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Emanuelle In Bangkok

original title: Emanuelle nera orient reportage


  • NL Tape
  • US DVD
Release: Mar 08, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the NL Tape, released by "Video for Pleasure", with the US DVD, released by "Severin Films".

In the second Emanuelle film, which is also the first cooperation of director Joe D'Amato and actress Laura Gemser, the eponymous reporter is in Bangkok to write a story about the King. In the meanwhile there's enough time to extend the sexual knowledge. The film is worth being watched because of the lovely locations, the terrific score by Nico Fidenco and, of course, Laura Gemser.

The only differences in both versions are the credits. The NL Version just shows a black image, instead the US Version shows some scenes with Emanuelle. These scenes are taken from a French Version and the quality of the scenes are worse than the quality of the remaining ones. Furthermore the NL Version includes some jump cuts, normally ~ 1 sec, slightly longer when the reel's changed. But that's not mentioned here.

Comparison of the image:

NL 1.33:1

US 1.78:1

Running time:

US: 91:31 min (NTSC)
NL: 88:43 min (PAL)

The NL Version begins with the credits and a black image as background.

2:24 min

In the US, the film starts immediately with a shot of Emanuelle, she's hanging up some negatives.

6 sec


Now the opening credits in the US Version while Emanuelle's meeting her boyfriend, they're setting foot on a ship.

The NL Version starts when they're walking across the deck.

1:11 min


Alternate shot of the smoking chimney. The scene from the NL Version appears in the opening credits of the US Version. It was presumably changed because of the image of the film title.

2 sec each


Again a black image as background in the NL Version.

1:05 min

Emanuelle leaves in the US Version, followed by a pan shot to Debra. Then the credits.

43 sec