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Armitage III - Poly Matrix

original title: Armitage III


  • Theatrical Version
  • OVA
Release: Feb 11, 2010 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the four-part OVA series "ARMITAGE III) (FSK 16) and the Theatrical Version (FSK 16), Video and TV-version "ARMITAGE III - POLYMATRIX".
Very successful video production "ARMITAGE III" was originally released as a four-part OVA series. The series was heavily cut and edited for the later theatrical release. But there were also other reshot scenes added, which are only seen in the theatrical version. It was named "Armitage III: Poly Matrix".

The theatrical cut's exclusive scenes were mostly added so the plot would still be comprehensible despite all the cuts. Both versions have another ending which are thematically very alike. The theatrical version's widescreen is only matted, though (cut scenes 1 and 2).

The video series is about 41 min. longer than the theatrical cut.
The theatrical cut on the other hand has ca. 7 min. that were reshot.
Part 1: Electro Blood

The series has opening credits after the Pioneer logo.
( 80 Sec. )

Ross wipes clean the fogged window of the spaceship with his hand and looks at Mars.
( 8 Sec. )

Theatrical cut:
Ross is sleeping in the spaceship. He sees himself in a dream with an injured leg. You see his parter Jennifer's dead body. He calls her and suddenly wakes up surprisedly.
( 40 Sec. )

Ross hears the talk between the musician and her manager. The musician asks whether her guitar is being kept safe.
( 27 Sec. )

The episode title "Electro Blood" is being faded-in.
( 6 Sec. )

Theatrical cut:
An android is having a shootout with the police. You see bodies. Armitage finishes him by driving into his face with a motorcycle. The title "ARmitage III - Poly-Matrix" is being faded in.
( 95 Sec. )

Ross see the fans of the cowboy-like singer in the airport. ( 9 sec. )
Ross drives with armitage to the police headquarters. Reporters photograph them and ask them questions.
( 28 Sec. )

Ross is looking longer to the door Armitage went through. Then he looks to the window. The two news speakers talk about a robot prohibition on mars. Now, the dream of Ross takes place, but it's longer than in the theatrial cut! The latter one misses: He stumbles to Jennifer's body, lifts her and cries. Suddenly, the robot which shot her appears and shoots at him. He awakes terrifiedly and touches his leg, which was injured back then.
( 107 Sec. )

Ross takes a look at the picture of Armitage and her father, which is on her desk.
( 4 Sec. )

Ross gets his car from the police garage and talks to the mechanic. Then he moves off.
( 64 Sec. )

Ross visits a robot manufacturer and asks him about the Thirds.
( 121 Sec. )

Ross is lying in bed, trying to sleep.
( 23 Sec. )

Ross talks to the manager and the singer in the bar.
( 54 Sec. )

The second victim Ross sees in the recording runs for his life.
( 6 Sec. )

Ross goes into the kitchen. He notices the god figures which were sprayed with graffiti. D'anclaude overwhelms him by coming from behind. He chokes him with the handcufs and takes his gun. He lets him go and shoots at him. Ross goes up the stairs, where D'anclaude strangles him again. They fight and break outside through the door.
( 134 Sec. )

Ross runs and D'anclaude shoots his leg. Ross has a vision of the robot that killed Jennifer. He beats the blonde man and the fight continues outside.
( 45 Sec. )

D'anclaude notices ARmitage, who is on the side arm of a crane, which stands next to a church. She says she is a Third herself. Armitage jumps more to the end of the side arm and turns the crane by her will power.
( 79 Sec. )

Cut to Armitage before the side arm hits ground.
( 3 Sec. )

Theatrical cut:
Armitage is shown in a close-up standing on the side arm. She is wearon her sunglasses (only in this one shot of the church scene).
( 1 Sec. )

Armitage jumps down from the church tower. Ross looks at unconcious D'anclaud and jumps after her. She floats away. Ross gets her out of the water. She insults him and runs away. You see the city, bypassers walk over the dead musician's image.
( 122 Sec. )

Theatrical cut:
Armitage jumps. Ross looks after her and the camera moves backwards.
( 10 Sec. )

Part 2: Fesh & Stone

Armitage is sitting on a scyscraper that is in strucutal work and has a flashback of what happened before. Title fade-in: "Flesh & Stone". A woman is running terrifiedly through a tunnel. Shortly after, she is enchained and gets shot. Two workers find her body. There is a talk about the corpse, the Thirds and Armitage in the police headquarters.
( 249 Sec. )

Armitage listens to a message and moves on. Two men want to raid on her, but she overwhelms them. Ross contacts the headquarters by radio and then goes into a building asking a robot manufacturer about the Thirds.
( 387 Sec. )

Ross looks for computer data about the Thirds, but won't get them because he misses the password.
( 34 Sec. )

A policeman decrypts a message for Ross. Ross recieves the message which explains why the Thirds are female in the car.
( 159 Sec. )

Theatrical cut:
The talk with the young Third in the building is longer.
( 8 Sec. )

The talk with the young Third is longer until the elevator gets out of control.
( 37 Sec. )

D'anclaude's body is flowing on the water surface. He opens his eyes.
( 12 Sec. )

Part 3: Heart Core

Theatrical cut:
Ross is being treated in the hopsital. It is being decided to replace several of his body parts with mechanical ones. Later he talks to a policeman who brings him to the morgue to look at the singer's body. The policeman tells Ross she was pregnant.
( 95 Sec. )

In a TV news report, the bomb attacks are being reported about. A robot explodes in the airport. The explosion is heard as the title "Heart Core" is faded in.
( 121 Sec. )

You see the police headquarters. Two cops talk in the elevator about the bomb attacks.
( 31 Sec. )

Ross talks in the park to a man about the bomb attacks. As the man leaves him Ross notices he talks to the vice president of a robot company.
( 62 Sec. )

Ross is driving as he is being called via radio about the bomb thing.
( 26 Sec. )

Ross intrudes the vice president's room. He is just amusing himself with several naked female robots. Ross asks him about D'anclaude.
( 66 Sec. )

A terriefied half-naked woman in his room has to watch D'anclaude get an electrical shock. He catches fire.
( 6 Sec. )

As Ross wants to continue to interrogate the vice president, the eyes of a female robot glow. Ross jumps out of the window and the building explodes.
( 13 Sec. )

Ross stands up. He notices the burning building. Then he recieves a call from ARmitage, who asks him for help.
( 33 Sec. )

Ross logs into a program with Armitage. In the cyberspace, he meets young Julian and finds out the data of the Thirds live on.
( 166 Sec. )

You see the building alight from outside.
( 8 Sec. )

Part 4: Bit of Love

Theatrical cut:
Armitage grabs D'anclaude's neck. She logs into his program and turns him off.
( 32 Sec. )

Ross drives away, Armitage is unconcious with him. Behind them, the building is on fire. You see the real D'anclaude dying, impaled by a pipe, and Ross bringing out unconcious Armitage in a flashback. The head of the D'anclaude robot is hanging on the ceiling. Armitage throws a stick between the eyes and it explodes. Then the title is being faded-in: "Bit of Love".
( 66 Sec. )

Finale in the Theatrical cut:
The camera moves over the desert. You see the remains of the battle. The camera follows the footprints in the sand. Ross is holding Armitage's collapsed body in his arms. He looks at the city and talks to her, she hugs him. The two want to stay together and Armitage tells him they were three soon. The camera moves to the camera. The dead singer's image is lying on the ground and bypassers walk over it.
( 117 Sec. )

There is a news report about the beginning of the new mars age. Several months later: Ross meets Armitage at the airport. He is back on earth from a travel. As they go by car, he gives her an ID-card, in which she is registered as a human. She throws it away and tells him they were soon going to be three. Ross is happy. The camera moves back and we see the highway leading into the city from above.
( 152 Sec. )