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  • UK Version
  • Uncut Version
Release: Mar 12, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut UK Version and the uncut Version, both included on the German DVD released by AVV.

- 4 cuts
- Difference in time: 55.2 sec

Minor framecuts with a runtime of under 0.5 seconds which are the result of a bad mastertape were ignored for this report.

After Ninja Force, this is yet another movie that the German label "AVV" put on DVD that includes the beloved men in funny suits that were especially popular during the 80s. Ninja Challenge is more or less exactly what this subgenre became popular for: a mediocre flick rushed out on the market, heavily copying scenes from other movies and putting them into a ridiculous plot that revolves around ninjas. The character "Silver Dragon" - nicknamed after the well-known alternative title - is an unintentionally hilarious part of the movie, after all, he adds great phone calls and his evil gaze to the movie, which very much reminds one of Godfrey Ho.

Within the German DVD's bonus material we can find the UK Version which again had to be trimmed down due to the scenes with the evil ninja weapons which would undoubtedly make kinds want to imitate the fights; additionally, the UK Version also misses out on the rape scene. There is no alternative footage within the UK Version, thus the inclusion of it on the German DVD set rather has documentary value. The US DVD also just includes a censored version.

There is a "Hidden Feature" on the DVD which includes the original movie The Trap (Cop Killer), from which most of the scenes were taken.

We happily thank for providing us with the German DVD!

Time designations are listed as follows:
UK Version [PAL] / Uncut Version [PAL]
Lets start the comparison with a comparison of the overall image section during the title screen which shows that the UK Version was heavily zoomed (which is especially visible on the lower edge.

UK VersionUncut Version

05:02 / 05:03-05:12

When Jerry wants to question one of the ninjas, another one produces a throwing star and kills his colleague.
Jerry looks pretty surprised and walks to the side.

8.3 sec

18:25 / 18:35-18:36

Unimportant but slightly longer framecut before the scene continues inside the police office.

0.7 sec

Alternative Scene
47:14-47:15 / 47:26-47:27

At this point the reel probably had to be changed, thus both versions miss out on a few frames: The UK Version misses out on the end scene of the ninjas walking around, while the (apart from this sequence) Uncut Version begins the following shot of the assembly slightly earlier.

No difference in time.

59:02 / 59:14-59:53

Mark rapes Jane a little longer. She tries but is unable to escape.

38.9 sec

59:03 / 59:54-59:56

After a long shot, two short sequences were cut out.

2 sec

84:12 / 85:05-85:11

During the same shot Jerry attacks his enemies with his sword several times. THe black Ninja is able to free himself with a kick and (ineffectively) throws a trhowing star.

6 sec