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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Edition
Release: Sep 13, 2009 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
In 1988, Tom Hanks played his first challenging character: he (at that point 32 years old) played the role of 12-year-old Josh Baskin. It brought him his very first oscar nomination. The Extended Edition shows a more distinct development of certain characters. There are for example scenes of the younger Josh (David Moscow), that give a better understanding about his wish to acquire adulthood faster. There are also scenes about the "adult" Josh, wishing to become a kid again. Additionally, the development of Susan (Elizabeth Perkings) from being career-centered and having an affair with her workmate to becoming more attracted to Josh's naive and childish nature gets a little clearer. Josh's friend's efforts to change him back into a boy are shown more detailed. All in all, the Extended Edition is superior to the Theatrical Version.

Run time of the Theatrical Version: 1:44:08 min. (including credits)
Run time of the Extended Edition: 2:10:19 min. (including credits)

The Theatrical Version was compared to the Extended DVD (both RC1!).
0:29 min.
Josh Baskin's (David Moscow) thoughts about his next move are shown longer.
6 sec.

3:54 min.
Josh is not delighted when his parents (Mercedes Ruehl and Josh Clark) tell him, that he now has to share his room with his little sister. Billy's (Jared Rushton) family sits at the table. The mother has some complaints; Billy carries the food to the table. Back in Josh's room we see how he tells her who's the boss.
77 sec.

19:19 min.
Josh's mother tells the cops about her meeting with the "adult" Josh, who in her opinion is her son's kidnapper.
25 sec.

Theatrical Version
18:26 min.
Billy gives Josh new clothes. Josh puts them on and in the course of this tells Billy about his plan. The scene fades to a bus station, where Billy gives Josh some money. He is not pleased about the fact that Billy stole the money.
26 sec.

Extended Edition
20:06 Min.
It is the first time that we get to see an alternative scene: Billy tells some more things about Josh's "kidnapping". Also, the scene at the bus station is different.
80 Sek.

26:11 Min.
Billy picks Josh up at the hotel and they talk about where they can find the fortune-telling machine.
16 Sek.

Theatrical Version
The scene where Josh and Billy go to the city administration is a little shorter.
8 Sek.

Extended Edition
26:46 Min.
Again, we see alternative material: The scene at the city administration is longer.
80 Sek.

28:52 Min.
The scene in which Josh and Billy talk about Josh's job-possibilities is longer. Billy is suprised because of Josh's knowledge about computers. Clumsy-looking, Josh tries to get the waitress' attention. Then we see Josh and Billy who are looking for the company where Josh wants to submit his application.
47 Sek.

32:20 Min.
Susan (Elizabeth Perkins) leaves the elevator and goes to the receptionist who tells her that one of the employees is sick again. Then she barges into a bureau-party and cuts another employee down to size.
Now she's in her own bureau and calls her workmate/lover but they get interrupted by a person entering the lover's room. She waits while hearing the voices of the bureau-party outside. She is obviously annoyed. Then she takes a closer look at the doll on her desk and notices a memo. She switches the doll on and it begins to talk. Susan gets more and more annoyed, mimics the dolls words and in the end throws it off the desk.
116 Sek.

Theatrical Version
28:30 Min.
In the Theatrical Version, the scene where Josh comes out of the elevator on his first day of work is a little shorter.
6 Sek.

Extended Edition
34:15 Min.
In the Extended Edition, alternative material was used where you can see a larger group of people.
8 Sek.

36:16 Min.
Scotty Brennen (Jon Lovitz) keeps on phoning while Josh does what Scotty advised him to to - he works slower.
Susan comes out of her bureau and passes a group of kids. She goes to Paul's (John Heard) bureau (-> her lover/workmate) to talk to him. Scotty is still on the phone and watches Josh. Now Josh has the idea to call his mother. This scene is also included in the Theatrical Version, but slightly later than in the Extended Edition.
112 Sek.

42:47 Min.
Josh gets his first alary, then the 2 boys leave the bank.
17 Sek.

43:45 Min.
Josh carefully leaves his hotel room to call somebody. After the call he stays near the telephone for a while, squatting. The next day in front of the toy store, he looks at some toys through the shopwindow when suddenly somebody calls his name.
He instantly turns around but the person who shouted adressed a little boy who's father follows him. Josh watches the two enter the shop.
99 Sek.

45:48 Min.
Josh plays with a paper plane.
25 Sek.

52:03 Min.
Susan and Peter watch the kids playing when suddenly one kid gets knocked out. Josh tries out a new scooter in the hallway.
21 Sek.

Theatrical Version
42:16 Min.
Susan and Paul have breakfast and think about what firm Josh might have worked for before. Susan picks up the milk carton with a picture of Josh on it that reports him as missing.
3 Sek.

Extended Edition
52:36 Min.
While Susan an Paul have breakfast, a news report is on TV that shows a person who Paul knows getting arrested. At that point, Susan puts the milk carton on the table.
26 Sek.

58:44 Min.
Billy picks Josh up at work. Together they go to a fitter to get a suit for Josh which he could wear at the company's party.
102 Sek.


1:00:36 Min.
Mr. MacMillan (Robert Loggia) talks to one of his employees who leaves after a short while. Susan listens to Paul showing off; then changes the group.
41 Sek.

1:03:02 Min.
Susan amazedly watches Josh and Mr. MacMillan.
10 Sek.

Theatrical Version
50:04 Min.
Scotty's dance is not included in the Theatrical Version.
5 Sek.

Paul is already a bit drunk when he talks to several guests. Josh gets his teeth into the cold buffet. Scotty talks to his company.
55 Sek.

Theatrical Version
50:38 Min.
This short sequence is not included in the Extended Edition.
3 Sek.

Theatrical Version
51:27 Min.
Susan wahtes Josh and takes a huge sip from her glass.
8 Sek.

Josh and Susan play a board game. Later, Susan lies in bed and waits for Josh to come out of the bathroom. She can't decide which position is best to have when Josh comes back. She goes from pulling the blanket all the way up to her chin to simply push it back down so that he could see her legs.
34 Sek.

Josh runs along a corridor while simulating a basketball game. He can see that his boss is still in his bureau. He knocks on the door and his boss asks him in. They talk about why they are still at work since it is 10 pm. MacMillan takes a trip down memory lane about the first toy he ever produced. Josh pays attention to it. Later you see Susan who stands in front of Josh's house and looks up, smiling.
150 Sek.

Susan breaks up with Paul. Only 2 sentences were added here.
6 Sek.

Extended Edition
After Susan left the room, he talks to himself.
4 Sek.

Theatrical Version
1:06:00 Min.
In the Theatrical Version he does not say anything at all.
4 Sek.

1:26:21 Min.
The scene in which Josh and Susan amuse themselves on the carnival is longer.
30 Sek.

1:32:13 Min.
Susan gives a gift basket to Mrs. Hicks.
19 Sek.

1:33:29 Min.
The beginning of the scene where Josh gives the host's kid some boost is a little longer.
12 Sek.

1:33:55 Min.
The scence's ending is a bit longer, too. Meanwhile, Billy tries to call Josh.
24 Sek.

1:34:59 Min.
Josh works in Susan's living room. Paul is in his bureau playing with a jojo and is really embarrased when a workmate confronts him with it.
Now follows a scene with Billy where he gets mail from the authorities which starts earlier in the Theatrical Version.
23 Sek.

1:35:56 Min.
Josh watches some boys play on his way to the office. He buys a magazine at the kiosk. One of the boys go there, too, to buy a comic. But it is too high for him to reach it, so Josh gives it to him.
40 Sek.

Theatrical Version
1:16:55 Min.
Billy tries to reach Josh at the office.
8 Sek.

Extended Edition
1:39:00 Min.
In the Extended Edition we see an alternative scene with Billy and the operator. Josh issues instructions to his secretary. Josh shows Susan a new toy. Susan gets some more coffee and meets her boss on her way. Billy tries to call Josh for the last time.
153 Sek.

Extended Edition
1:43:59 Min.
Billy's talk with Josh's mother is a little longer. Josh's mom wants Billy to give something that belongs to Josh. He declines with thanks and encourages her.
39 Sek.

Theatrical Version
1:27:49 Min.
After billy talked to Josh's mother, we see him closing the window from inside (Note: pay attention to the walkie-talkie in his hand).
6 Sek.

Extended Edition
1:44:40 Min.
Billy bids Josh's mother good night and closes the window (Note: Here he uses both hands to close the window; he leaves the walkie-taklie on the windowsill).
16 Sek.

1:47:43 Min.
Josh comes back to Susan after visiting his neighborhood.
38 Sek.

1:50:53 Min.
The next morning, Susan examines Josh's pockets and finds the magic card that transformed him into an adult. Meanwhile, Billy goes through the list by calling every location where the fortune-telling-machine could be. Josh and Susan go back to the office and stop at a kiosk. Sie asks Josh to buy her some chewing gum and he gives her some which normally for kids. This and his behaviour in the office underline her doubts about whether or not Josh told the truth about himself. Billy's search for the fortune-telling-machine is finally successful.
183 Sek.