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original title: Nazi Hellfire


  • VOD Version
  • Uncut
Release: Feb 09, 2021 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Apart from serious documentaries and feature films, the film industry has for many years now also had a tendency to parody the Nazi regime, its ideology and atrocities, thus deconstructing its myth, which is in some cases misconstrued. In theory. Sometimes it works well (Inglourious Basterds), sometimes quite acceptable (Iron Sky). But often enough, it gets so flat and weak in terms of staging that it doesn't even work as conscious trash anymore.

It will probably surprise few people that Reichsführer-SS, which was released in Germany by the label WMM in a very small edition with three limited mediabooks and bears the alternative title Nazi Hellfire, belongs to the last category. Filmed in the US as early as 2015, the whole thing looks more like a film school project with a small budget and even less ability to execute. The story that Heinrich Himmler is punished in hell for his deeds is a recurring element, but shares the runtime with another plot thread in which he has to pass a psychological suitability test ordered by Hitler in order not to be dismissed himself. All this is boring fast because of its banality and the digital camera lens in front of green screen backgrounds also tires the eye quite reliably. The viewer thus has to decide between a worthwile and a meaningless pastime. At least this is where the movie makes it easy for the viewer.

In the US, nudity is often a problem, and this has had concrete consequences for the streaming platform iTunes (and maybe others), because there is a censored version running.

The censored VOD version was compared to the uncut German DVD (by WMM).

3 cuts = 221.8 seconds or approx. 3 minutes 22 seconds

0:41:00: In the VOD version, the short view of the pubic area is withheld.
4.8 sec.

0:42:26: Unimportant alternative shot in the shower, but in the end it is only about the view of the pubic area.73 sec.

0:55:26: The nude strip is missing.
144 sec.