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original title: Tintorera


  • US Version
  • Original Version
Release: Feb 25, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Sea monsters occasionally attack

When workaholic Steven gets to experience the consequences for his restless life and wakes up in the hospital after a breakdown, his sister orders him to take a three-week recuperative vacation on a friend's lonely yacht. During his rest, Steven meets the pretty Englishwoman Patricia, with whom he spends a few hot hours, but when the local Casanova Miguel steals his bride, Steven gets really angry. To make matters worse, Patricia is eaten by a biting Tintorera while swimming naked after sex with Miguel. Steven and Miguel reconcile and quickly forget about Patricia with all the willing females around them. To compensate for their nocturnal activities, the two earn their living as shark hunters. When they pick up the equally charming Gabriella in a bar, it develops into a sensual threesome relationship. During a dive, Miguel is eaten by the dreaded Tintorera, causing the relationship to fall apart again. Gabriella leaves and Steven now does everything he can to kill the killer shark.

In the wake of Jaws, a whole wave of films about voracious sea creatures emerged that entertained the viewer, sometimes more (Piranha), sometimes less (Tentacles). Mexican director René Cardona Jr. (The Night of a Thousand Cats) recognized the monetary potential of a cheaply made Jaws rip-off, and made a somewhat more entertaining film, titled Tintorera! Sea monsters attack, which is a somewhat idiosyncratic representative of the genre. The threat from the deep plays only a supporting role, as playboy Steven's convalescence cure has been spiced up with proper soft eroticism and simple-minded dialogue. Every woman seems to lust after the bearded curly head and Miguel doesn't even have to snap his finger and every woman of his choice is ready for mating. In order to get some stock footage in the film, the two daredevils earn their living as shark hunters, who don't even shy away from the dangerous tiger shark (aka. Tintorera). It crunches its way through various nude swimmers and Miguel's legs also sink to the bottom. The loss of the subversive homoerotic relationship between Miguel and Steven, triggers the latter to go to the gills of the sea monster despite all warnings.

It is sometimes difficult to properly classify the madness of what is shown. How in the world can even one woman get involved with Steven, who is more likely to be classified as a sex offender, especially with his sinister distorted smile? Why do the two no-work-but-travel bedbunnies Kelly and Cynthia get so much screentime even though their main task is to drug themselves away or spread their legs? Why doesn't anyone miss Patricia? What's with the whole subplot about old hippie and party boy Crique, who is no less sleazy and wicked looking, and who attracts women to his parties in droves? What exactly happens in the threesome between Steven, Miguel and Gabriella? How did Susan George (Straw Dogs) get herself into the movie? And most importantly, what's with these constant killing scenes of sea creatures? The film asks so many questions and hardly provides any answers, but the B-movie savvy viewer with a penchant for snarky sharksploitation should be wide-eyed by now. Tintorera dances wildly back and forth between relationship drama, shark horror and soft erotic trash until you no longer know what you're actually watching.

Many differences between US and original version

Tintorera is a Mexican production that has been released internationally. The unstructured narrative with a runtime of over two hours seemed unsuitable for international marketing to the distributors, so the film was radically shortened. Scorpion Releasing's US Blu-ray features the US version with a runtime of 87 minutes. On the other hand, on the old US DVD by Desert Mountain and the German DVD by Edel, there is a version with 126 minutes, which is probably the original Mexican version. In some places, there is talk of a 136 minute version, but that has apparently not surfaced yet, if it exists. The US version has been drastically shortened and recut. The most striking difference is to be found at the beginning of the film. All the back story about Steven's illness, Miguel's life as a gigolo, the introduction of Kelly and Cynthia were removed in the US version.

Scenes like the party on Steven's boat, the trip of Steven, Miguel and Gabriella or the deployment of the shark bait have been moved in the US version. The US version contains a lot of alternate footage, but doesn't really include any new scenes. A mix of Spanish and English is spoken in the original version. The US version is newly dubbed entirely in English. In some places, the music has been replaced. The US version should be considered a version in its own right. As a result of the cuts and adaptations, this version is significantly snappier without having to do without the really relevant scenes. However, if you have to watch the madness in full, you can't avoid the original version. The decision also becomes difficult, as the US Blu-ray has an excellent picture quality, while the DVD is on VHS level.

Image Comparison:


German DVD:


US Blu-ray (Scorpion Releasing): 87:14 min.
German DVD (Edel): 126:54 min.

Comparison between the US Blu-ray by Scorpion Releasing and the German DVD by Edel.

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The BD begins with the MGM logo.

While various underwater shots can be seen, the credits fade in. A ferry docks in the harbor. Various people get off.

The DVD shows a shark at the beginning while the credits fade in.

A beach hotel can be seen. Miguel walks around the pool. On the beach, he sweet-talks a woman. He has a waiter buy him a drink and says that new customers have come for him. The waiter cautions him against this, as people are very suspicious.

A doctor comes to Steven's bedside. He says that if things continue like this he will be able to go home soon. Steven asks what he is doing here. The doctor says that he had a nervous breakdown and his sister brought him here to Huston. It's probably because Steven has been working too much. Steven learns that he has been here for two days and collapsed on the way to work. The doctor says not to worry as everything is under control. He should rest now and the doctor will come by again in the evening.

Lolo walks along the stand with his boys. He calls Anita out of the water because it's too hot for him and he wants to go back inside. Next to Anita, Miguel shows up with scuba gear. The two arrange to meet at 2 a.m.

Two American tourists stop an orange truck. The driver is only too happy to give them a ride and sends his passenger to the back. The driver grabs the knee of one of the women, but she says he should keep his hands on the wheel so he doesn't crash.

Miguel sneaks into Anita's hotel room.

The driver has invited the two women to dinner. When they go back to the truck, however, the women prefer to climb into the truck bed. Somewhat miffed, the two men get in the front. The two women ask if they can eat some oranges. The driver scolds the greedy women and says to his colleague that he has an idea.

During the night, the two men climb up to the women, who have since fallen asleep. The men pounce on the women and after a bit of a scuffle, Kelly says they want to join in but take off their pants first.

Anita asks Miguel how he is going to leave the room. He says that he is going through Loro's door. Anita wants to give him some money for the love services rendered. Miguel says that he is not taking it because of Anita, but because he almost had a heart attack because of the guards. Through Loro's room, Miguel runs out. When he meets two of his guards outside the door, he tells them that the boat must be ready tomorrow. The guards believe the bluff and let him go.

Steven tells his sister not to worry anymore. He tells her that he has been prescribed a month of rest. His sister says it's three months and that he should rest on Randall's yacht, which is off Mujeres Island.

After that, you can see how a ferry docks and the tourists get off. Here you can see different scenes compared to the BD.

BD: 2:57 min.
DVD: 11:35 min.


On the BD, Colorado is shown longer, still clapping his hand as he stares at the tourist's butt.

The DVD cuts to the couple briefly instead.

BD: 3 sec.
DVD: 1 sec.


The pilot can be seen a bit earlier on the BD.

BD: 1 sec.


After the pilot was seen, the BD shows a shot of the plane.

BD: 4 sec.


The shot of Colorado and Gringo on the engine is mirrored.

No time difference.


In the DVD, the plane lands longer, then you see the inside cabin earlier.

DVD: 6 sec


After landing, the BD shows a shot of the plane on the water.

On the DVD, you can see Steven opening the canopy for a longer time.

BD: 8 sec.
DVD: 1 sec.


On the DVD, the men climb aboard longer.

Colorado leads Steven onto the boat and says that someone else will come to clean up. Steven says that is not necessary and he wants to be alone. He is amazed at how big the boat is.

DVD: 24 sec.


On the BD, Steven is shown longer asking for whiskey. Colorado says there isn't any.

On the DVD, there is a cut back and forth between Steven and Colorado. Steven asks for whiskey, vodka, and rum, all of which are not there.

BD: 3 sec.
DVD: 10 sec.


The BD shows the sunset. As it does so, Colorado asks if he can have the motorboat.

On the DVD, instead, you see Steven and Colorado putting away the groceries. Colorado says that you can sail around the world with the food. If necessary, he can help hire the crew. Steven says he doesn't want to sail, he wants to rest. Steven asks Colorado for some ice. Colorado asks him if he can have the motorboat.

BD: 11 sec.
DVD: 52 sec.


Alternate shot as the shark is pulled up.



BD: 9 sec.
DVD: 10 sec.


The BD shows two shots in which the shark is pulled up.

The DVD shows only one alternate shot of it.

BD: 9 sec.
DVD: 2 sec.


On the BD, Colorado and Steven are shown earlier pulling the shark into the boat.

On the DVD, the dead shark takes another hit.

After that, you see an underwater shot of a shark.

BD: 2 sec.
DVD: 17 sec.


The dead shark is pulled longer into the boat. Then another shot of the shark underwater.

DVD: 4 sec


The BD shows earlier how the dead shark is pulled into the boat by Colorado.

The DVD has another underwater shot of the shark.

BD: 3 sec.
DVD: 5 sec.


On the BD, the shark on the fishing line can be seen earlier.

The DVD cuts to the other shark once again.

BD: 2 sec.
DVD: 4 sec.


Before the second shark is pulled into the boat, the DVD cuts to the shark underwater once again.

DVD: 9 sec


The BD shows Colorado, then the boat, then the shark. Colorado says that the tintorera ate more than half.

On the DVD, the shark falls further into the boat, then a shot of the shark underwater.

BD: 7 sec.
DVD: 10 sec.


The DVD cuts to Colorado and then to the dead shark.

DVD: 3 sec


The BD cuts to Colorado briefly after Steven says they should take care of the sharks in bikinis.

The DVD has a different shot of Colorado.

Then four shots in which the women are observed through binoculars.

BD: 2 sec.
DVD: 13 sec.


Steven watching the women earlier on the beach.

DVD: 2 sec.


Patricia can be seen earlier after she descends.

DVD: 1 sec


The BD fades from Steven on the boat to the beach.

On the DVD, the camera pans from Patricia on the beach to Steven. He tells the waiter to take his order to Patricia.

BD: 2 sec.
DVD: 24 sec.


On the DVD, Steven is also telling Patricia that the management welcomes her and wants to offer her something to drink.

DVD: 5 sec


Steven asks Patricia longer about her drink request.

DVD: 1 sec


On the DVD, Patricia is shown longer, then Steven earlier.

DVD: 2 sec


Steven is shown longer on the DVD after he lists the drinks, then Patricia earlier.

DVD: 2 sec


On the BD, Patricia is shown longer after she asks what a Zasir is.

On the DVD, instead, it fades to the next scene earlier.

BD: 1 sec.
DVD: 3 sec.
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