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Mark of the Witch


  • US DVD (Retromedia)
  • Uncut (R-Rated)
Release: Jul 25, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US DVD by Retromedia) and the uncut US Blu-ray by Code Red.

Student Jill gets possessed by the spirit of some witch who wants to have her revenge on the descendant of her executioner. Her boyfriend Alan loves sweaters and does not get it at first when she starts slaughtering innocent students, he and one of the professors come up with a bold plan to stop her.

Mark of the Witch is a rather trashy witch flick which has several lengths even though it does not run that long. Anitra Walsh as Jill is easy on the eyes which at least makes up a little for the rather dull acting.

Basically, there are two versions of Mark of the Witch: The GP Version and the uncut R-Rated Version. The former lacks a small nudity scene with Jill. In 2005, Retromedia released a DVD double feature with Mark of the Witch and Brides wore Blood. The DVD is obviously based on some theatrical print. But more importantly, the DVD only contains the GP Version hence the nudity scene is missing. Unfortunately, the theatrical print the DVD release is based on was in pretty bad condition. As a result, there are numerous jump cuts with a total length of more than 1 minute. The US Blu-ray by Code Red is uncut and the transfer is quite well. Focus, colors, contrast are top-notch. In other words, the Code Red Blu-ray is highly recommendable.


US DVD: 75:40 min
US Blu-ray: 77:42 min

Jump cut: Jill and the boy a little longer.

US Blu-ray: 2 sec


Jump cut: The boy longer, then Alan and Jill earlier in the car. Alan tells Jill not to worry about the spell not working.

US Blu-ray: 14 sec


The black screen is shorter on the US DVD.

In the R-Rated Version, Jill tears off her nightgown and lies down on the ground. The subsequent shot of the woman starts earlier as well.

US DVD: 2 sec
US Blu-ray: 21 sec


Jump cut: Mac longer & the drinks are being brought to the table earlier.

US Blu-ray: 6 sec


Recut fustercluck.

The US DVD here contains the scene with Alan and Jill in the car, followed by the drinks being served.

The R-Rated Version sticks with Mac instead.

US Blu-ray: 4 sec
US DVD: 6 sec


Jump cut: Jill longer with her victim.

US Blu-ray: 6 sec


Jump cut: Jill laughs longer, then Mac earlier.

US Blu-ray: 12 sec


Jump cut: Alan runs to Mac.

US Blu-ray: 4 sec


Jump cut: Mac writes longer.

US Blu-ray: 5 sec


Jump cut: Alan puts away the book.

US Blu-ray: 3 sec


Jump cut: The medics longer.

US Blu-ray: 4 sec


Jump cut: The body is being taken away.

US Blu-ray: 24 sec