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  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Aug 18, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Okay folks, today I present to you another extremely drippy wimp movie. In the course of this it could have been so beautiful: Billy Blanks in the leading role, Patrick Kilpatrick as bad guy and Kenn Scott as sidekick. Christine Taylor shows the camera her pretty face (but nothing more). And finally with the directing Robert Radler a consistent tough Martial-Arts movie could have come up.

But no…the result has been a bold poor imitation of Karate-Kid with Blanks in the Miyagi role! And the whole mixture as well is totally unspectacular, boring, enough putting you to sleep. The condensed story: Youngster Ken Marx starts the new High-School, dissed and pushed around, falls in love with the fair maiden (of course belonging to the supremo who is learning Karate from the mean guy Lee) and then finally gets introduced into the high art of self-defense by the school’s janitor – Ex-Cop Billy. The showdown (original title of the movie) takes place at an event. This is complete cribbed from A to Z. The Miyagi clone is janitor of school and not of an apartment complex. Instead of training at the car wash the motion sequences are trained at the rest room. And at the end there is no competition but an illegal underground tournament. There’s nothing more to be said… The fights are few and far between even totally unspectacular and any severities miles away. What we’ve got here is a pretty good example of a flick especially conceived for the pubescent Teens of senior class - a dead loss.

In this comparison of the uncut German DVD with the British DVD (BBFC 18, Prism) only the 6 seconds are missing in the British Version as stated from the BBFC. For the rest both versions run completely identical.
63:35 Min.
The scene of a henchman spinning around a butterfly knife is missing in the British Version.
( 1.5 sec. )

69:01 Min.
Again there is a butterfly knife when the baddie walks down the stairs. The British Version intermits earlier.
( 2 sec. )

69:05 Min.
Once again the knife spinning guy directly walking on to the camera. This scene starts a little later in the British Version.
( 3 sec. )