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UK PS2 Version
Rating: ELSPA 11+
Region: Großbritannien

US PC Version
Rating: ESRB Teen, 13+
Region: USA

Release: Sep 30, 2011 - Author: Motoko - Translator: Tony Montana
While the quality of the Xbox Version was similar to the PC Version, the PlayStation 2 Version is the worst version available, from the technical POV. The textures are wishy-washy, there are less light effects and the entire game looks kind of blurry. Even the relatively huge letters in the option menu is hard to read because the letters looks doubled and slightly displaced. The gameplay is accompanied by permanent juddering. Furthermore, Albrecht von Beck's lips hardly ever move in the cutscenes, due to a bug. Same goes for the PC Version btw. Although the resolution of the soldiers is rather low, which is why most of the NS symbols (especially on teh uniforms) can't be recognized in the PS2 Version, the UK PS2 Version is based on the Xbox and PC Version. That's why the UK PS2 Version contains the same censorings as the UK PC Version.

Please note:
For reasons of simplification, only the symbols that can be barely recognized in the PS2 Version are going to be mentioned in the following comparison. Two bugs developped during the transfering process are going to be mentioned as well.

Compared are the UK PS2 Version and the US PC Version.

SS Attack-Man

There's a swastika in the middle of the Iron Cross and the flash on the chest in the US PC Version. The resolution of the PS2 Version is so low that even the swastika on the flash can't be recognized. For a better illustration, the shot has been enhanced. This combination can be found on the uniforms of the Majors as well.

PS2 Version:PC Version:

It's hard to recognize but the belt buckle shows the imperial eagle and presumably a swastika below in the US PC Version. The soldiers with the flamethrower are wearing these belt buckles, too.

PS2 Version:PC Version:

Major of the SS

The SS runes at the collar and the swastikas on the chest and neck on the Iron Cross are barely noticable in the uncensored PS2 Version. For a better illustration, the swastika at the neck has been enhanced.

PS2 Version:PC Version:

In the Xbox and PC Version, the imperial eagle with a swastika below it plus the skull of the SS division of the same name are very easy to recognize on the Officer's head.

PS2 Version:PC Version:


Due to a bug, the diver's brassard looks like a squeezed together stripe in the PS Version.

PS2 Version:PC Version:

Level Design

In the PC Version, there's an eagle and an Iron Cross on the wall after entering the submarine bunker. Both is missing in the PS2 Version (cut and uncut). Only the background textures, which are missing in the Xbox and PC Version, are visible. Freaking weird.

PS2 Version:PC Version:


The PS2 Version (cut and uncut) lacks the eagle on the wall.

PS2 Version:PC Version: