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Two Evil Eyes

Twin Peaks: The Television Collection

Betty Blue


Beast, The

original title: The Beast


  • TV Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Apr 22, 2013 - Author: Buster - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
A yacht and a young couple in the middle of the sea on a romantic trip. However, they were never heard of again.

The next morning, the local fisherman Whip Dalton finds an empty lifeboat on the coast next to the sleepy fishing village Graves Point. He gets the boat on board of his own vessel and finds a large claw that is stuck in it, which he sends to a marine biology institute. Shortly afterwards, the biologist Dr. Herbert Talley appears in Graves Point and states that the claw can be found in the tentacles of a giant squid (Architeuthis).

Harbormaster Schuyler Graves announces a hunt on the animal because he thinks that both the fishing and tourism industry of the town are in danger. He sends Lucas Coven to find and kill the beast. Coven actually manages to kill it using booby traps and sells the remaining pieces to the owner of Sealand Texas, Osborne Manning. A grave mistake, as Dr. Talley could have told them right away that the killed specimen was only a baby. The mother, however, is still lurking in the waters in front of the coast and waiting for her next prey.

This TV production, which is loosely based on Peter Benchley's novel [i]Jaws[/i], first aired in 1996. Shortly afterwards, the original TV Version and an Extended Cut were released on DVD. Despite a length of almost three hours, this version is actually quite good. It never gets boring and despite the rather cheap special FX ,this can be deemed thrilling TV entertainment.

This is a comparison between the US TV Version (R-Rated) and the US Extended Cut (Unrated), both on DVD.

Running times:
R-Rated (TV): 111:29 min. NTSC (without ending credits)
Unrated (Extended Cut): 172:33 Min. NTSC (without ending credits)

A total of 1 hour, 1 minute and 4 seconds are missing.
Whip Dalton gazes after his daughter Dana, who has been picked up by a friend.
Scene change to the Privateer. Mike Newcombe talks to Whip. The former has the feeling that this is going to be a good day.

22 sec.

A helicopter brings Lt. Kathryn Marcus of the coast guard to the rubber raft floating close to Graves Point. After a short talk with the pilot, Kathryn turns her head around and looks out of the window.

3 sec.

Whip and Mike talk about the bad catch they had that day.

11 sec.

When they fly over the Privateer, Kathryn looks back.

4 sec.

Kathryn wants to rappel over the rubber raft, but the pilot Raines does not think that this is a good idea. After Kathry has asked him whether he has a better idea, he messages the Privateer and Kathryn tells Whip to get the raft on shore.

17 sec.

An underwater shot of cages being destroyed is missing.

24 sec.

A short piece of Schuyler Graves' return is missing.

4 sec.

The exterior shot of the pub is missing.

4 sec.

Inside the pub, Whip says goodbye to a few friends, but is held up b Maeve, who wants to talk him into having a drink with her. Whip declines because he wants to get back to his daughter.

31 sec.

Mike brings his pregnant wife Nell a glass of milk. She asks him whether he does not want to think about starting working in construction because they could use the additional money. Mime answers that he is a fisher and not a carpenter and that she should not be worried. After all, he always has managed to support his family so far.

35 sec.

Kahtryn visits Whip because she needs his signature for her report. She also tells him that she would like to dive in the Graves Points bay and that he was recommended as a specialist. Afterwards, they are going outside and Whip asks Kathry, whether she has found out anything about the rubber raft they found. She answers that it belonged to a yacht called Occupational Hazard from San Francisco. Mr. and Mrs. Griffith, who were on board, have disappeared due to unknown reasons.

In the following shot, Lucas Coven also hurls more traps into the water.

58 sec.

John Esterbrook, Corbin Jakes' cousin, calls Whip at home in order to tell him that the claw from the raft can be found on a marine animal, although they are not yet sure which one. Whip is shocked and falls silent, causing John to ask whether he is still there.

5 sec.

Lucas Coven, who has noticed something weird in the water, tells his friends in the pub about it. He thinks that a whale has decidedly steered towards his boat. His friends do not believe him and think that he had had too much whiskey again.

28 sec.

Dana and her frind Hadley talk a bit longer. Hadley would like to stay in Graves Point, whereas Dana wants to go to the University of Arizona, of which she has just received a leaflet.

18 sec.

Hadley talks to two boys and asks them whether they need some help. Dana is a bit embarassed, she asks Hadley whether she is crazy.

6 sec.

Schuyler tells Whip that the rubber raft had to be disposed of because it was too damaged. Whip gets angry about it because he deems it a piece of evidence.

10 sec.

Schuyler can be seen sitting at his desk smiling after Whip has left his office.

3 sec.

Arrived at home, Whip gets to meet the two hobby divers Spike and Chowder, who want him to accompany them on a diving trip. Whip refuses and goes into the house; Dana follows him. Spike and Chowder are shown a little bit longer.

3 sec.

Dana’s disappointed in her father and leaves the kitchen. Whip gazes after his daughter a bit longer and sips on his beer.

2 sec.

Lucas is having lunch. Apparently, he doesn’t like the bean soup, so he spices it up with some whiskey. Spike and Chowder appear and make him an offer.

47 sec.

A longer underwater tracking shot is missing.

5 min. and 27 sec.

The following shot shows Dana and Hadley refreshing their tan aboard the Privateer.
Whip and Kathryn come up and Whip helps Kathryn getting back on the ship. While doing so, she loses her flash light, which sinks down on the ground and rouses a giant squid.

While Whip wallows in memories of the past of Graves Point, Dana and Hadley decide to go into the water.
Kathryn helps Whip storing away the equipment. He tells her that he comes from a fisher family of which only Dana and he are left.

Whip calls the girls back. Hadley swims back and climbs up the ladder while Dana still stays. Whip urges his daughter to finally return to the boat and he already raises the anchor. A tentacle grabs the anchor from the deep and is being pulled up with it to the surface. Shortly before it releases the anchor Whip and Kathryn notice that something is wrong and they catch a glimpse of the tentacle, which then disappears in the water again.

On the next day, Kathryn chats with Lieutenant Raines. She mentions a strange eel, which clung to the chain of the anchor. Raines doesn’t show any interest in this and he just wants to know how the diving trip with Whip Dalton went.

58 sec.

Another underwater tracking shot with dramatic music.

22 sec.

Spike and Chowder persuaded Lucas to take them to wreck, which they want to have a look at. They way down takes longer.

8 sec.

Spike looks longer through his camera.

12 sec.

Lucas longer reads in the Playboy and checks his watch again. He agreed with the guys that they would come up to the surface again after seven minutes, at the latest. Chowder, who is waiting for Spike, appears a little bit earlier and then dives down again.

13 sec.

Seven seconds are missing after the giant squid has killed Spike and Chowder. The reappeared buoy is shown a bit longer and instead of an immediate scene change to Kathryn and Raines in the helicopter, the picture fades to black.

7 sec.

The Privateer approaches the ship of the coast guard and the helicopter longer hovers above the place of the accident.

5 sec.

Whip prepares something to eat and watches the news on TV, which report of the death of the two divers and of the theory that they possibly fell victim to a giant squid.
Hadley, who is still under shock, gets some rest in Dana’s room. Dana comes down to bring her a glass of orange juice.

1 min. and 02 sec.

During a town meeting, Whip speaks about the risks of trying to kill the animal. Kathryn and Lieutenant Raines are present, too.

10 sec.

Mayor Schuyler Graves explains at the end of the meeting that they thought about canceling the festivities which were planned for the following day. But in the end they decided that the celebration will be taking place nevertheless. There will be a dance, drinks and food. But they won’t serve any squid.
Kathryn asks Whip if he’ll attend the festivities; he tells her that he does so every year, so they make a date for the next day.

1 min. and 01 sec.

Whip watches a video which he received from the marine biologist Dr. Herbert Talley. It’s a documentary about giant squids. Whip looks a bit worried when it’s mentioned that these animals don’t move on until all of their food sources in one region are depleted.

A following shot shows a buoy and suddenly the squid appears. An underwater tracking shot is missing afterwards.

41 sec.

Dr. Talley and his assistant Christopher Lane arrived in Graves Point. Whip didn’t expect them that soon, so they decide to go the celebration together. This sequence begins with yet another underwater tracking shot.

In total 11 min. and 52 sec.

Lucas allows himself a whisky and chats with some friends, all a bit tipsy.
Whip and the others appear and they spot members of the coast guard sitting at a table, with Kathryn among them. So they ask politely if they may join them.
Lucas‘ friends tell him that Whip has just arrived, whereupon he decides to leave the celebration.

Hadley is bored, so he asks Raines for a dance. Christopher asks Dana if she would like to dance and she says yes. Whip watches this skeptically. Kathryn asks Whip what he thinks about a dance and he tells her that he would only dance to a slow song. Upon this, the band starts playing a slowfox, so Whip has no choice but to follow Kathryn to the dance floor.
Dana and Christopher get know each other better.

A family is visiting the celebration, but their dog Champs isn’t allowed there.

Whip and Kathryn leave the dance floor as the music becomes faster again. Whip gets to know in a short conversation with Dr. Talley that he approves of Whip’s decision to leave the squid in peace.
Schuyler Graves appears and asks how they’re doing. Whip leaves under the pretext of getting a drink.

The dog Champs scents something, tears away and runs towards the water. Standing on the landing stage, he sees the squid and boldly jumps into the water just to see that this wasn’t that good an idea, so he turns back yelping.

Maeve questions Whip a little bit about Kathryn and notices that she bears resemblance to his deceased wife Charlotte. She wishes him the best of luck and leaves.

Kathryn bursts with anger when Commander Wallingford, the leader of the coast guard, introduces Lieutenant Henderson as experienced diver to Dr. Talley. She had hoped to get the job of accompanying Dr. Talley’s team on their trip. Annoyed, she turns away and leaves the celebration. Whip goes after her and asks if she wants her iced tea. She’s upset about women always having to work twice as hard as male coast guard colleagues to be accepted. Whip can understand that and strokes her hair. She refuses his gesture by telling him that she just came out of a relationship and that she‘s not interested in a new one.

The family concludes its trip. The boy notices that their dog has disappeared. He nervously searches for Champs. They hear a yelp and finally they find him under the car, shivering with fear.

The next morning, Dana prepares the breakfast for her dad. He wants to know about her intentions with Christopher. She says that she’ll tell him about Christopher if he’ll tell her something about Kathryn. Whip says that there’s nothing to tell and they conclude the breakfast with some small talk.

Shortly after the briefing, Lieutenant Raines talks to Kathryn. He’s wondering about not seeing her name on the roster. She answers that she didn’t put her name down. Raines suspects what’s on her mind and he tries to cheer her up with a story from his past. After a crash landing with a helicopter and a damage of 2 million dollars, he just got on another helicopter the next day and took off again. He recommends her not to give up. Kathryn thanks him for this encouragement.

55 sec.

Lucas and his assistants are on board of the Seafox in order to search for the jumbo squid. The man at the radar is bored. He leaves his post for a moment to report to Lucas that there was nothing to report and to have a smoke. Meanwhile, Lucas keep preparing the explosives and passes them along.

Change of scenery: Diane and Christopher are making sandwiches for her dad, Dr. Talley and Mike in the kitchen.

1 min. and 31 sec.

Lucas aand his men managed to take down a jumbo squid. When they’re directed to the harbor again, the radar which is not being watched by anyone at the time shows a huge creature surfacing and following the boat.
It turns out that the squid is uch bigger than the one they just tied to the other side of the Seafox. But instead of continuing to follow or attacking, it re-submerges.

1 min. und 21 sec.

Schuyler Graves gets a little recognition by the city administration for initiating the hunt of the jumbo squid. When reports wants him to give a statement, he claims he hadn’t prepared anything and returns to hi s office in order to avoid further questions.

15 sec.

Mike has trouble at the grocery store. He’s exceeded his credit line and won’t get any further credits.

20 sec.

Kathryn has been asked to Commander Wallingford’s office. Dt. Talley plans an expedition with a submersible vehicle at the spot the two divers (Spike and Chowder) were killed. Anything should be recorded on video. Commander Wallingford wants Kathryn to be on board as well. Kathryn is flattered and grateful for the trust her superior has in her.

1 min. und 17 sec.

Dana’s conversation with Christopher at the beach is longer. He wishes she could join him on the diving trip the next day but she puts him off.

13 sec.

On board of the research ship, Kathryn and Whip talk longer. She just wants to speak about her behavior at the city festival when Dr. Talley interrupts her.

5 sec.

Right before the submersible vehicle Triton II is being launched, there’s a shot of Kathryn and Dr. Talley watching what’s going on the a monitor.

8 sec.

More chitchat on board of Triton II. Jameson would like to know what they were looking for and Christopher explains they were looking for tracks that prove the jumbo squid has been there. Dr. Talley radios them and asks how they were. When Christopher replies there was nothing to see, the decide to go deeper.

36 sec.

Jameson complains about the low temperature on board. Christopher calms him down by saying they were just being that deep as long as necessary.

9 sec.

After the crash that killed anyone on Triton II, Kathryn complains to Commander Wallingford. She was actually supposed to be on board as well. Wallingford explains it wasn’t his call. Jameson was only on board because Schuyler Graves wouldn’t stop pushing. A decision he had to live with but he was also glad Kathryn was still alive.

59 sec.

Whip made some food for his daughter Dana. He knocks at her door and asks whether it was a bad time. She tells him to come in. She’s not over Christopher’s death yet.

14 sec.

Kathryn is visiting Whip. They’re discussing previous events. When Whip starts to clean the table and Kathryn pours another coffee, she bursts into tears and says James wasn’t supposed to be on board of Triton II in the first place and that she was.

5 sec.

During the same conversation, Whip mentions his wife Charlotte who drowned in Graves Point 10 years ago.

6 sec.

Whip is on board of the Privateer, busy with maintenance work. That’s where Dr. Talley finds him and asks about Dana. Whip wants to know whether Talley had already made contact with Christopher’s family who were already in Graves Point to pick up Christopher’s stuff.

Talley also tells Whip that Lucas Coven was going to leave the harbor the following in order to hunt the architeuthis. Whip believes that was nuts and says it should be left alone but Dr. Talley disagrees. He’s convinced the boat got attacked in revenge. Whip doesn’t agree.

2 min. und 14 sec.

Dr. Talley’s conversation with Osborne Manning starts ealier. We get to know that Manning has already written a check for the jumbo squid.

4 sec.

Manning wants to win Dr. Talley as associate under any circumstances. Talley is not really convinced. When Manning offers him unrestricted access to the two cadavers, Taqlley needs to sit down.

6 sec.

Because no one s allowed to leave the harbor, Mike Newcombe can’t get a job. But he needs money urgently so he signs up on Lucas’ boat. Lucas has some trouble with his sonar but with the use of brute force the trouble doesn’t last very long.

22 sec.

Dana surprises her dad in the kitchen. He intends to prepare a stew. She wonders why he wanted to make stew for breakfast. Whip explains to her it was early evening already and she had slept all day long.

Change of scenery at sea:

Mike and Scranton keeps tossing out bait. The sonar makes trouble again. Scranton mentions it was going to be dark soon and suggests to continue the following morning. Mike agrees because they couldn’t see anymore but Lucas relies on his sonar.

1 min. and 14 sec.

Mike and Scranton were able to convince Lucas that it would be better to continue the hunt the next day. Of course, the engine does not start instantly.

19 sec.

When the engine finally does start, Lucas rejoices and cheers for his "old girl".

2 sec.

In the meantime, Whip has learned that Mike and Lucas are out to hunt the giant squid. He lifts the anchor of the Privateer and starts the search.

21 sec.

Whip tries to reach the coast guard while the Seafox is being pulled down by the squid, however, the connection is interrupted.

19 sec.

Mike is clinging to a buoy, Whip can be seen swimming towards him a bit longer.

6 sec.

Whip was able to save Mike and bring him to the hospital. In the meantime, Kathryn is at Dana's and discovers a few old pictures of her mother. Dana was just seven years old when Charlotte died, but she is sure her mother and Kathryn would have gotten along well. She hopes that Mike will be better soon. This is not completely selfless, however, because her father would be the next to hunt the squid if Mike dies. Kathryn says that she is confident he will make it.

Cut to the hospital:

Nell is worried because they have not heard from the doctors for a long time. Whip tries to calm her.

2 Min. and 53 sec.

A longer sequence consisting of several scenes is missing.

A total of 9 min. and 50 sec.

Manning tries to convince Dr. Talley to let him participate on his next mission. Talley declines because he is not sure about Manning's abilities as a seaman. Manning is also willing to hire someone, no matter how expensive. Dr. Talley already knows who he wants.

But this man is just about to get drunk.

Hadley and Lieutenant Raines are fooling aroung in the car when Hadley has a crazy idea and suddenly wants to look at the young squid's cadaver. Raines does not think this is a good idea.

Whip comes home drunk, Kathryin is already waiting for him. She is worried about him, but Whip turns her away.


Hadley approaches the young specimen. Raines warns her that they are in a restricted area, but it is already too late. Hadley is pulled into the water by the mother and Raines can give her his hand just in time to help her.

After the news of the incident have spread, Dr. Talley, Manning and Schuyler Graves are standing in the bay and talk. Talley thinks it is uncommon that a giant squid is that close too the shore. Schuyler is just interested in how they can stop it.

Members of the community wake Whip and tell him that he should lead the next "expedition". Whip declines even after receiving the news of the latest attack.

Dana visits Kathryn. She tries to apologize for her father's behavior on the previous evening and asks whether Kathryn is willing to give Whip another chance. After hesitating for a moment, Kathryn answers "Maybe."

Whip visits Nell and Mike in the hospital. Mike is telling him about the events of the previous night and that the squid basically hunted the Seafox.

A short underwater shot of the squid destroying the wreck of the Seafox is missing.

Dana is sitting at the beach while Les and a few more city employees are putting up signs stating that the beach is closed. When Les tells Dana that many people thinks her father is a coward, she reacts angrily. She answers that her father is afraid of nothing. Les says that he also does not think Whip is a coward but that he also has no explanation at all for his behavior. Eventually, Dana realizes that is was her who had her father promise not to participate in the hunt.

9 sec.

Whip has been allowed to break his promise by his daughter and he decides to participate in the hunt. However, he announces two conditions: they have to use the Privateer and Schuyler Graves is to come with them.
Aboard the Triton, Whip, Schuyler, Dr. Talley and Osborne Manning are planning their next moves. Manning presents the lure for the squid, a cylinder that can contain special baits. In this case, this is supposed to be a young squid. A short part of the chat is missing: Whip wants to know whether they can control the cylinder. Manning confirms and explains that it is directly connected to the boat via a steel wire. Whip does not like this plan because he fears the squid could attack the boat directly. Dr. Talley answers that they could apply a device that emulates the sound of an orca to the boat. Schuyler does not like the plan.

45 sec.

Now follow 2 entire scenes.

Overall runtime: 2 min. and 22 sec.

Whip is ready to debouch on the following morning. Thus, he visits Kathryn to apologize for his behavior of the previous evening. He doesn't want to leave without telling her something important. She thinks that - whatever it is - he could tell it to her when he returned.

Osborne Manning gets the ampouls for the harpoon ready. He fills them with cyanide. Dr. Talley asks if everything is allright since he saw light. Manning responds that he only checks the equipment.

Dr. Talley and Manning load the truck with the equipment when Whip arrives the harbor. He asks if Schuyler is already there. He isn't, however, to Whip's surprise Kathryn is on board. He doesn't want her to be a part of the crew but she has a good argument: When she's not a Privateer on board, the coast guards would not allow them do debouch. Kathryn wants to know what Whip wanted to tell her the last evening. He's pretty shy when he tells her that he fell in love with her. Kathryn returns his love.

2 min. and 1 sec.

During the first contact with the giant squid Kathryn and Whip look at the sonar a little longer.

20 sec.

Just before the first attack, both Dr. Talley and Schuyler Graves are shown in a close-up shot.

2 sec.

After the machine was stopped abruptly, Whip goes to the engine room with a flashlight. Manning, Dr. Talley and Schuyler look pretty worried.

12 sec.

Without replacement parts Whip can't fix the machine. As a result they will have to drift through the night and then get pulled back to the harbor the next morning. Manning says that this is impossible since the squid is still alive. Instead of putting cyanide into the ampoules he used an anesthetic. He wanted to take the giant squid with him to Sealand in Texas. Whip, Kathryn and Dr. Talley are not amused. In case the animal wakes up it could pull the entire boat under water. Whip wants to cut all ropes which bound the architeuthis to the Privateer. Manning tries to stop him. Short parts of the conversation are missing. Whip turns to Talley and asks him whether or not the device which creates orca sounds is ready to use.

2 sec.

Hadley and lieutenant Raines are lying in bed together when Hadley is woken up by his beeper. He looks at it, jumps up and leaves the bedroom quickly.

Cut to the Privateer:

Whip cuts the ropes and throws them in the sea. Kathryn comes down from the control room and tells him that the coast guards are on their way. Manning asks whether or not it is necessary to cut the ropes of the giant squid. From port side we hear a sound and Whip wants to know where Graves is.

44 sec.

Shortly after Whip asked we hear the same sound again. Graves threw a rubber raft into the water and then jumped in himself to get himself out of harm's way. Whip runs off.

4 sec.

Kathryn and Whip watch Schuyler Graves escaping. Dr. Talley tells Manning that he - in case they will survive - does not want to work for him ever again.

Scene change to the coast:

It's dark. Dana can't sleep anymore, leaves the house and sits down on the staircase.

26 sec.