 sec