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Crimson Tide


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Jul 27, 2008 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
The Extended Version of "Crimson Tide" is not worth mentioning. Most of the new inserted and partly very short scenes are hardly noticed.
It´s only the popular and always welcome George Dzundza as Petty Officer who actually benefits from the extended new scenes, whose additional scenes are with the Deleted Scenes on the German DVD.

In the end the new scenes do not alter the movie in any way.
At worst one is annoyed when watching the stumbling seaman and the amateur at the sonar station, that´s why they were missing in the Theatrical Version. The deleted scenes on the DVD show even longer versions of the extended scenes.

For the Americans the Extended Version is especially interesting because of the bonus material - the first DVD did not include it while in Germany the second DVD-editon already was a Special Edition.

The Extended Version (Unrated) has a runtime of: 122:28 minutes NTSC

The Extended Version is in 25 scenes 6:49 minutes longer.
9 Frames from the Theatrical Version were removed in the second cut in the Extended Edition.
Birthday Party

Hunter and his friend Weaps talk about the price for the clowns.
7,5 sec

Hunter´s son indicates his sister when the clown asks for a volunteer whose birthday it is. In excchange the Theatrical Version shows an extended shot through the camcorder´s view.
EE 1,5 sec longer
Extended Edition

Theatrical Version

Before leaving

The Russian´s interview is shown longer. However, Dougherty is only interested in the reporter´s breasts.
11 sec

Hunter and Weaps wink at each other before the briefing.
3,5 sec

A glimpse of Weaps while Ramsey asks if there are any questions left.
4,5 sec

An officer says goodbye to his family.
11,5 sec

More scenes of people saying goodbye.
19,5 sec

Before the mutiny

Hunters statement about the only true enemy in these day - war itself - is commented by more officers with silence.
4,5 sec

While Cob, the Petty Officer, gets a haircut, he tells the other men a dirty joke about gay seamen.
31 sec

Hunter jogs along a seaman who walks Bear and puts away the dog´s droppings.
3 sec

The cooks take flight from the flames and other seamen run through a corridor.
4,4 sec

After the order was given for the weapon´s test, Hunter runs longer through the submarine.
1,5 sec

Ramsey asks Hunter to talk to the Petty Officer and point out his weight - he says he isn´t able because of their long relationship.
9,5 sec

Hunter explains to the oficers the crisis at hand and adds after the remark about the last real crisis - the Cuba Crisis - that the submarine and its nuclear weapons were especially built for events like these.
7 sec

The dog goes longer for a walk and Hunter is shown longer.
8,5 sec

Hunter talks to Cob about his weight, but since it is Cobs last tour the subject gets changed quickly. Instead they discuss the different opinions on the management style between Ramsey and Hunter. Cob thinks that one of them should step back a little and since Ramsey is the skipper it should be Hunter´s duty.

126,5 sec

Submarine Battle

A guy at the sonar station emerges as an idiot seconds before the enemy fires a torpedo because he doesn´t know the meaning of "range gating".
4,5 sec

As a torpedo explodes next to the Alabama, one man skids downstairs.
3 sec

The men left behind are shown being in the now completely flooded area.
4,5 sec

Briefly before the machine starts again, the seamen hear the submarine creaking.
14,5 sec


The group of conspirators pause for a moment when a seaman passes them.
7,5 sec

Rivetti leaves the sonar station to help Hunter. In doing so, he passes the bridge and gets noticed by Zimmer. Although Ramsey notices Zimmers astonishment, Zimmer ignores the situation.
23,5 sec

Hunter watches Ramsey´s men on their way to launch the rockets.
5,5 sec


Before the hearing takes place in Pearl Harbor, the officers sit and wait in the lobby. Although Ramsey and Hunter sit on the same bench, they do not talk to each other.
85,5 sec

When Hunter utters his concern about not being able to testify, the judge´s chairman asks if Hunter thinks whether his summary of the events would be different from Ramsey´s. Hunter can barely say "So" before the chairman interrupts him.
6,5 sec