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  • R-Rated
  • Uncut
Release: Jun 17, 2009 - Author: Jason - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored R-Rated version by MGM/UA and the uncensored BBFC18 version by New Dimension.

The R-Rated version of this postapocalyptic Santiago action flick is nothing but an edited fiasko. It misses few short violence and "erotic" details (which are marked with red font in the following report), probably to secure an R-rating, action scenes have been partially censored and lots of story has been removed. We assume that only MGM knows the reason for this because running time of less than 80 minutes (NTSC!) cannot be what they have been striving for. The usual 90 minutes would have been just fine, too.
Absolutely uncensored and ergo "Unrated" is the Brithish BBFC18 version. An official Unrated version has not been released in the US yet.

Time specifications of the edited scenes refer to the R-Rated version.
Any other time differences are due to the different speeds of PAL and NTSC, the logos and Copyright notes of the US publisher, respectively, and the rounding of some cuts to half or full seconds.

Running time of the R-Rated VHS: 1:18:07 min. (1:16:06 min. w/o end credits)
Running time of the BBFC18 VHS: 1:24:06 min. (1:22:21 min. w/o end credits)

25 edited scenes = 9 min. 29,5 sec. (PAL)

The R-Rated version starts with the publisher logos whereas the BBFC18 version puts us directly into the movie.
Hence the R-Rated is longer at this point.
15 sec.

After the first conflict:

Lawton looks at the fleeing opponents who also hold Slade captive (several shots). The drive of the commando to its headquarters is also longer. The following scene starts earlier. The surveillance guard spots the approaching convoy and asks over radio if they have the oil. After receiving a negative answer the guard puts the radio dawn and curses.
32 sec.

Slade's escape

After Slade shifted he accelerates and jumps his car over a ravine in a beautifully shot sequence.
In the US version the scene in which Slade's car drives off appears before the shot of the pursuers aborting the chase and stopping their cars. The uncut version shows this scene afterwards.
4 sec.

Slade looks back and continues driving.
3,5 sec.

The men realise they've lost Slade. Cut to the fortress of the "Ownership". Lawton mobilizes his men and orders new armament to follow Slade who fled towards the "Mercenaries". Lawton's men start preparing hectically.
17,5 sec.

After the rocket deal:

The chase of Karen is longer in the uncut version. Alamo, Deke and the rest of the first run in the wrong direction until Deke spots her again and everybody chanegs direction.
18,5 sec.

Karen treats Slade / In Dixon's Camp:

Karen prepares hot water while Dixon, who still sits at Slade's bed, asks her if she recognizes the tattoo on his chest it belongs to a unit he used to serve in himself. Another man enters the room and informs Dixon about Fletcher standing outside their gates, wanting to talk. Dixon leaves the room with the guy. In the following shot we see Karen a little earlier, siting next to Slade's bed.
52 sec.

Slade lies in bed, then slowly gets up and looks around.
23 sec.

The "ambassador of peace" meets the "Ownership":

After Lawton torched the "ambassador of peace" with a flame thrower he runs around burning and screaming in an additional shot.
2 sec.

Attack of the "Ownership" at Dixon's Camp:

Longer shot of Dixon's people taking position. The shot of the "Ownership" convoy arriving at the premises starts earlier.
12 sec.

Dixon and his men start heading out in an additional sequence.
20 sec.

A long part of the chase is missing, both parties are rapidly firing at each other.
77 sec.

The scene starts earlier, the guy in the bib overall and Dixon, respectively, order the people to take cover.
10 sec.

Longer shot of the "Ownership" soldiers walking up the wall. Dixon reloads his gun. The soldiers shoot one of Dixon's men in a distant shot (not bloody).
10 sec.

Deke takes command:

A shot of Karen watching the scenery; the men tie Alamo to a rock while he protests. Slade approaches the place of action in his car. The men keep tying Alamo up. Deke explains to him that they're not gonna kill him but instead let him watch the sunset. Then they leave tied-up Alamo.
41 sec.

Alamo screams in torment as he gets burned by a flamethrower.
6 sec.

Slade frees Karen:

Deke says that their old friend Dina would be happy to see them. But that's not the case because Dina has them at gunpoint and threatens the men that she doesn't wanna have them around. Deke approaches her unimpressed, disarms her and says that they have nowhere else to go. So the old lady lets them in against her will.
29 sec.

Deke's buddy shakes his head and focuses on his beer can again.
2,5 sec.

Dina's head hits one of the chair's legs. She passes out..
1,5 sec.

Slade grabs Karen's breast a little longer and pulls the suspenders of her top aside before she mounts him.
21 sec.

Slade on his way to the "Ownership" fortress:

Here a big part of the movie is missing: a few "Ownership" soldiers torture two "Mountain People" who hang on a rock face. First they use spears, then they perform some aiming exercise with their guns. Slade, who just filled his gas tank, hears gunfire and takes off.

While the soldiers continue the exercise Slade arrives and lines up with them in a cool manner. As they run out aof ammunition Slade takes the spear and takes out all the soldiers. One of the "Mountain People" even tries to help Slade. The rest of the soldiers flees eventually and Slade frees the "Mountain People" who thank him and then take off, too.

This scene also explains wha the "Mountain People" support the rebels in the finale. In the US version the motivation of the before rather stubborn folk is not evident..
112 sec.


Slade runs out of ammunition while more "Ownership" soldiers arrive. Slade fights them with his bare hands and feet.
Outside the fortress the rebels start gain the upper hand. Karen and the others move forward with the jeep convoy. Fletcher and his men do the same.
38 sec.

Lawton turns around and fires at Karen who takes some bloody hits in her abdomen.
3 sec.

Fletcher and his men enter several areas of the fortress and shoot some "Ownership" soldiers.
21 sec.

Lawton's other hand picks up the "Equalizer 2000" off the floor (?). Change of scene: Outside the fortress "Ownership" soldiers flee from the "Mountain People". Several positions fire.
8 sec.

The "Mountain People" overrun the rest of the "Ownership" soldiers.
5 sec.


At the end of the credits the US version shows a Copyright warning by Concorde. Due to this the US version is a little longer at that mark.
11 sec.