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original title: Jin líng shí san chai


  • European Version
  • HK Version
Release: Jul 23, 2013 - Author: Buster - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
In the year 1937, Japanese troops occupy the Chinese provence of Nanjing. The fate of a parish in that provence also lies in the hands of a handful of Chinese soldier and the unvoluntary hero John Miller. He goes there as the mortician of the town's last catholic priest and becomes the guard of the local church choir's school girls and 13 prostitutes. When the pupils are sent to audition in front of the Japanese military, the challenge grows larger...

As the German and British DVDs are basically indentical, it could be presumed that this is an official international version of the movie. However, both versions exclusively miss action scenes and bits of violence, unlike most other official international versions of Asian movies, which cut plot scenes. Therefore, it may be better to simply denote this version as censored. Among others, the Hong Kong DVDs and the ones from Taiwan are uncut.

For this report, the German DVD was compared with the Hong Kong version.

German: 142:13 Min. PAL including credits
HK DVD: 145:57 Min. NTSC including credits

Six cuts were made, totalling at 3 minutes and 46 seconds.
Additional Shot on the German DVD:
The German DVD shows the intro logo by Filmnation.

20 sec.

Extended shot in the Chinese version:
A Japanese soldier tries to stop a fleeing little girl. Doing so, he takes away her suitcase which she desperately tries to protect. The soldier is being shot through the suitcase into the neck by a Chinese sniper. The suitcase hitting the Japanese in the face and some more blood spilling out of the neckwound is missing.

2 sec.

Extended shot in the Chinese version:
Chinese soldiers are longer exposed to the Japanese barrage.

2 sec.

Extended shot in the Chinese version:
The Chinese army's line of defense only holds for a short time. The Japanese are using tanks to guard their infantry and move along. A longer scene follows:

2 min. and 36 sec. in total

Hit bloodily, a Chinese soldier goes down.

The Japanese army's advance continues. Some Chinese soldiers entrench themselves on a roof...

...where they start shooting at the Japanese.

The Japanese fire back, killing a Chinese soldier.

The soldiers of the Chinese army keep fighting and answer with hand grenades. One of those is being thrown back by a Japanese.

The Japanese now start using hand grenades, as well. One of them kills a Chinese soldier, the explosion's power flings him off the roof.

Bravely, and seeking revenge, his comrade jumps off the roof onto the street. While still in the air, he is being hit by bullets of the Japanese army and drops onto a tank. Before he dies, he manages to ignite his explosive charge with his last strength. It explodes and stops the Japanese tank.

Another Japanese tank appears. The Chinese defense stakes everything on one card. Hand genades are being tied together and stored in burlap bags. A girl's voiceover is used to comment on the situation.

Girl: "The Chinese army didn't have adequate weapons to destroy the enemy's tanks, so they employed a tactic from ancient warfare. They formed a human shield to get a bomb close to the tanks. At the time, the Chinese people couldn't bear the thought of losing their country, and such selfless acts were not uncommon."

Extended shot in the Chinese version:
The Chinese carry out their audacious plan. Lining up, they storm the Japanese Tank. The German DVD is missing how one after another is being shot down (accompanied by sad music) to allow the last comrade getting close enough to throw the grenade onto the tank before he is being hit fatally.

39 sec.

Extended shot in the Chinese version:
A couple of Japanese soldier are shown longer as they escape. A Chinese is being sweeped off his feet and somersaults multiple times.

3 sec.

Extended shot in the Chinese version:
A Chinese soldier, looking bewildered, is shown.

2 sec.

Extended shot in the Chinese version:
A longer scene starts off with a pan across the recently killed. Japanes tanks arrive.

1 min. and 18 sec. in total

A Chinese sniper steps up front. He discovers a telegraph pole and decides to shoot the mountings. A machine gun turret creates distraction.

The Japanese keep marching on, guns blazing. A Chinese gets killed. Our sniper continues his work and the telegraph pole is now only being held by a rope.

Two young Chinese are getting shot. In the meantime, the sniper manages to shoot the last rope. The pole falls down onto the tank situated below. The main gun's barrel is bent over and the shot literally backfires.

The tank gets out of control. The Chinese barely manage to flee before the vehicle runs into the building and makes it collapse in on itself.

Additional shot on the German DVD:
The ending credits are a bit longer in the German version.

36 sec.

Chinese versionGerman DVD