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Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (Picking Up the Pieces)

original title: Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh


  • R-Rated
  • Japanese VHS Extended Version
Release: May 10, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Version (German DVD) und der Japanese VHS Extended Version

- 11 differences
- Length difference: 28.9 sec

Basically, this low budget fun splatter with SFX by Tom Savini was released uncut. Unfortunately, this Theatrical Version had been previously censored in order to get the R-Rating: A few kills have been censored and for quite some time, it seemed as if there was no longer version available worldwide. A few of the cut scenes are available as bonus on several DVDs but the sucky quality and the time code lowered the expectation of an uncensored version.

A curious collectible has been found though: Apparently only released on VHS in Japan, the very version does not only contain all the footage removed for the R-Rating but also a few more longer resp. more explicit scenes as well. For instance, one now gets to see the fugitive at te beginning being shot in the head or Joe getting rid of the beheaded body at the end. But there is also a downside: The opening with the kill in the car is equally censored as the R-Rated Version even though there is a much longer scene available as bonus on several DVDs. In other words, the Japanese VHS does not contain the fully uncensored version but at least it is a step in the right direction.

Time index refers to
R-Rated Version (in PAL) / Japanese VHS Extended Version (in PAL)

Right at the beginning, the Japanese VHS Extended Version contains some text before the logo.

6.6 sec

The title itself is the same but it looks a little different on the German DVD (R-Rated Version).

R-RatedJapanese VHS Extended Version

03:41 / 03:48

The shot begins earlier: The cover is being removed resp. the body underneath revealed.

0.7 sec

09:02 / 09:10-09:14

One more shot and its bloody consequences.

4.4 sec

22:40 / 22:52-22:55

Further shot of the suffering prostitute plus the following shot of the killer with the vacuum starts a little earlier.

2.8 sec

22:41 / 22:55-22:59

And another one. Also, the following two shots are missing as well - due to continuity reasons.

3.2 sec

56:25 / 56:43-56:44

A shot of the girl's leg. Blood is running down.

1.2 sec

67:13 / 67:32-67:38

Extended scene with no censorship background: Mr. Kairo looks longer at his photobook.

5.5 sec

68:33 / 68:57-68:58

Little jumü-cut before Joe gets tossed on the ground.

0.5 sec

75:26 / 75:51-75:54

The face gets peeled off longer - some blood spatter included.

2.7 sec

80:20 / 80:47-80:49

Another shot of Joe covered in blood before Deedee gets free.

1.7 sec

80:22 / 80:51-80:52

Slightly earlier beginning of him pushing the beheaded body away.

0.8 sec

85:06 / 85:36-85:42

The killer gets squashed more explicit plus she spits blood. In between, a sht of Joe.

5.4 sec

Last but not least, we take a look at a additional deleted scene previously mentioned in the intro. Although some extended gore scenes of the Japanese VHS Extended Version did not make it into the DVD bonus features and eben though some of the longer plot elements are so superfluous they are not going to be mentioned here, there is a MUCH longer version of the post opening credits kill.

- At first, there is a cut to the girl and how the boyfriend gets dragged out.
2 sec

- After rolling up the window which is the reason the guy is stuck, his painful actually follows. The killer ties him up and then slowly approaches the girl resp. he reaches for her.
7 sec

- When she is then hanging right in front of her boyfriend, the killer actually rolls up the window as well. So now, they are both stuck.
5 sec

- Being identical for a few seconds, there is another cut before the killer starts the buzz saw via close-up: At first, there are several shots of the screaming girl and the killer.
9 sec

- After the little shot also being in the R-Rated Version, one actually sees the boyfriend who gets slowly covered in blood.
6 sec

- While the scene ends with the shot of the machine in the R-Rated Version (and also on the Japanese VHS), there is another shot of the boyfriend actually.
2 sec