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Legend of Blood Castle, The

original title: Ceremonia sangrienta


  • US DVD
  • Spanish DVD
Release: Apr 05, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparsion between the cut US-DVD by mya and the uncut Spanish DVD by Filmax.

About the movie

1807: Countess Erzsebet is desperately looking for love of her husband Karl who is more into his hawks and vampire trials. When she accidently recognizes that blood from one of her servants makes a rejuvention to her skin, she is obsessed by the thought of recovering her beauty by the blood of virgins. The sudden death of her husband comes just about time. Returned from the grave she uses Karl to get fresh blood...

Here, the Bathory legend is masterly made by Jorge Grau. Beside good characters in a gothic setting the movie shows a society which accuses everything mystical to originate from vampires and magic. Excessive violence is missing. Moreover, the movie spreads subtle horror and few shocking moments and is one of the best filming of this topic.

Concerning the versions

There are two existing versions of the movie: an international one, which contains nudity, and the Spanish one where nudity has been replaced with harmless alternative material. There is an Italian version existing which contains additional scenes but is lacking some of the known sequences. This version is not considered in this report.

The first DVD release was the Spanish DVD by Filmax which contained the Spanish cut version. The movie was restored, has a good picture quality but only Spanish sound and no bonus material. After the announcement the fan base was waiting for the mya DVD, which was actually disappointing.
This DVD had some issues. It is guessable that they took the Spanish version as template but lowered the resolution a bit. Now there is again the Spanish version of the movie. Additionally the picture sometimes freezes for a few seconds. The reasons remain unsolved. The trial of Erzsebet at the end is also in Spanish original sound with optional English subtitles although there is an Englisch synchronisation available.
However, they did not manage to release the movie uncut. There is a dialogue missing (20 sec.) after Marina got stabbed. This scene is part of a Spanish alternative scene so it is possible that there is no English synchronisation existing. Nevertheless the cut does not make any sense because the other scenes were subtitled.
Lets have a look at the bonus material. Scenes from the Italian version with optional English subtitles are available as well as two scenes from the international version. Actually there are 5 alternative scenes (compare report between the Spanish and the international version). Beside the Italian opening credits and the English opening and closing credits there is also a gallery with material from google search. To conclude, the mya version is simply disappointing. The best version of this movie remains the Finnish tape.

For further information to the international version have a look at the comparsion between:
Spanish DVD - Finnish tape.

Thanks to azog for lending me the mya DVD.


span. DVD: 85:05 Min. (PAL)
mya DVD: 88:17 Min. (NTSC)

One can see the stake a bit longer. Afterwards one can see the man with the pole a bit earlier.

0,44 Sec.


Erzsebet's addition on what she said is missing.

1,52 Sec.


Marina and Karl, both with blood-smeared mouths, can be seen earlier. A dialogue is following .(No hablo espaņol - the English dub provides insight that Marina was aware of Karl's killng wish but still follows him.)

19,40 Sec.