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  • BBFC 12 / UK Theatrical Version
  • German DVD
Release: Apr 11, 2012 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Jam3s - external link: IMDB
Despite the fact that it did not require very much from an actor his role as the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga turned Robert Pattinson into a superstar overnight.
The drama Remember Me also starring Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan shows that Pattinson has more potential.

The US version of this romantic drama received "PG-13" from the MPAA, in Germany the movie was rated "FSK 12 ".
Originally the British version were supposed to be rated "15 years and over". The BBFC made this judgement after evaluating an unfinished edition, which were submitted during the post-production:

The BBFC advised the company that the film was likely to receive a '15' classification but that the requested '12A' certificate could be achieved by making cuts in two sequences. The company were asked to remove a strong verbal sex reference (to being 'sodomised') and to reduce a scene of strong violence in which the hero continues to beat a man who has already been knocked to the ground.

After the removal of these two scenes by the English distributor the movie received the "12A" rating and were allowed to be shown at the cinema. Afterwards the DVD/BD also received the same rating which leads to the conclusion that the movie was edited in a similar way.

In this case the sentence "I think I'd rather be sodomised with a toothbrush, than that." remains on the "12A" DVD version. The only change is a really short cut in a scene where the main character "continues to beat a man who has already been knocked to the ground." The difference is quite insignificant.

It remained unclear whether the DVD is identical with the theatrical version.

Compared were the cut BBFC "12A" version released by E1 Entertainment and the uncut FSK 12 release by Concorde.

One scene with a duration of 0,7s is missing.
0:00 min
The German version shows the TMG and Concorde logo at the beginnning.

16:02 min
Tyler continues to beat up the guy and then lifts his arm to strike again. On the DVD you now can see how he is pulled away from his victim.0.7s