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Savage Dog


  • International Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Feb 09, 2020 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Unlike many other action films with Scott Adkins, the 2017 Savage Dog takes place in a setting with a historical context. In Indochina in the early 1960s, former war criminals from Europe oppress the local population. However, this background does not contribute much to the shaping of the story, because Adkins has to assert himself fightingly here as well. And that is done and shot well under the direction of director Jesse V. Johnson. The degree of harshness is sometimes quite tough, so action fans should be pleased with the result.

Three years after its initial release, the announcement of a harder Unrated Director's Cut of Savage Dog caught German fans by surprise. The German label XCess Entertainment released it in three limited media books on Blu-ray and DVD. And this version is actually much more drastic in only a few scenes. But it is by no means the case that the German rights owner WVG Medien would have censored the film itself at the time of the first release. Much rather is it an international version from the producing studio, which was also sold in many other markets. In some forums it can be read that the Canadian Blu-ray may also contain this harder version, but we do not yet have a definitive confirmation on this. Thus, the XCess release remains an obvious option for action purists, but of course it has its price, which will surely rise "thanks" to the strong limitation.

The international version (R-Rated) was compared with the Unrated Director's Cut (on the Blu-ray/DVD media book by XCess Entertainment).

4 cuts = 33.76 sec.

0:51:57: Martin strikes two more times with the machete and decapitates the man. While the rest of the body falls off the ramp, Martin holds the severed skull in slow motion.
24,56 Sec.

0:58:05: Execution by means of a flat head shot in close range.
1.36 sec.

0:59:58: The mercenary can be seen lying on the ground again, some blood still spilling from his neck wound. Martin looks at him and then leaves. Because of the cut, the lateral fade to the next scene also vanishes.
6,04 Sec.

1:27:13: Using his knife, Martin cuts into Rastignac's side. This is very bloody.
1,8 Sec.