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Release: Nov 14, 2015 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Gotham is a prequel and shows what happened in Gotham before Bruce Wayne became Batman. The ratings of the first season were alright. For that reason, the second season currently airs in the US.

Before the second season went on air, the first one was released on Blu-ray and DVD and it contains a nice bonus for fans: an Extended Version of the pilot. It is nice to have even though there is not an additional value. Mostly, the additional footage are slightly extended scenes, probably cut for pace reasons. Some of the shots are only 1 or 2 frames longer and in order to keep it simple, those will be not be listed completely. Any significant alteration will be listed though.

Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version, both available on the DVD by 20th Century Fox.

There are 21 differences:
20 additional scenes/shots in the Extended Version
1 scene with alternate/extended footage

The Extended Version is 40.91 seconds longer than the TV Version.
4:16 Minutes
Additional shot of the criminal with the hostage.
1.54 sec

4:34 Minutes
Gordon takes a few pills in his hand. The following distance shot starts earlier.
2.09 sec

8:31 Minutes
Extended shot of young Bruce Wayne.
1.42 sec

12:04 Minutes / 11:56 Minutes
Gordon keeps listening to the arguement, then he turns around. As compensation, the following shot of Gordon starts earlier in the TV Version.
3.55 sec / 0.33 sec

Extended VersionTV Version

12:39 Minutes
Gordon: "Yeah. No."
0.92 sec

14:59 Minutes
Gordon and Bullock are getting out of the car.
9.27 sec

16:26 Minutes
Fish Mooney earlier.
0.58 sec

17:12 Minutes
Fish: "I don't mind it all, Harvey."
1.63 sec

24:21 Minutes
Additional frames when Gordon gets his hand bandaged.
0.4 sec

24:22 Minutes
The shot of Gordon starts earlier.
0.38 sec

24:28 Minutes
Extended shot of Gordon watching forensics do their job.
0.21 sec

27:55 Minutes
Montoya: "Yeah. James Gordon, huh?"
Barbara nods.
5 sec

31:59 Minutes
Cobblepot longer.
0.42 sec

32:04 Minutes
Cobblepot: "Regarding. What should I say?"
Gordon: "Mario Pepper."
Cobblepot: "Mario...?"
6.06 sec

32:15 Minutes
Cobblepot: "None of my business."
1.79 sec

47:11 Minutes
Additional distance shot.
1.63 sec

47:36 Minutes
Gordon earlier.
2.09 sec

47:47 Minutes
Same here.
0.38 sec

47:51 Minutes
Bruce longer.
0.42 sec

48:09 Minutes
Bruce picks up the badge.
0.42 sec

48:53 Minutes
The fisherman longer.
1.04 sec