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Release: Mar 20, 2008 - Author: KoRn - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Jamie Ashen(Ryan Kwanten) who is blamed of being involved with his wife's sudden death, tries to prove his innocence.
This however is an extremely difficult task, since he is the only one, who knows the truth:
His wife died shortly after receiving a mysterious talking doll.
Jamie visits the crime scene to investigate.
But in the village of Ravens Fair he immediately has to deal with some supernatural phenomena...

With "Saw" the director James Wan and the screenwriter Leigh Whannell managed to score a huge success at the box office and finally set a new course in the horror-genre. With Dead Silence the two of them return to old horror-standards. At the beginning the movie seems to be another "Chucky"-rip off, but transforms with the ongoing story into an atmospheric scary story.
However Dead Silence does not have a lot in common with their former work. Here there are neither any crazy traps nor is the movie as violent as "Saw".
Anyway the two of them managed to make a movie, that lives on a great atmosphere and some nicely placed shocking moments.

It is noticeable that in the unrated version it was tried to raise the
tension via computer again. Additionally to the usual deepening of the story, some disgusting tongue-effects have been added. While the evil witch does not have such a flexible and slobbery thing in the R-rated version, several scenes of the unrated version have been spiced up, others are completely additional.
If you want to buy that movie, you may choose the unrated version without any longer consideration.

Unrated: 01:31.49 min. NTSC including end credits
R-Rated: 01:28.48 min. NTSC including end credits

Unrated: 01:27.30 min. NTSC excluding end credits
R-Rated: 01.24.29 min. NTSC excluding end credits

The US-DVD: Universal (R-Rated) has been compared to the US-DVD: Visual Entertainment (Unrated Director's Cut)

8 cuts = 150 seconds NTSC (2min. 30sec.) (added cut-times)

This scene is missing in the R-rated version.
Detective Jim Lipton and his female colleague are coming down the stairs of the police station. They stop in front of a window, Jamie Ashen is sitting in the room behind it. She tells him the fact about the murder of Lisa Ashen that is puzzling to her: no signs of a fight had been found. Apparently she did not even fight back when she was murdered and dismembered like a marionette.
39 sec.

Old Henry Walker tells a story from his childhood. As a little boy he was at a theater performance, in which Mary Shaw performed with her marionettes.
In the unrated version it can be seen at the beginning of the story how young Henry sits down on his seat. The announcer enters through the curtain and announces Mary Shaw. The audience, just as Henry, starts applauding.
25 sec.

After old Henry Walker gets killed by the witch, there is an additional shot in the unrated version. One can see how he is holding a flashlight in his shaking hands. Behind him Mary Shaw is visible, opening her mouth and sticking out a giant tongue.
17 sec.

After Jamie has arrived at Mary Shaw's property, there is a short scene in the unrated version of him walking through the darkness with a lantern.
4 sec.

In the unrated version you also see how Detective Lipton tries to follow Jamie. He gets himself a rowboat and ferries over to the property of Mary Shaw. After that a short cutaway to Jamie being in the house already. Then back to Lipton walking towards the house armed with a rifle and a flashlight.
42 sec.

alternative footage:
time code UR: 01:16.08
time code RR: 01:13.46

Detective Lipton and Jamie are exploring the house together. In the attic they find a talking clown sitting in a rocking chair. The clown tells Jamie to come closer, what he does. The clown pulls out a giant tongue and licks Jamie's cheek. Jamie jumps back disgusted.
5 sec.

Here the clown is seen in a close shot whispering to Jamie. The part with the tongue is completely missing.
5 sec.

alternative footage:
time code UR: 01:16.14
time code RR: 01:13.52
When Lipton and Jamie jump back from the clown, the clown can be seen once with the tongue and once without it.

no time difference


Detective Lipton and Jamie are still sitting in the attic. In the unrated version there is an additional shot of the two of them. Then you see the clown in profile with a giant tongue. But it is not his own, it is Mary Shaw's who is sitting behind the clown having talked to the two of them all the time.
10 sec.

Jamie breaks through a ceiling during his escape and falls into water. In the unrated version there is an additional shot of him diving up towards a female corpse with a mask over her face, which scares him to death.

13 sec.

alternative footage:
time code UR: 01:24.41
time code RR: 01:21.57
After Jamie has thrown the doll into the fire, the witch is catapulted away, too. In the unrated version her abnormal tongue can be seen, in the R-rated version it cannot.

no time difference


alternative footage:
time code UR: 01:24.43
time code RR: 01:22.00
Another shot of the witch. Once with the tongue and once without it.

no time difference