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Burning Vengeance


  • R-Rated / US Version
  • German VHS / Original Version
Release: May 01, 2023 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

This relatively unknown action film has a few interesting aspects. One of them is the lead actor Robert Pentz, a friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who in certain camera shots looks strikingly similar to him not only in terms of muscles and sometimes served as a "stand-in" during filming when the star was in his comfortable trailer. In Burning Vengeance, Pentz played the role of Brock Genesis (is there a better name?), and he managed to deliver a decent performance with a few charming moments and rugged lines.

The German audience gets to see more in this film than one might expect - this is the second surprise. It has been claimed that the FSK 18 VHS version by Highlight Video is censored, but the opposite is true: we have always had the original long version of Burning Vengeance, while the US was served a heavily edited version. While some of the cuts may make sense, some of the dialogue moments that contain nice character development are lost as well. The violence is left untouched in both versions, but the film is not consistently brutal. It's somewhat surprising that the only pure directorial work by stunt expert Ronald C. Ross in this area doesn't impress that much, especially in the fight scenes where you might have expected more physicality. The comparable Action USA, which was also directed by a stuntman, is more convincing in that regard, but Brock Genesis wins in terms of charisma.

The German FSK 18 VHS (original version) (by Highlight Video) was compared to the R-rated VHS (US version) (by AIP).

84 cuts = 991.36 sec. or approximately 16 minutes 32 seconds.

0:00:51: The angler Ben looks surprised towards the camera and swings the branch through the picture.
2.72 sec.

0:00:57: He scribbles a sign in the sand and laughs insanely. In the meantime, you can see the moon and then Ben again. The US version only shows (and shorter) the moon.
20.28 sec.

0:01:50: A shot of observing Ben lasts longer in the DF.
4.16 sec.

0:04:21: Ben is still shocked by the murder he just witnessed and says to himself why people always have to be so mean to each other.
4.8 sec.

0:05:40: The DF offers more dialogue. Jason explains to David, the DEA man Bob was partially in the water, severe injuries to the head and chest, he was immediately dead.
3.48 sec.

0:07:56: In the DF, David enters the ambulance a little longer.
2.36 sec.

0:08:33: He stands up again and goes out.
4.16 sec.

0:09:45: David says about the renaming to Brock Genesis whether that is not romantic. But it's a new beginning.
2.64 sec.

0:10:16: David tells that Brock's body was almost halved by two rifle shots.
3.36 sec.

0:10:38: David insists on calling Brock.
3.4 sec.

0:10:57: According to David, Brock has always been a damn stubborn person and has done things on his own. Then David says goodbye to John, he's going to have a drink or two now.
23.56 sec.

0:11:53: The shot at Brock's bedside starts slightly earlier, in the following scene, the car drives up the driveway a little longer.
3.08 sec.

0:13:22: The shot in the restaurant starts earlier.
4.04 sec.

0:14:03: The doctor says that they want to look at Brock's upper body now. The nurse hands him the scissors.
5.6 sec.

0:15:33: The attacker still flees from the restaurant to a car, Jerry's partner storms out and shoots at the departing car, which then also comes to a stop. He approaches the driver's door.
18.12 sec.

0:15:55: David is seen at the desk, looking at a picture of the three Alder brothers. Then he puts his head on his hands.
9.92 sec.

0:17:38: John says he will call David.
0.52 sec.

0:17:55: David thanks John.
5.48 sec.

0:18:14: The doctor asks Brock if his new clothes serve their purpose.
3.24 sec.

0:20:17: David says that Bobby was killed by a headshot. He had a transmitter with him, but Bekrisí men already knew that Bobby was a drug agent. Meanwhile, Brock is seen crying more and more. He asks if David has any suspicions yet.
21.68 sec.

0:21:34: Brock lowers the receiver.
1.28 sec.

0:21:39: David sits thoughtfully for a moment.
2.96 sec.

0:23:24: The car ride takes longer.
4.04 sec.

0:23:32: More insignificant impressions of the car ride.
13.24 sec.

0:23:48: Even more. Brock is on his way to South Texas.
15.72 sec.

0:24:06: More impressions of the car ride, with only brief moments of the US shown. However, there is a lost moment here that DF offers when Brock passes by a gas station where someone is being shot at. Brock just shakes his head and drives on. America, right?
58.52 sec.

0:27:22: Brock walks through the alleyway.
27.04 sec.

0:28:05: He searches through the container for a longer time.
8.04 sec.

0:32:33: Again, much time saved in the US. How Brock searches an archive room and police computer, then walks through the hallway to Davidís office, is completely missing.
66.88 sec.

0:34:51: Brock looks around Davidís desk a little more.
5.32 sec.

0:37:43: Brock packs his bag and walks away from the crashed car.
7.72 sec.

0:38:27: He leaves the store a little earlier.
1.4 sec.

0:44:21: The woman swims into the picture earlier.
0.84 sec.

0:45:26: Bekris instructs his henchman to make another drink for the ladies.
8.84 sec.

0:46:02: Insignificant view of a marina.
3.8 sec.

0:46:16: The ladies cannot help Brock, he thanks them and then strolls around the harbor. He looks at the photos and the audience can admire his stylish sunglasses.
50.04 sec.

0:50:53: Brock walks a little longer along the pier.
1.16 sec.

0:51:04: He also opens the door of the shop.
3.52 sec.

0:51:40: The salesman raves about his cigar tobacco some more.
3.68 sec.

0:51:49: Brock pays $10.50 for the contact and gets directions to the Orange building, then leaves the store. Then longer still as he sits behind the wheel.
34.8 sec.

0:58:03: David tells John that he hopes for success. They could deal Bekris a hard blow with it. Interesting in the following shot of the PC screen is that the E.P.I.C. lettering slowly builds up in DF, but accelerates in US to save time.
12.96 sec.

1:00:18: Stevo says goodbye to Brock again.
5.6 sec.

1:01:00: More staring at weapons.
5.72 sec.

1:01:32: The view of Brock on the phone is longer.
2.12 sec.

1:01:50: More phone calls again.
2.68 sec.

1:02:30: He gets the bill again, and thereís a longer follow-up shot of the sign.
4.6 sec.

1:03:40: Brock gets into his car again.
4.2 sec.

1:06:20: Bekris' henchman stops again, turns around, and then continues walking.
9.36 sec.

1:0:35: The henchman walks a little earlier towards the boat.
2.6 sec.

1:07:51: Brock approaches a hut and sneaks through the woods for a longer period of time.
24.92 sec.

1:10:23: The boat travels a little longer across the river.
3.12 sec.

1:10:43: Brock lowers his weapon.
2.4 sec.

1:10:56: One of the gangsters curses Brock as he walks away, saying that his favorite vessels were destroyed along with the exploded hut. Then the scene changes to David and John in the office. A dialogue is missing in which David wonders why the two criminals were killed in prison. John informs him that they died from an insulin overdose.
31.32 sec.

1:11:58: John asks David if Brock could be behind their deaths, but David denies it, saying that Brock is not healthy enough yet and it would be suicide. Then follows a provocatively slow scene in which Brock parks his car on a dark street and sneaks towards an abandoned warehouse.
78.76 sec.

1:15:02: Brock shows the tied-up gangsters that they have no escape and shoots several holes in the boat with his shotgun.
29.36 sec.

1:19:14: Bert is seen working out a little longer.
7.2 sec.

1:20:26: Brock fiddles with the bag slightly.
0.84 sec.

1:20:39: The restrained Johnny still looks rather unhappy.
3.24 sec.

1:21:26: Brock is working at the table for a little longer.
5.12 sec.

1:22:37: Brock leaves his inhospitably labeled house and gets into the car. He tries various numbers at a payphone. The first one is answered by an angry woman who thinks her partner is calling. Brock tries the second number, which seems to be some sort of erotic establishment, which Brock politely declines.
59.88 sec.

1:24:25: One of the policemen reports on the radio that Brock is finished with the phone call.
5.04 sec.

1:25:24: The policemen are shown a little longer, then the drug loading is shown a little earlier.
4.16 sec.

1:26:15: Bert says he also feels like having a cold beer.
2.32 sec.

1:26:28: Brock looks ahead a little longer.
5.8 sec.

1:27:26: Brock lists the drugs he has on offer, along with 100,000 dollars in cash.
9.48 sec.

1:29:01: Joe orders his henchman to gather all the boys, they will take care of Dave (aka Brock).
11.76 sec.

1:29:26: David sarcastically remarks on his colleague's description of Brock, saying he looks like a surfer and asking if he had a surfboard under his arm.
4.04 sec.

1:29:52: John jests that it was nice of Brock to leave the police officers their credit cards.
3.28 sec.

1:30:16: Bekris blames his men for the situation, starting with Javier and his two unreliable friends.
26.68 sec.

1:31:56: Bekris assures Javier that the situation with Brock will soon be over. Then there is a shortened view of Brock's estate.
22.72 sec.

1:33:00: Joe calls Brock a miserable son of a bitch. He knows he's there.
4.6 sec.

1:35:55: A gangster walks past his lawnmower-killed colleague, while another goes to a dead comrade outside.
3.16 sec.

1:36:41: A little more weapon handling.
1.4 sec.

1:39:11: A bit more POV view of the agricultural vehicle with the mounted rifle.
2.76 sec.

1:41:05: Brock still climbs up the pier.
5.04 sec.

1:41:49: The boat is shown a little longer.
1.96 sec.

1:42:16: Bekris and Javier look ahead a bit longer.
2.44 sec.

1:43:21: David emphasizes again what a big fish Brock has caught (referring to Bekris).
13.6 sec.

1:44:04: David says they are following a hot lead in the investigation and expresses his sympathy to Brock for the loss of his family and brothers.
17.32 sec.