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Battlestar Galactica

2.10 Pegasus


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Apr 23, 2011 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the Exteneded Version. The TV Version is taken from the RC1 Season 2.0 box, the Extended from the Australian RC4 box, both by Universal. The key episode of the second season had to be cut in order to fit into the usual TV schedule. This means that almost one hour of footage had to be cut down to 42 minutes. Except for one censorship cut, the alterations are not really grave, however, the long version feels more complete and more pleasant to watch. The fact that some pieces of dialog and plot are missing is noticeable and the influence the Pegasus has on the Galactica is also more present.

The Extended Cut is about 775 sec longer than the TV Version

00:00 min

The Universal logo is missing in the RC4.

Duration: RC1 21 sec longer.

01:09 min - 02:37 min

The RC1 is lacking the scene in which Starbuck proposes a plan to Commander Adama and President Roslin to get the survivors from the Caprica. However, the plan is rejected because the fleet would have to do 241 jumps which would not be precise enough to do in such a short time, making it impossible to find the Caprica. Then the alarm starts and the group dissolves.

The RC1 features some different shots of the Galactica, the discovery of the object and of Lt. Gaeta setting off the alarm.

Duration: RC4 78 sec longer.

02:53 min - 03:00 min

Adama and Roslin leave the briefing room.

Duration: RC4 7 sec longer.

07:15 min - 07:42 min

Adama, Roslin and Tigh go to the hangar in order to welcome the crew of the Pegasus. Roslin wants to know who that Admiral Cain was, Adama enthuses about her.

Duration: RC4 27 sec longer.

09:26 min - 09:35 min

Cain tells Tigh to give the “at ease” order, the people present obey.

Duration: RC4 9 sec longer.

09:48 min - 10:05 min

Admiral Cain greets Dr. Baltar.

Duration: RC4 17 sec longer.

10:41 min - 10:46 min

Adama excuses himself for the spontaneous cheering, but Cain says it was good to see him.

Duration: RC4 5 sec longer.

11:00 min - 11:16 min

Adama, Roslin and Cain have a drink to the twelve colonies.

Duration: RC4 16 sec longer.

12:05 min - 12:06 min

The shot of Tigh is a bit longer when he offers the XO of the Pegasus the liquor. His face cannot be seen in the RC1.

Duration: RC4 1 sec longer.

12:30 min - 12:39 min

The XO says he was sorry for insulting the Galactica, only Tigh was allowed to do so. He angrily answers "You're goddamn right!"

Duration: RC4 9 sec longer.

13:30 min - 13:57 min

Cain says that the explosion had blinded the Cylon radar so they did not notice that the Pegasus was still in one piece but heavily damaged.

Duration: RC4 27 sec longer.

14:31 min - 15:00 min

Roslin asks how the Pegasus managed not to get their computer infiltrated. Cain answers that the system had been offline in order to prepare maintenance. The Pegasus had always been a lucky ship. They drink to the "lucky ships".

Duration: RC4 29 sec longer.

17:21 min - 17:28 min

After the XO said that the old XO had disobeyd orders, Tigh says "No freaking way!". The scene in which Adama is talking about the Cylon prisoners can be seen from a different shot.

Duration: RC4 4 sec longer.



17:46 min - 17:52 min

Cain says that they were very happy to have Dr. Baltar on board.

Duration: RC4 6 sec longer.

18:26 min - 18:44 min

The shot of the laughing XO starts earlier and is longer, he then asks Tigh to give him more liquor.

New scene. Cain wants to have an appointment with Dr. Baltar as soon as possible.

Duration: RC4 18 sec longer.

20:34 min - 21:56 min

Baltar and Cain look at Boomer in her cell. Cain says that she could never understand how the Cylon could look so human. Baltar mentions the handyness of Boomer for getting information. He says that violence would be contraproductive. Boomer starts to talk and Baltar says that they would treat the model like a human in order to make it cooperate.

Duration: RC4 82 sec longer.

22:25 min - 26:05 min

Cain says that they did not get any information from their prisoner and that Baltar should try it. His Cylon memory in form of No. 6 asks him whether he felt attracted by this strong woman.

New scenel: Adama controls his log entries and is worried about it. Tigh tells him that Cain had her XO shot, Adama answers that she had shot down a civil transport with 1000 people on board. Tigh answers that that was not certain. Adama hopes that Cain would read the logs and heed the context of his actions. He obviously is afraid of the consequences. Tigh would like to read Cain's logs. (no pictures because this can be seen later in the RC1)

New scene: Replacements parts from the Pegasus arrive in the hangar for Chief Tyrol and Cally.

New scene: Cds with data, upgrades an patches arrive from the Pegasus. Lt. Gaeta asks whether they also had some porn on them.

New scene: Roslin complains that only the Galactica and not the civil fleet received new supplies. Adama says that he would look into it, especially because Roslin's calls to the Pegasus were not answered. She then asks how he coped with the situation and he answers that she just had the higher rank. (no pictures, because this can be seen in the RC1 later)

New scene: Chief Tyrol and Cally control the spare parts.

Duration: RC4 220 sec longer.

26:19 min - 26:23 min

The deck chied of the Pegasus welcomes Cally.

Duration: RC4 4 sec longer.

26:55 min - 27:06 min

Tyrol allows the deck chief to examine the Stealth Viper. He is proud that somebody is interested in his ship.

The RC1 features the chat about the supplies between Adama and Roslin and the Adama's and Tigh's chat about the log entries.

Duration: RC1 104 sec longer.

28:43 min - 28:45 min

The RC4 shows two seconds of black screen here.

Duration: RC4 2 sec longer.

31:21 min - 32:24 min

Baltar explains Cain longer how he managed to get Boomer to cooperate. Cain is strictly against it because she had killed 800 crew members. Baltar answers that it had not been her personally but the Centurions she let on board. Cain then questions his competence, Balter states that his job was not the extermination but the research of the Cylons, although the universe surely was better off without them.

Duration: RC4 63 sec longer.

33:07 min - 34:33 min

The XO signs Baltar to follow him. The latter makes a remark about the pretty ship.

New scene. Adama has a look at Cain's collection of ancient weapons. She apologizes for not having any chairs, but it was better for the back and officer meetings were over faster like that. She shows off her ship a little (double the size, half the crew), causing Adama to state that the Galactica was some kind of relict. Cain says it was a classic and that she liked classics. The discussion of the log entries that follows can be seen in different shots.

Duration: RC4 71 sec longer.

38:27 min - 40:12 min

Apollo and Starbuck look quite shocked about their transferral to the Pegasus. Adama says that they should look after themselves because the Pegasus crew was after them. Apollo says that they were after everyone. They part silently.

The RC1 only features a different shot in which Adama dismisses them.

New scene: Tyrol is angry because the Pegasus people are supposed to take over his hangar. The deck chief says that it was him and he felt sorry for it.

New scene: Alternative shot of the Pegasus.

Duration: RC4 100 sec longer.



40:43 min - 41:06 min

Several shots of Starbuck during the briefing were lengthened a bit in order to emphasize her disapproval of the plan. Then we see a short sequence in which the officer threatens her with the Brig.

Duration: RC4 15 sec longer.

41:31 min - 41:42 min

The end of the briefing was recut and is longer in the RC4, where everyone except Starbuck stands up politely and leaves. The RC1 simply cuts to the next scene.

Duration: RC4 9 sec longer.



42:45 min - 42:59 min

Helo tells the Pegasus show-offs to stop the stupid jokes about Boomer. The guys apologizes.

Duration: RC4 14 sec longer.

44:40 min - 44:44 min

An obvious TV censorship. The shackled Boomer is writhing longer and screams. Lt. Thoral, the Cylon torture officer, pulls down her pants because he wants to rape her, her naked bum can be seen. (continuity goof: 5 seconds later she has her pants on again)

Duration: RC4 4 sec longer.

44:53 min - 44:55 min

Additional shot of the screaming Boomer.

Duration: RC4 2 sec longer.

45:01 min - 45:07 min

Alternative shots of Tyrol and Helo coming to help Boomer and start the fight.

Duration: no difference in time.



47:12 min - 47:50 min

Baltar enters the cell of No. 6 with a plate of food. He tells the guard to remove the shackles.

Duration: RC4 38 sec longer.

51:32 min - 51:38 min

The officer tells Apollo to check the jump coordinates, but he does not seem to hear him.

Duration: RC4 6 sec longer.

52:21 min - 52:28 min

Cally stops Adama to ask for Chief Tyrol.

Duration: RC4 7 sec longer.

55:05 min - 55:15 min

Cain orders to aim at the Galactica's main battery and silently prays for her crew.

Duration: RC4 10 sec longer.

The Extended Version is about 775 sec (13 minutes) longer than the TV Version.