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Release: Sep 14, 2011 - Author: LordAnubis - Translator: Roughale
"Blackthorne" by Blizzard Entertainment has been released by Interplay in 1994. The game requires the player to lead his hero skillfully through several levels, before the hero has to dethrone a demon at the end.
In Europe, the game has been released on diskettes for the PC as well as for the Super Nintendo console (SNES). The US version is identical to the European version.

The Japanese version of the SNES version contains the same censorship as the European/US release, but additionally, all blood has been removed and it is not possible to shoot captives.

There is also a Sega 32X version in the US, which is almost uncensored, with the exception of the blood stain on the company logo.

The Game Boy Advance Version is identical to the SNES Version.

The comparison was made with the uncensored PC Version and the SNES Version.
Left: Uncensored, Right: Censored

Censored Company Logo
During the intro, the blood stain has been removed from the company logo.

Blood During the Shootings of Captives
It is possible to shoot captives. In the uncensored version, blood sticks to the walls, the censored SNES version only has short splatters in green and nothing sticks to the walls.
The SNES version appears to be darker than the PC version.

Removed Blood on Opponents
The killing of opponents, in this case Goblins, has been censored.
While the opponents bleed in the uncensored version, there is nothing in the censored version.
(Side note: There are also versions with green blood.)

Censored Game-Over-Screen
When the hero dies, a Game-Over-Screen will be displayed, showing a red puddle of blood. The censored version shows no blood.