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Slaves of the Realm

original title: Sins of the Realm


  • BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 09, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Synopsis of Slaves of the Realm

After the death of the king, the high priestess Shira prepares seven beautiful princesses to become the potential bride of the new king Alexander, but his deceitful sister Briana has completely different plans. She has the princesses kidnapped, who then have to work hard as slaves in a silver mine. Alexander is put into the dungeon, so that Briana rises to become the new ruler. Shira sets off to free the princesses, but eventually ends up in the silver mine herself.

Polish director/producer Lloyd A. Simandl gave us some trash grenades at the end of the 80s and into the 90s like the apocalypse flicks Empire of Ash or Empire of Ash III, the women-in-prison movie Chained Heat II with Brigitte Nielsen, sci-fi manure like Lethal Target or Crackerjack 3. Around the turn of the millennium, the Canadian production studio North American Pictures founded the production studio Bound Heat in the Czech Republic, which specializes in sexploitation films with a strong fetish twist. This resulted in films with partly illustrious titles like Bound Cargo, Caligula's Spawn, Chained Fury: Lesbian Slave Desires and also the Chained Sinners discussed here: Medieval Fleshpots aka. Sins of the Realm aka. Empire of Sin aka. Slaves of the Realm by Lloyd A. Simandl. As if the film hadn't already had enough alternative titles, the German distributor tried to make a connection to Game of Thrones by using the medieval setting and the breasts that often jump into the camera and call the film Game of Sins.

Purely in terms of content, Sins of the Realm has little to offer, except a group of princesses who have to work in a silver mine, are occasionally whipped and - at least in the unrated version - have to serve for lesbian flirtations. With a runtime of almost 100 minutes, the movie degenerates to a test of patience at some points, when you see the lightly dressed princesses crawling through a narrow corridor to bring the silver from the depths of the mine to the surface. Sometimes you get the impression that you are watching a documentary about silver production in the Middle Ages, if only there weren't the historical inconsistencies and constant sexual undertones. It seems unlikely that pretty young women are sent to the silver mine only covered with a white dress and the partly tight leather outfits also seem to have fallen out of time. But well, according to the synopsis, the whole story is supposed to take place at a far away place at a far away time anyway.

The fact that we are primarily dealing with a fetish movie can be seen more or less subtly at several points. Terrific is the scene in which pretty young maids are dragged from the neighboring village to the castle, one after the other have to expose their breasts and eventually scream out in pain as they are branded with a hot iron. This scene has no significance for the rest of the film and serves only to satisfy S&M fantasies. That brings us to the target group. Those who like soft S&M scenarios, whereby the success of the Fifty Shades of Grey books and movies suggests that this applies to more people than one would assume, should feel comfortable with Sins of the Realm. Pretty young women are dominated, enslaved or sexually exploited by other pretty but grim-looking women. Pain, lust and sex are mixed together to create a void of content, which is primarily aimed at satisfying urges. Those who can relate to it should have a good time, those who can't will probably be a little bored. In the leading role as high priestess you can see the former wrestler and WWE Women's Champion Rena Mero.

UK DVD is based on the Unrated version, but is censored

There are different versions of the film. Beside the R-Rated version, which can be found on the German DVD by Sinema, the Unrated version was released on DVD in the Netherlands. The UK DVD by Boulevard Entertainment is based on the Unrated version, but was cut in the violent scenes. The BBFC site doesn't mention any cuts, probably the distribution was already active before. Pretty much every harder scene was trimmed, including tasteful moments when the princesses are whipped or the above mentioned scene where the women from the village are branded with the hot iron. Unusually, in addition to the violent cuts, short action scenes were also removed.


UK DVD: 95:29 min.
NL DVD: 99:09 min.

The British BBFC 18 DVD (by Boulevard Entertainment) was compared to the Dutch Unrated DVD (by Focus Film Facts).


The UK DVD fades in and out a little earlier. The alternate title fades in.

No time difference. (each 9 sec.)


The UK DVD fades out when Princess Elenor is murdered in revenge.

NL: 6 sec.


Briana pushes the king's head back. She pulls the dagger out again.

NL: 2 sec.


Briana can be seen longer as she runs along the corridor with her sword.

NL: 8 sec.


Briana can be seen a little earlier as she is whispered to that Shira has come.

Briana: "Sealed by all of them?"

NL: 5 sec.


The princess is tortured with the red-hot iron.

The UK resumes when the girl says "You could have been a princess."

NL: 12 sec.


In the UK, the shot that shows how the girl reaches for the stick is missing.

NL: 2 sec.


The girl tightens the rope around the princess' neck.

NL: 6 sec.


After the princess is strangled, the girl makes sure that she is dead. She goes, "Now I have a real princess to educate." The two men run to the princess.

NL: 19 sec.


The second man walks through the picture. Then we see how the girl whips the other princess.

The next shot in the cave starts a little earlier.

NL: 21 sec.


After the bath in the cave, a shot of the princesses is missing during the silver production.

The next shot starts a little earlier.

NL: 11 sec.


Briana whips the princesses. Shira watches in horror.

NL: 5 sec.


Briana once again whips one of the princesses while walking. This is followed by the end of the lesbian scene with the supervisor.

The next shot starts a little earlier.

NL: 15 sec.


Briana watches as two of the women from the village are branded with the red-hot iron.

NL: 43 sec.


The third woman also gets the hot iron pressed on her back.

NL: 3 sec.


The fourth woman from the village is not spared either.

NL: 3 sec.


The UK DVD cuts to the redheaded woman.

On the NL DVD, the woman from the village gets the hot iron on her back. After that, we see Briana a little earlier.

UK: 3 sec.
NL: 3 sec.


The naked women in the cave can be admired a little longer on the NL DVD. The next shot starts a bit earlier.

NL: 3 sec.


Shira and the princess flee the cell with King Alexander.

Shira: "I know a way. The old priest passage into the forest."

NL: 11 sec.


Briana watches the princesses being whipped.

Briana: "Send soldiers into the forest and get them back."
Girl: "Yes, your highness."

Girl goes.

Briana: "I may know where they are."

Briana goes. The cell is locked.

Girl: "I'll get it out of you. If it takes me all night."

In the next shot, we see much earlier how Alexander unpacks the wooden sword.

NL: 43 sec.