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3.05 Gondola


  • US SciFi
  • US DVD
Release: Sep 10, 2012 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX - more from this series
The third season (or series, depending on your region) of LEXX was the most sophisticated of all - because it was the only one. It's themes were life after death, good deeds vs. bad deeds and the motivation behind those. Even though most of it was only hinted during the early episodes, it was made more clear during the entire season/series.
But unfortunately the US SciFi-Channel (now SyFy) decided to cut some of the relevant dialogue during this episode, which leaves the first hints missing and the overall storyline hanging in unbalance for now, even though you shouldnít want to upset the balance, as seen in the last episode of the season.

Missing content in the US SciFi-Channel broadcast
1 for the season's storyline relevant dialogue - 147 seconds
1 shorter attempt at killing, involving storyline relevant dialogue - 20 seconds
2 displays of hinted sexual activities - 6 seconds
1 scene for "pacing" - 23 seconds

Collectively 196 missing seconds (3 minutes and 16 seconds)

A conversation important to the season has been cut in the TV version, involving life after death.

Fifi: I have a question. What happens after you die?
Stan: Well, that's a good questions since we're all gonna die soon.
Fifi: Well?
Stan: Well, I don't know. I mean, you die and that's it.
Bunny: Well, I believe that if you live a good life then something nice will happen to you.
Fifi (laughing): You would think that, Bunny.
(Stan and Bunny look at Fifi)
Fifi: Er... I mean, yeah, I hope you're right, Bunny. I really do.
Xev: Why?
Fifi: Well, I don't know. It's just that, er, you know Duke, before he did the, the, uh, big, uh, drop. He, er he was going on about how, uh, this wasn't the first time I was alive and that there was coming after. You know, like, for me anyway.
Stan (laughing): Something good?
Fifi: I don't know. Not exactly, I think.
Kai #2: And did you believe him?
Fifi: No, not really. The way I see it is simple. You wake up one day, and there you are. Life begins. You can't remember anything before that, so that means that it wasn't. And then when you die, you just aren't anymore.
Stan: What do you mean, one day you just woke up?
Fifi: Well, just what I said.
Xev: You mean when you were born?
Stan: Yeah.
Fifi: What's "born"?
Stan: Well, you know, when you were born, when your mother had you.
Fifi (irritated): Mother?
Stan: Oh boy. Bunny, you're a woman, explain it to him.
Bunny (more irritated): Explain what?
Stan: Oh boy, I can't believe I'm asking this. Explain to him what being born is. You know, where children come from, how life begins for all of us. You know..?
Bunny: I just woke up one day and I was there. Just like everyone else.
Fifi: Yeah.
Stan: There's something really weird about you two and these whole two planets.
Xev: See... Where we come from, people start out small, as babies. About this size. And they grow inside women.
Bunny: I've always been the same size.
Fifi: Yeah, me too.
(both laugh)
Fifi: I don't know. Maybe you're right. Maybe I was once small. I just don't remember.

2 minutes and 27 seconds

26:23 (23:56)

Another relevant dialogue for the season has been cut, involving life after death.

Fifi: And if Duke is right, and there is another life, you all might have to pay for this wrong!
Kai #2: I thought you didn't believe him.
Stan: We don't have a choice, Fifi, come on.
Fifi: No! Killing is wrong! There's gotta be a way! Ok, so we don't think there's enough fuel. Well, maybe the wind'll change direction or something. You can't just take away a man's precious life because there isn't enough wind!
(Stan tries to loosen Fifis hand, but gets bitten)
Xev: Come on, Fifi, let go. We are going to throw you over. We have to and you deserve it.
Fifi: I don't wanna die!
Kai #2: If you're right, Fifi, and there is nothing after this, then you have nothing to be afraid of.
Fifi: I still don't wanna die!
Stan: Look, this is has hard for us as it is for you.

Fifi: Then you jump!
(Kai #2 looks at Bunny)
(Xev and Stan turn around to look at Bunny)

20 seconds missing


35:28 (32:41)

Xev finds something of value before Kai #2 is seen longer coming closer to Xev.

approx. 2 seconds

35:38 (32:49)

Kai #2 kisses Xev longer and lets his hand slide across Xev's front.

4 seconds

37:59 (35:06)

Shortly after Bunny jumped, Fifi shows how tactful he is.

Fifi: So, when do we get there?
(Stan and Xev look startled towards Fifi, but then Xev uses [TECH] to find out)
Xev: We're passing it.
Kai #2: The wind has changed direction.
(Kai #2 calibrates the of helm the gondola)
Xev: It's increasing.

23 seconds

46:52 (43:36)

The credits have been slowed down for the TV-version so that there is more time to promote the airing of Species II.

7 seconds longer in the TV version (not counted)