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Dead Or Alive

original title: Dead or Alive: Hanzaisha


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Mar 14, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored US-DVD by King On Video (R-Rated) and the uncensored German DVD by One World/REM (Unrated).

Dead Or Alive marks the first entry in a trilogy of films by Takashi Miike (Audition, Ichi The Killer, Fudoh) who have nothing in common except for the two lead actors.
In the US an edited R-Rated version was released alongside the uncensored Unrated version

R-Rated = 96:00 Min.
Unrated = 105:02 Min.

Edited material = 9:02 Min.
01:40 Shot going through a woman's legs. She plays with her privates and we see a man sitting behind her.
1,5 Sek.

01:41 Ditto. The man swings a stick in front of her and she bends over..
1,5 Sek.

02:47 A blonde Asian guy has sex with another man.
5,1 Sek.

02:54 Ditto. Both of them turn around and continue to do it on the urinal.
4,5 Sek.

02:58 The camera pulls into the restroom the two men are having sex in. All of a sudden a guy with sunglasses appears behind the blonde. He grabs a switchblade and stabs the blonde guy into the throat. Blood gushes all over the place and in the face of the other guy the blonde one was having sex with. During this we see very brief intercuts on a Chinese guy eating lots of noodle soup in a restaurant.
16,4 Sek.

03:37 The Chinese guy is shot in the back with a shotgun. His stomach bursts open and the noodle soup splashes out and against the camera. Then we see the killer of the prior cut (with the dead gay couple in the background) taking off his kimono, turning it around and putting it back on. Then we see a few shots of Ryuichi walking trough the city.
15,5 Sek.

03:52 A guy smells and licks the privates of a woman. Instead the R-Rated shows a shot of Ryuichi which we've already seen before. But this time it's mirrored.

Unrated= 2,7 Sek.
R-Rated= 2,7 Sek.



04:27 A stripper spreads her legs. In exchange the R-Rated shows a shot of Detective Jojima leaving the restaurant, but slowed down.

Unrated = 1,1 Sek.
R-Rated = 1,1 Sek.


04:44 Shot of the stripper's butt. The R-Rated shows a shot of a dancing guy twice.

Unrated = 1,3 Sek.
R-Rated = 1,3 Sek.



05:10 We see the stripper working, followed by a shot of a man receiving a cell phone call. After the call he whispers somthing to the guy accross, an old gangster boss who has his crotch liked ba a woman. Then the people around the old man get up and leave. The boss turns to the stripper and splashes her with water. He then trows her something. She catches it and looks at it. It's waterfilled bellows.
67,6 Sek.

15:02 We see Jojima walking along the street. After he entered a building and went upstairs he follows a sound. Suddenly a dog and a guy with a camera race past him. Jojima looks puzzled and follows them. It appears that the guy was a porn producer who wants to shot a film with a woman and the dog. They visit the "set" where the producer hands the dog to another guy so he can get him "in the mood". Jojima asks the guy if he knows something about the mourder of the gay couple or the Chinese guy. The producer demands more money than last tie for this information. Then we see that the dog finally is "in the mood" and is placed behind a woman. Pictures are being taken and Jojima puts a hand in front of his face.
99,9 Sek.

54:57 A whole story block is missing here. The high-as-a-kite gangster boss sits in front of the stripper who is lying in a blow-up pool filled with her own excrements. During the boss's monologue we learn that she made fun of his small penis and as punishment has been filled with laxative. After a while the old man gets up and drowns the girl in the fluids using his foot.
216 Sek.

60:13 We see the guy Jojima's partner Inoue called to take care of a getting a girl. A woman gives him a blowjob. The guy tells her a customer is waiting for him and she says promised to take care of her. He tells her to shut up and spit the semen into a bowl.
24,6 Sek.

90:53 After the car explosion. A gangster finds a severed hand in the grass. He picks it up and starts to laugh. Suddenly shots being fired at him from behind.
31 Sek.

90:54 Shots of him being bloodily shoot.
1 Sek.

91:25 Jojima pulls the knife out of his chest and then rips out his damaged arm. Cut to Ryuichi. Jujima points the gun at him.
47,1 Sek.

91:47 Shot of Jojima who can barely stand up. Then there's a shot of Ryuichi with blood coming from his mouth.
5,9 Sek.