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  • PG-13
  • German DVD (FSK 12)
Release: Aug 15, 2016 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Since the Sony leaks happened, it has become publicly known that even numerous of the studioís employees do not understand why the production company stuck to comedic actor Adam Sandler for so long. After agreeing to a multi picture deal, he now fronts Netflix productions but itís almost impossible to differentiate between the negative voices for the films and those who hold a disdain for the actor despite what he stars in. However, the Netflix algorithms seem to know exactly what the viewers want to see so thatís what they get. And apparently, a considerable number of them wants new Sandler stuff.

The comedy The Cobbler was released in 2014 and shows Sandler in a role in which heís at least not at his peak in terms of goofiness like in so many other films. Itís more of a comedy with slight fantasy elements that tries to cram too much story into its second half. It could have been a more fun ride with more odd situations but instead the result is an overly convoluted gangster conspiracy mix that is strangely graphic at times.

All the more interesting is the filmís censorship situation. In the US, it was released with a PG-13 rating and in Germany with the FSK 12 classification. It seemed that only the UK would fall out of line because the British ratings board BBFC wanted to slap it with a BBFC 15 rating. That was too high for distributor Entertainment One who then went on censoring the film in order to achieve the BBFC 12 instead. That resulted in the alteration of the blood color in a sequence as well as a violence cut. This version was shown both in Englandís cinemas as well as on the DVD and Blu-ray releases. During our research, we noticed that the gore cut was also present in the US release of The Cobbler, making it a rare occasion in which the censorship-happy German territory got the fully uncensored version.

Compared are the uncensored German Blu-ray (FSK 12) (by Ascot Elite) and the censored US DVD (PG-13) (by Image Entertainment)

2 scenes with alternate material = No time difference
Alternate Material
1:02:21: As Leon is seen with the high heel stuck in his throat, blood floats down his shirt. This doesnít happen in the US version at this point.
No time difference

PG-13FSK 12

Alternate Material
1:02:25: This scene follows shortly after in the US version. But thatís just a small consolation for US viewers since the German version shows something even more graphic. Here, we see a close-up of Leon who pulls the shoeís heel out of his throat. We can see the wound clearly as a lot of blood exits it. Leon looks shocked.
No time difference

PG-13FSK 12