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Faces of Death 3


  • BBFC 18
  • German VHS
Release: Nov 07, 2009 - Author: PaulBearer - Translator: Zuernling - external link: IMDB
A comparison between the British DVD (BBFC 18) by Screen Entertainment and the German VHS (FSK 18) by Madison Video.

Basically, it's the same deal with "Faces of Death 3" as with "Faces of Death 2": The European version (as it was sold in the Netherlands) was a lot longer and partially compiled differently than the US version, both wound up cut in Germany (European) or in GB (US) respectively. The differences are a lot bigger with part 3, though, the European version even has a different title in the main credits ("FEAR") and a different copyright date in the end credits. Apart from that, main and end credits are identical, meaning you can see scenes during the end credits that are missing from the movie.

In general, you could say that the US/UK version is presented more like a classic part from the "Faces of Death" series, including appearances by "Dr. Francis B. Gröss" (played by Michael Carr), while in the European version, the beloved doctor is omitted and replaced by countless "experts" (probably unemployed actors as well) and there are a lot of scenes included that deviate from the basic idea of the whole series. By doing so, "Fear" becomes quite ridiculous. In contrast to its predecessor, many of the scenes are just staged again, although there are still not many really brutal scenes. Perhaps they tried to distance themselves from the bad reputation the "Faces of Death" brand has (especially with censors)? In this case it would be ironic that the German rental company re-named the originally as "Fear" marketed movie to "Faces of Death"...

According to, about 78 seconds were cut for the UK version, which is equivalent to the amount of time the rape scenes shown during the trial take. The smaller cuts are probably because of film tears and other problems with the original footage.

The times given are for both versions each and mark the beginning of the listed scene or (for the version where the scene is missing) the end of the previous scene. "UK" always marks the DVD by Screen Entertainment and "G" the VHS by Madison.

UK version: 84:32 minutes incl. end credits
G version: 87:20 minutes incl. end credits

6 exclusive or longer scenes in the UK version = 23:16 minutes
11 exclusive or longer scenes in the G version = 25:43 minutes

Other time differences are caused by different running speeds and inaccuracies with the timekeeping.
0:34:11 (timer index G)
scene only featured in G version

Shot of the rescue operation after a plane crash and of the survivors lying in hospital beds and telling about the catastrophe.
2 minutes 14 seconds

0:31:04 (timer index UK)
0:36:26 (timer index G)
scene only featured in UK version

Before the (badly staged) torture of the unlucky Salvadorian is shown, different scenes are used for transition: In the UK version you can see Dr. Gröss in El Salvador (footage from the European version of the second part!)
32 seconds

0:31:04 (timer index UK)
0:36:26 (timer index G)
scene only featured in G version

In the G version injured/dead (it's not quite clear) people are shown in the streets and the following scene, which is included in both versions (a soldier pushing around a suspect in front of him) starts a little bit earlier in the G version.
16 seconds

0:35:55 (timer index UK)
0:41:02 (timer index G)
scene only featured in UK version

After the torture scene (identical in both versions) you see the doctor again in the UK version (again re-used from part 2), who (allegedly) is on a friends estate in El Salvador, drinking Tequila.
35 seconds

0:36:30 (timer index UK)
0:41:02 (timer index G)
scene only featured in G version

A psychologist who is, accoring to the overlay, working for the "Frankfurt Anti-Terrorist Association" says a few meaningless things about torture, fear and terrorism. This is accompanied by shots of special forces fighting terrorists.
1 minute 53 seconds

0:39:10 (timer index UK)
0:45:36 (timer index G)
scene longer in G version

In the scene with the failed defusing of the bomb, immediately after the explosion a few seconds of footage are missing from the UK version - no images, since you can hardly see anything (darkness and some smoke)
4 seconds

0:44:25 (timer index UK)
0:50:55 (timer index G)
scene only featured in G version

A Canadian psychiatrist talks about fear of death, religion and finally exorcism, which is of course a transition to the next (truly ridiculous) scene: A clergyman with an obviously fake beard is driving to a mission as an exorcist. He's speaking German (alas, with a strong US accent like all the other protagonists!) and the scene has English subtitles. The possessed girl is lying in her bed and doesn't do much, except for wriggling her legs and pulling the mother's (?) hair a little bit, while the clergyman tries to expell satan with prayers.
After that, we see a birth, but you can't really see anything since it's all blurred. A couple then prepares the placenta and eats it with another couple after everyone undressed their torsos for some reason.
7 minutes 25 seconds

0:47:02 (timer index UK)
1:00:58 (timer index G)
scene only featured in UK version

A very long sequence is missing from the G version: After a suicide victim has jumped, eye witnesses are being interviewed, the dead man's wife is being lead to a squad car by a police officer. An officer talks about what happened.
After that, there follows a scene that was already used in the European version of the second part: Dr. Gröss looking for easter eggs, then scenes of the industrial butchering of rabbits and chickens.
What follows are two episodes about the danger's of scuba diving: Off the Mexican coast, a diver's face is badly wounded by a barracuda; in the US, a missing cave diver is found dead by the police.

17 minutes 5 seconds

1:04:07 (timer index UK)
1:00:58 (timer index G)
scene only featured in the G version

A report about the bad conditions in a home for handicapped children in Ohio. After a sudden transition, eye witnesses are being interviewed and only later you find out what it's about: A Bigfoot has been sighted (!) and a married couple even has sensational footage of the monster. Another indispensable expert (this time, a zoologist) is talking about Bigfoot (now that his existence has finally been proven...) and dangerous animals in general.
6 minutes 42 seconds

1:16:41 (timer index UK)
1:20:30 (timer index G)
scene only featured in the UK version

Another appearance by Dr. Gröss: At a police station, a man with a bleeding head wound is giving a statement (here, you probably would have bandaged his head first) and at the desk next to him sits the spooky doctor and babbles about how god punishes bad people.
50 seconds

1:18:46 (timer index UK)
1:21:47 (timer index G)
scene longer in the G version

Before the camera is shown, the store owner talks for a little bit longer with the ploice officer. Also, the camera is shown for a longer time.
9 seconds

1:21:14 (timer index UK)
1:24:19 (timer index D)
scene longer in the UK version / alternative footage

The surveillance tape from the parking lot, where the burglar is attacked by dogs, is a little bit longer.
In the UK version, image interference effects are used (see right picture) whereas you can see frame jumps in the G version - probably a way of hiding unclean cuts belatedly.
22 seconds

1:24:20 (timer index UK)
1:27:09 (timer index G)
alternative footage

The copyright date says 1985 in the UK and 1982 in the G version
no time difference