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The Dukes of Hazzard (Unrated Widescreen Edition) (2005)

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Dukes of Hazzard, The


  • Theatrical Cut
  • Unrated Edition
Release: Apr 07, 2008 - Author: John Cena - Translator: AndreasFrank - external link: IMDB
The censored Theatrical Cut was compared to the uncut Unrated Edition.

In the summer of 2005, one of the funniest and most successful series of the 70s/80s came into American cinemas: "The Dukes of Hazzard“. The series lasted seven seasons with 147 episodes.

Just as the series the movie is about the two cousins Bo (Seann William Scott) and Luke (Johnny Knoxville) Duke. While Luke tries to conquer every woman in Hazzard County, Bo has something quite different in mind: His car „General Lee“. Every year, Bo participates with the General in the Hazzard Road Rally and wins every year. But this time he has to deal with some other problems first, as the evil Boss Hogg wants get the estate of the Dukes into his hands. Together with their cousin Daisy (Jessica Simpson) who is known for wearing very tight shorts and their Uncle Jesse (Willie Nelson) who is a little bit crazy, they try to prevent this.

For the lucrative PG-13 rating, the movie had to be cut in some scenes. All scenes with nudity or sexual allusions had to be censored, but also some of the pursuits were trimmed.

On the release date in the USA, the Unrated Edition was immediately released together with the Theatrical Cut.

3 cuts because of dialogue
3 cuts because of nudity
2 extended scenes, maybe censorship
8 extensions at pursuits +
one alternative angle
3 story-cuts
1 recut
+ multiple audio-cuts in the end-credits

13 cuts = 191,6 Sec
8 alternative scenes = -4,5 Sec

Among the alternative scenes, there are 29,9 Sec not shown in the Theatrical Cut, and 34,4 Sec not shown in the Unrated Edition.

Theatrical Cut = 1:43:52 (NTSC)
Unrated Edition = 1:46:49 (NTSC)

The running time always refers to the US Unrated DVD.
Cut (censorship)
The guy asks Bo (Seann William Scott) if he sleeps with his cousin.

Guy: You hitting that?
Bo: She's my cousin.
3,4 Sec

Cut (censorship) / Alternative material
Both versions have different dialogue when Bo discusses with Cooter how he can thank him.
- 0,1 Sec

Theatrical Cut:

Cooter: Well, is Daisy single?
Luke: Not gonna happen.
Cooter: How about a pair of them shorts?
Luke: No.
Cooter: Okay.


Cooter: Would a BJ from Daisy be within the realm of possibility?
Luke: Not gonna happen.
Cooter: How about a pair of her still-warm shorts?
Luke: Shakes his head.
Cooter: All right.

Cut (censorship) / Alternative material
As Bo and Duke enter the second room in the student´s house, one of the girls is topless.
3 Sec

Theatrical Cut:

Bo: Katie Johnson?
Black-haired girl: She's down the hall.
Girl on the bed: Do you guys go to school here?
Luke: No, but do you have an application?
Bo: Come on, now, focus.


Bo: Katie Johnson?
Black-haired girls: She's down the hall.
Girl on the bed: Do you guys go to school here?
Luke: No, but do you have an application?
Girl without shirt: Not on me.
Bo: Come on, now, focus.

Cut (censorship) / Alternative material
As Bo and Luke enter the next room, they meet a bunch of naked girls in the Unrated Edition, while in the Theatrical Cut they are having clothes on but are smoking pot.
3,4 Sec

Theatrical Cut:

Bo: Katie Johnson? Holy shit.
Girl with blue shirt: You looking for Katie?
Bo: What is this place?
Girl with blue shirt: Why don't you come look in here?
Luke: Yeah.


Bo: Katie Johnson? Fuck me running!
Blondes Mädchen: You looking for Katie?
Luke: We were.
Girl with curled hair: You guys Hacky?
Bo: Hacky!
Luke: What about Katie?
Bo: Maybe she's in here.

Cut (censorship) / Alternative material
As Bo and Luke leave the room, in the Unrated Edition you see the naked girls in the background , while in the Theatrical Cut you see the smoke of the pot. The following cut where you see the girl with only the towel on sets in 16 frames earlier.
- 2,6 Sec

Theatrical Cut:


Cut (dialogue)
The complete dialogue between Boss Hogg and Uncle Jesse is missing.
90,4 Sec

Hogg: I'll give you that, Jesse. I'll give you that.
Jesse: Will you now? What are doing with my land, Jefferson?
Hogg: Ain't your land anymore.
Jesse: Wasn't that long ago you was a moonshiner too. Remember?
Hogg: Well, I have reformed from my sins. I am now an honest businessman.
Jesse: Like sponsoring race cars? What are you getting out of bringing Billy Prickett down here?
Hogg: You know, your nephew's won that race four years in a row. Now, who's gonna fault me for breaking up a dynasty?
Jesse: Well, I know you're rich, and I know you stink. But you ain't stinking rich. You wouldn't be throwing that money at Prickett unless you thought he was gonna earn you 10 times that.
Hogg: You're a smart man. So why don't you do the smart thing. Why don't you take your family and leave. Because, see, now I own that farm. And you ain't never gonna get it back. Hahaha.
Jesse: Hahahaha. He beats Hogg down.
Hogg: I have all the cards, Jesse. You don't have spit.
Jesse: It ain't over yet.

Extended scene / Maybe censorship
The red-haired girl claps her butt another time.
0,5 Sec

Extended Scene / Maybe censorship
The Unrated Edition sets in 8 frames earlier.
0,3 Sec

Cut / Alternative material
Here the Unrated Edition has more dialogue, while the Theatrical Cut blends to the lab assistant shortly.
3,1 Sec

Theatrical Cut:

Bo: What are you doing?
Luke: Relax.


Bo: What are you doing?
Luke: What?
Bo: What the fuck was that?
Luke: Relax.

Cut (dialogue)
Bo tells Luke about his plan.
36 Sec

Bo: All right, here’s what we’re gonna do. When we stop for gas, we call up Cooter and tell him to put a pig in the road, right.
Luke: Yeah.
Bo: Then when the cops are moving the pig, Cooter hooks up a cable to the bumper. Car drives away, the hook will put out the whole chassis. He can’t drive without a chassis…
Cop: All right, shut up back there!
Luke: My cousin’s starting to go crazy. We gotta get him to a hospital. I think he's done caught the fever, or something..
Cop: That’s what happens when you’re humping livestock, hillbilly.
Luke: Can we help you guys out with something up there, oblige you with a reach-around or something?
Luke: Of course, you’d have to un-cuff us first.
Cop: Ahh ha.

Extended action scene
General Lee takes a sharp turn, the police is close on him.
4,2 Sec

Extended action scene
During the pursuit we get to see more views of General Lee.
2,6 Sec

Extended action scene
The Dukes keep escaping from the police.
8,4 Sec

Alternative view
In both versions we get to see General Lee from different angles as Bo drifts through the curve.
No difference in time

Theatrical Cut:


Extended action scene
Again we get to see the rushing General Lee.
3,1 Sec

Extended action scene
And again a view of General Lee is missing.
3,4 Sec

Extended cut
We see General Lee one more time from the back as he is chased by the police.
3,2 Sec

Extended action scene
The other pursuit was cut a bit too. You see the rushing General Lee.

3,1 Sec

Luke: Man, they’re holding ass, pick it up!

Extended action scene
Here a big part of the pursuit has been removed. Among other things it is missing how two police cars try to dodge a tree and so have a quite spectacular crash.
33 Sec

Luke: You gonna make that?
Bo: I’m planning on it. Hold on, Luke. I’ll go in this direction now!

Recut / Alternative material
From this point on the pursuit between Luke & Jesse and the police is cut differently.
20,4 Sec

Theatrical Cut:

Jesse: What do you call a farmer with a sheep under each arm?
Luke: What?
Jesse: A playboy.

Jesse: Know what you get when you cross a donkey with an onion?
Luke: No
Jesse: You get a piece of ass that’ll bring a tear to you eye.

Luke: Fire in the hole.

Jesse: You know why divorces are so expensive?
Luke: No.
Jesse: Because they’re worth it.


Jesse: You know why tornadoes and blondes are so much alike?
Luke: No
Jesse: At first, there’s a lot of sucking and blowing, and then you lose your house.

Jesse: Know what you get when you cross a donkey with an onion?
Luke: No
Jesse: You get a piece of ass that’ll bring a tear to your eye.

Luke: You thinking about throwing it?
Jesse: Oh, I’ll throw it. I was thinking about pussy.

Jesse: You know why divorces are so expensive?
Luke: No.
Jesse: Because they’re worth it.

Luke: Fire in the hole.

Cut (dialogue) / Alternative material
The scene where Pauline catches Uncle Jesse smoking pot is different in both versions too.
- 31,7 Sec

Theatrical Cut:

Pauline: Jesse?
Jesse: Well, hello there.
Pauline: What are you doing in there?
Jesse: I was just smoking up a little meat for the barbecue.
Pauline: Of course you were. Now, come on. Everybody wants you to sing a song.
Jesse: I better get out there then, huh?
Pauline: Yep.
Jesse: Boy, it’s bright out here.
Pauline: Sheev.
Sheev: Afternoon, ma’am.
Pauline: Governor Applewhite.
Governor Hi. You’re a pretty little thing, huh?
Pauline: Oh, my God.
Governor: Hey, let’s go get us a chocolate hot dog.
Sheev: I like the way you think, Governor, we’re going this way.
Governor: Oh, okay.
Sheev: Picnic. I just wanna say you got my vote, sir.
Governor: Oh, thank you. Vote early, vote often.


Pauline: An apple?
Jesse: An apple a day will keep the doctor away, darling.
Pauline: Come on, Jesse, they want you to sing.
Jesse: Real refreshing.
Man in chequered shirt: They are, aren’t they?

In the outtakes, all “fucks” where overdubbed in the Theatrical Cut.