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Project A: Part 2

original title: A gai waak juk jaap


  • Export Version
  • Uncut
Release: Aug 09, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Export Version and the Uncut Version

- 23 cuts
- 1 recut

Length difference: 516.6 sec (= 8:37 min) (additional length differences due to logos and additional opening credits in the Export Version have been dedcuted)

The Movie

With Projekt A: Part 2, Jackie Chan shot the sequel to the outstanding Project A in 1987. His "brothers" Samo Hung and Yuen Biao are not on board though and yet the sequel can keep up with the original and contains several memorable scenes. Once again, the finale is beyond any doubt and contains (similar to the bell tower scene in the first one) a further reference to the silent movie era Jackie Chan loves so much. Prior to that, another restaurant gets destroyed and there is a wild chase with Jackie being cuffed to an adveersary the entire time...

Of course, the typical Hong Kong humor is also in the movie and even people who have never been a fan should not take that as reason to not watch the movie - because after all, Project A: Part 2 is a Jackie Chan classic any fan should have seen, unlike some of his recent movies.

The Versions

In the UK, the movie was cut on VHS. As the English opening credits insinuate, it is the Export Versiion. There are almost 9 missing minutes, most of which are missing plot scenes in order to get a duration of approx. 90 minutes resp. it is unlikely that the smaller cuts during the fights are the result of intentional censoring. Since there are a few obvious jump cut, perhaps the missing footage during the fights are simply further jump cuts as well.

Asides from that you can also find comparisons on our website on the Japanese version with extended outtakes and the cut US version.

Time index refers to the Export Version.
Logos / Opening Credits

The beginning is entirely different.

The Export Version contains opening credits on black background - there are no logos at all prior to that.

The Uncut Version on the other hand starts with 3 production logos (Fortune Star, Golden Harvest, Golden Way).
[69 sec]

Then a recap showing scenes from Project A. At some point, the original title Project A II sppears.
[91 sec]

Uncut Version 117.4 sec longer


Only the Uncut Version contains 4 credits when the entire company is marching.


After Dragon (Jackie Chan) and his pals turn back to their dinner, the scene continues in the Uncut Version.

Beattie (Carina Lau) looks at Yesan (Maggie Cheung) in a certain way. She gets it, smiles at the boys and follows her.
One of Jackie's pals (Mars, the guy on the left) wants to know from Jackie if he would also help them if they were not so pretty. Jackie changes the subject by demanding the check.

11.8 sec


In the Export Version, Dragon seems to have convincecd the guys to arrest the villain right away resp. a scene with him and his goon squad at the restaurant follows. The cops believe arresting him right away would not be good for their health. They are worried to let him down as well.

Dragon turns around but the older cop tells him to take younger ones and he would stay behind to hold the fort. Another cop asks for some days off, Dragon wants to know why. When a second cop asks for a few days off as well, Dragon wants them to explain why they asked for some days off. The cop on the left hesitatingly explains his wife was about to have a child. The other one says basically the same thing, except it is the older sister who is about to give birth. He adds his older sister was married to the cop on the left who then says his wife was the other cop's older sister. Dragon looks disappointed but before he can say anything, another one of the cop quits on the spot. Of course, Dragon wants to hear the reason for it and the cop says he was his mother's only son and he still wanted to have children. Another cop from one of the lines further behinnd agrees with him and he adds he was not going to risk his life for a few bucks. Other cop agree and do the same.

Dragon makes a step forward. He shows empathy and calls off the op. Then he dismisses his men and returns to his office. His men stay behind, they look confused.

Mars and the other coast guard guys are standing in front of Jackie's door. While the cops in the background are in party mood, Jackie's former co-workers from the coast guard leave.

Ho Chi Ping then shows up. He is the only guy who did not cough up a few bucks for Jackie's welcome donation resp. took action against crooked cops.
He says that group did not have any spirit and brother Long had been forced to cancel the mission because of that. Mars does not like the term "forced" and explains it had been his decision and another agrees and says it was because he now ordered someone to case the place. Another one explains the main goal was figuring out who was afraid to die. Mars agrees with him and adds they had been working with Long for such a long time, they knew how he was. Dragon takes a look inside and watches them, then he complains he now did not have the opportunity to... One of the guys stands up and interrupts. He says jokes had to be made at the right time and if they could not do, they should not be there any longer. Shortly afterwards, Dragon tells his older brother to take a letter to local police. He also makes it clear they were going to the Xihuan district and execute the order. The guys are with yes.

109.1 sec in total


Extended shot: Yesan thanks the rose guy.

Then the pirates in the club, wearing some (rather poorly looking) more elegant clothes. One of them points out people were still starring at them and one of the other asks if the first guy was wearing his hat the wrong way. He flips his hat and wants to have confirmation that it looks better now. Another guy now wants to know if he tie was tied correctly but before that riddle is being solved, the guys decide to grab a bite to eat.

18.3 sec


Subsequent to the teahouse, there is additional footage in the alley. To be more specific, Jackie and his buddies make their way through the crowd.

17.4 sec


Slightly longer shot of Mars hitting hit head, followed by some (rather harmless) fighting.

7.7 sec


Once again, the Export Version lacks a part of the fight: One of Jackie's buddies gets grabbed and tossed against a pillar - from where he winds up on the ground, subsequent to an involuntary back flip.
Also, Dragon ducks a few kicks.

10 sec


Dragon longer when he walks up his opponent before he orders to let them free.

1.4 sec


The shot is longer, then the pirates one more time. Three of them (the ones from the end of the previous shot) get to the others and inform them they had been taken away. One of them gets his hatchet, baldie on the right stops him though. He makes it pretty clear he does not get the way they are all bahaving. One of the messengers says they were even doubting they were real pirates. Baldie once again is the vice of reason and asks how they were going to beat them. Since nobody has a clue what to do next, baldie decides to find a place to sleep.

24.6 sec


Missing pirates scene subsequent to the scene with the revolutionaries.

One of the guys is happy to have found it, another one gets curious and asks about it. The first guy proudly says: Rock lobsters.
Then they feast.

8.6 sec


When the carriage is gone, there are further shots with the pirates who are hiding their findings in the carriage.

5.4 sec


The shot subsequent to Commissioner Tung's (Bill Tung) comment regarding Miss Pak is a little longer resp. there is laughter.
The following shot starts earlier as well: The girls are on their way downstairs and Yesan's friend mentions that she likes Yesan's dress.

The versions are back in sync when Yesan's cousin passes Dragon.

5.4 sec


Missing shot of people dancing.

3.8 sec


After the high angle shot, the Export Version continues with Mr. Man' (Sam Lui) conversation with Miss Pak (Rosamunda Kwan).
In other words, the Export Version lacks a longer tracking shot past the dancing couples - parts of their conversation are audible as well.

Starting with the governor and his daughter Regina, she asks her dad if he was happy. The governor says he was happy because it was a lovely birthday party. While saying so, he looks away and Regina wants to know who he was looking at.

Now Superintendant Chun (David Lam) and Yesan. Chun asks her where she lived, she says in Hong Kong. Chun points out there were a lot of bad people in Hong Kong. Yesan explains there were only a few good people and she was happy to meet him.

The camera now pans to Bill Tung and Beattie. The latter asks Tung if he believed that security around there was pretty bad. Tung responds with another question. He wants to know if that was true and also if she did not have any feelings. When she wants to know what he usually does, Tung says he read a few files and drank some coffee.

Subsequently afterwards, Mr. Man and Miss Pak appear behind them and the versions are back in sync.

27.8 sec


Before Dragon asks Yesan about the restroom, there are a few missing shots.
Dragon asks his buddy if he had to take a leak urgently. His buddy says not urgently. Yesan already looks confused and Dragon now says to his buddy he had just explained it was very urgent.
After his buddy asks "When?", the versions are back in sync.

7.8 sec


When Tung starts speaking, there are a few missing scenes that up the ante of the hide and go seek game inside the house.

For precautionary reasons, Dragons covers himself and his buddy with some drape - what he does not know though is that Mr. Man had the very same idea on the other side. When Tung continues speaking, Man shows up right behind him. Yesan gets startled and Tung witnesses the entire thing so he asks if everything was fine. After Man pulls back the curtain, she explains she had the hiccups. Last but not least, Jackie and his pal appear and Yesan's shock resulting from that very incident also explains her rather wild "hiccups" in the subsequent shot.

15.1 sec


Further missing scenes after Dragon becomes aware of the chaos inside the closet.

Yesan brings Tung something to drink, he thanks her. Yesan wants to dry his clothes but he explains he was just going to let them get dry by the wind and he adds there was no need for her to hurry because he could wait for while. As a consequence thereof, she is rather disappointed but stays with him of course. Furthermore, one also to see the people in the closet one more time and also Mr. Man carrying.

14 sec


Shorter transition - probably a jump cut.

1.7 sec


Tung dances earlier and he sings as well.

2.7 sec


Tung sings longer while Jackie keeps climbing up. In order to keep people distracted, Yesan sings as well.

11.4 sec


Dragon's conversation with Mr. Man and Miss Pak is cut. In the Uncut Version, Dragon speaks about his opinion regarding revolutionaries much longer. Due to the dialog, it is easier to comprehend why the two parties are joining forces at that point.

When Miss Pak says they were all worried about Dragon because he was good cop, the latter asks what else he was supposed to do. Miss Pak wants Dragon to join their group of revolutionaries.
Unfortunately, the subtitles lack the translation for Dragon's response....
Mr. Man wants them all fight together for the Chinese people and he also says they would succeed much more likely with more people like Dragon on their side. Dragon rejects the offer though. Miss Pak wants to know if Dragon recalls the argument back in the day about not not getting stopped by small things to get somewhere and making sacrifices. Jackie explains that was exactly the reason he could not join because he liked digging into small things and he could never do the wrong thing for the right reasons. He admits to admire them for what they are doing and sees the big picture but he refuses to order other people to do these thing without being aware of the outcome. Then he asks how someone could love their country if the own life was not treasured? Mr. Man says he understood where Dragon came from and he would keep his words in mind. He adds they were all servants to the Chinese people, only in different positions. Dragon considers his work holy, Miss Pak says a good cop would not make it long when the colonial government was corrupt. But for Dragon, this the exact reason the stays on the job.

The versions are back in sync when Mr. Man and Dragon shake hands.

82.7 sec


Now the shot mentioned at the beginning of the previous alteration in the Export Version.

+ 1 sec


After Dragon angrily asks if that was the police force, the Export Version lacks getting his butt kicked by one of Chun's goons. Chun then mockingly asks what was up. Dragon wants to know from Chun if he knew what he was doing, Chun wants him to elaborate. While Dragon is getting back on his feet, he asks if Chun wanted to resolve it and Chun says he would if Dragon was not up for it. Dragon points out Chun was always making it hard for him and wants to know why they were enemies in the first place. Chun elaborates on that. He explains there had never been any trouble until Dragon came to the Xihwan district and arrested all of his snitches. He also warns Dragon not to make too many enemies if he wanted to die of old age. Dragon simply says it was his duty as a cop. Chun then says if Dragon was a good cop, he was a bad cop and if Dragon was going to die, he was because they were sworn enemies. Last but not least, Chun wants to know if Jackie got it.

38.1 sec


Jump cut: Miss Pak gets pushed aside by her rival and the subsequent shot of Dragon being imprisoned starts a little earlier as well.

1.8 sec