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City Hunter

original title: Sing Si Lip Jan


  • Regular Version
  • Chinese Extended Version
Release: Jul 15, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Regular Version (German Blu-ray by Splendid) and the Chinese Extended Version (Chinese TV on Star TV)

- 13 additional scenes
- Length difference: 102.8 sec (= 1:43 min) [in PAL, alternate opening credits excluded]

A few minor jump cuts in the Chinese Extended Version with a length of less than 0.5 sec each have not been listed in the following comparison.

Regular visitors of our website are probably familiar with the numerous comparisons for Jackie Chan flicks. There is probably nobody else in the business with more comparisons aka with such a huge filmography and so many different versions of his movies. Often cut for international distribution, most of the movies have been released uncut in the meantime. Particularly interesting always have been and always will be the Asian Extended and/or Alternate Versions. Some of these are probably too specific or a different version was simply not to be expected - as happened on 12/24/2014 when the Japanese Blu-ray of Armour of God II - Operation Condor was released (comparison).

Something similar happened with the weird screen adaption of City Hunter (1992). At the very least the Chinese network Star TV got a certain Extended Version of the movie which contains several additional moments - exclusively in the first 10 minutes of the movie though. Jackie's dream sequence is way longer resp. there is more comedy now. Nothing outstanding but quite entertaining for fans. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the Chinese TV Version is in full screen plus it contains hardcoded Chinese and English subtitles. Last but not least, the alternate footage of the alarm clock is not new resp. the Japane Version contains the very same alternate footage. It should also be mentioned, that the language (Mandarin) and the acknowledgement to the "Taiwanese Police Aviation" that can be seen in the credits right at the beginning lead to the assumption that this could be the Taiwanese version of the film.

Time index refers to
Regular Version (Blu-ray) / Chinese Extended Version (in PAL)
Logos / Credits
00:00-01:28 / 00:00-01:30

The Chinese Extended Version starts with a Star TV logo, followed by the rating and finally a new opening with with red credits on black background.

Subsequent to numerous logos, the Regular Version (German Blu-ray) with the well-known manga opening.

Chinese Extended Version 5.6 sec longer

Regular VersionChinese Extended Version

02:16 / 02:16-02:18

When Jackie's partner gets shot, Jackie appears a little earlier from the side.

1.8 sec

03:03 / 03:03-03:09

Shot of Jackie and Carrie walking away before Carrie grows a pair when they are going down the stairs.

6.3 sec

03:47 / 03:51-03:53

Further shot of Jackie.
In the Regular Version, his voice-over is audible during the subsequent shot.

1.9 sec

03:56 / 04:02-04:07

Carrie longer in the car, she hangs up.

5.6 sec

04:13 / 04:24-04:27

Before Jackie submerges, the end/beginning of two shots is a little longer.

3 sec

04:28 / 04:41-04:50

Going back to the girls in Jackie's dream: Several shots of the posing girls and finally Jackie sleeping.

8.9 sec

04:28-04:36 / 04:50-04:58

Well-known alteration from the Japanese Version: The alarm clock Jackie fires off a shot at is a different one.

no difference

Regular VersionChinese Extended Version

04:44 / 05:06-05:17

Sleeping Jackie makes a few swimming moves and then he is dreaming about swimming across the water one more time.

11.6 sec

05:08 / 05:40-05:49

The woman in Jackie's dream is swimming in his direction longer, Jackie is eating grapes. Then Carrie for a moment, followed by Jackie who is actually sleeping.

8.5 sec

05:21 / 06:02-06:06

After Jackie insults Carrie in his dream, she attacks him longer.

4.4 sec

05:52 / 06:35-06:39

Before Carrie can't take it any longer, there is an additional shot of her. In order to get rid of her, Jackie mumbles half asleep that he would beat her up.

4.6 sec

05:59 / 06:46-07:24

Carrie's attempt at the apartment is longer: Via fast motion and comic-like sounds, Jackie whirls her around. Jackie is still asleep though and imagines all that as some kind of message and he would like it to get a little more rough.
Carrie fingers around in his face but that does not make a difference either so she yanks him around. This instantaneously leads to the scene with the car roof which is in the Regular Version as well.

37.6 sec

06:19 / 07:43-07:52

The shot in the conference room starts earlier: People are coming in.

8.6 sec

Regular Version longer
96:46-96:48 / 94:37-94:38

Right before the end credits start rolling, the last freeze frame of Jackie actually shows the drawing from the manga. For some reason, this is missing in the Chinese Extended Version. At least, the freeze frame is insignificantly longer.

Regular Version 0.7 sec longer

The end credits of the Chinese Extended Version are a little smaller and just slightly different in general. As a native speaker among our readers informed us, 中華民国内政部警政諸空中警察隊 (= Taiwanese Police Aviation) is mentioned here at the very beginning as an acknowledgement and vice versa, a few Japanese credits are missing (監製秘書:江原千登勢 resp. Happy Happy Gala Gala-作曲=composer: TSUGUTOSHI GORO = 後藤次利、編曲 arragnger YASUSHI AKIMOTO=秋元康). The outtakes in the background are identically equal though.

The Regular Version (German Blu-ray) contains additional logos.
Not considered as length difference.

Regular VersionChinese Extended Version