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Harvester: A Strange and Twisted World


Censored Version
Rating: BBFC 18
Region: UK

Rating: ESRB Mature, 17+

Release: Sep 29, 2011 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Tony Montana
The Game:
Harvester: A Strange and Twisted World is a controversial point-and-click adventure released by Merit Studios in 1996, written and directed by Gilbert P. Austin. Although it became a flop, it was being worshipped for Austin's bizarre humor and all these unique and interesting characters.

The Plot:
You're playing a character named Steve. He wakes up in a city called Harvest in 1953 but he suffers amnesia. He learns pretty fast that all residents are quite eccentric. During the attempt to get his memory back, he finds a huge building downtown: the lodge. There he meets the Sergeant at Arms who tells him that he could find any answer he was looking for in the inside of the building. But he has to do some things for the Sergeant at Arms before he may enter. Those things ranges from vandalism to arson.

The Gameplay:
Harvester is a point-and-click adventure. Via overhead map, the player has the opportunity to go to several spots in Harvest. To make progress, he needs to talk to several people, collect items and do the most lunatic things with them. The game is quite interesting in the beginning although many riddles don't make much sense. Unfortunately, the last third of the game is just about fighting from one room to the next one. The game also contains a fighting system which is quite rare in that genre. The player is capable of attacking and killing other characters or enemies with his fists or very obscure weaponry. Accordingly, the player has limited health and can die. The graphics consists of 3D rendered backgrounds with digitalized characters played by real actors.

Harvester contains different scenes of violence and gore, intercourse, masturbation, S&M, cannibalism, prostitution, pedophilia, sexual diseases, stereotype homosexuals up to the destruction of the city by a nuclear attack. Though the IMDB lists more censorings for the UK Version, the UK Version actually just lacks the 2 cutscenes with the zombie kids eating their mom. As to the rest, the UK Version equals the US Version. And if I may say so: the "baby's eyes ooze out" scene is close to crossing the line.

compared are the censored UK Version and the uncensored US PC Version.
The Lodge:
Being inside the lodge, one needs to fight the weirdest enemies. In one room, zombie kids are eating their mom. This is also in the UK Version, including the dialogs. "Only" the corresponding cutscenes have been removed.
US Version 1. Cutscene

A short dialog with her mom about her infinite mother's love to her kids.

US Version 2. Cutscene