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Girl Slaves Of Morgana Le Fay

original title: Morgane et ses nymphes


  • UK DVD
  • US DVD
Release: May 07, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut UK DVD by Pagan and the uncut US DVD by Mondo Macabro.

Girl Slaves Of Morgana Le Fay was first released by the UK label Pagan. As it turned out, this version was both cut and of mediocre quality. There was a rerelease by Hanzibar Films, which should be identical to that by Pagan, the same goes for (probably unlicensed) release by Luminous. In the meantime, Mondo Macabro USA has released the movie in a Special Edition with excellent audio and video quality, uncut and including some bonus material.

Running times:

Pagan: 78:30 min (PAL)
Mondo Macabro: 85:50 min (NTSC)

The MM DVD is 4:17 min longer. The Pagan DVD offers 6 sec of alternative material, 4 sec of which are taken from already used scenes.

Before the opening credits, a scene with a girl can be seen standing in front of some kind of tribunal and being banned from the manor by Gurth because of unchaste thoughts. When she leaves, she is screaming that that wasn't a real world anyway.

1:20 min


After Gurth tells the girl in the green top to join the other two, the shot of the three girls making out is missing.

36 sec


Francoise walks down the steps longer and reaches the other waterside.

17 sec


After Morgana has left, one of the female slaves can be seen masturbating.

38 sec


Alternative scene:

When Anna says "'s what I've always wanted.", the MM DVD cuts to two slaves.

The Pagan shows Anna longer instead.

No difference in time. (2 sec each)


Alternative scene:

While Morgana is saying "She is still your friend", the MM DVD cuts to the two slaves again. A third one enters with a vine mug and two glasses.

The Pagan DVD shows Gurth instead (which can also be seen at ~[00:55:20]).

MM: 7 sec
Pagan: 2 sec


After the three slaves drank the wine, there is a cut to Gurth (The same that was just mentioned), then to the slaves having intercourse.

20 sec


After the dance, the three slaves can be seen doing it again.

17 sec


During the love making between Anna and the slave in the green top, there is a cut to the three slaves.

11 sec


Alternative scene:

During the dancing, there is a cut to the three slaves once more.

The Pagan release shows Gurth instead (in a scene from ~[00:16:00]).

MM-DVD: 21 sec
Pagan: 2 sec


Another cut to the three slaves.

4 sec


After Anna went to sleep, the girl in the green gown can be seen longer in the bed.

6 sec