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Guns of Dragon (aka American Dragon)

original title: Hu Xue tu long zhi nong tian xian jing


  • HK DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Dec 25, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Hong Kong DVD vby on Widesight Ent. (Cat. II) and the Uncut Version (German Free TV) (= Original HK Theatrical Version)

- differences, among them 11 with alternate/exclusive footage in the HK Version
- Lengt difference: 72.8 sec (= 1:13 min)

Please note: There are small jump cuts in the German Free TV Version with a length of less than 0.5 seconds each. In order to keep it simple, those are not going to be mentioned in the following comparison.

As already explained in the comparison with the UK DVD, the HK actioner Guns of Dragon, released in 1993 and directed by Tony Leung, it is almost impossible to get your hands on the Uncut Version. Curiously enough, the Uncut Version aired on German Free TV in the 90s.

So now, here is the comparison to the version with relatively easy access: the DVD from Hong Kong. The DVD is in widescreen but picture information on top and bottom is missing due to the black bars. Moreover, there are hardcoded English subtitles - probably because it was mastered from laser disc. In its country of origin, the rape scene is even heavier censored than in UK resp. it is missing completely. Other than that, almost any gore scene remains untouched. A few cuts here and there were made though.

Curiously enough, there is also some alternate/exclusiv footage: An actual harmless scene with some drug abuse was reshot without any kind of drug abuse. Later on, there are a few more alternate takes for which a plausible explanation does not exist. Maybe there are some critical comments about Triads or something in the original audio track. The German audio track however does no support any kind of conclusion. Also, there are a few "regular" additional shots. Last but not least, some shots are a few insignificant frames longer in the HK Version.

All in all, the version on the HK DVD can be considered as alternate version but due to its censoring, it is not as interesting as the German Free TV Version.

Time index refers to
HK DVD in NTSC / German Free TV Version in PAL
Logos / Credits

Different logos at te beginning. The subsequent opening credits are different as well: while the HK DVD contains the original credits, the credits in the German Free TV Version are in English.

HK DVD 10.6 sec longer

HK DVDGerman Free TV Version

20:34 / 19:28-20:38

Much earlier at the bar: Tai Fei is busy with a girl on the counter. At first, she is willing. The scene goes on, his gun is lying on the ground. Rather excited, Tai Fei then tells her to stop laughing. But since he can't get it up, the girls responds kind of mean. She says she thougt he was a real man. Now, he gets upset and tells her to show what she has got because he does not like being made fun of. He pushes her head down and tells her to turn him on. Then he courses because he still can't get it up. He pushes her away, she laughs at him again and calls him a loser. Tai Fei slaps her, reaches for his gun, penetrates her from behind and asks how she liked it and if she was still laughing. The woman screams. In the background, Prince Wong Ti comes in. With the close-up of him yelling "Stop!", the versions are back in sync.

70.4 sec (= 1:10 min)

23:46-24:34 / 23:42-24:38

The entire scene was shot twice: only in the German Free TV Version, people are doing blow several times - noticably by the movement to nose/mouth and an additional close-up.

German Free TV Version 9.3 sec longer

HK DVDGerman Free TV Version

34:09-34:13 / 33:50 bzw 33:52-33:55

Jump cut in the German Free TV Version: extended shot of the overturning car resp. it ends up in driving position again.
A short additional shot of Tai Fei behind the wheel follows. Also in the German Free TV 2 seconds later after the shot of Ching.

+ 1.5 sec

39:09 / 38:35

Actually, the flashback also contains a close-up of the bloody hit in the leg.

0.4 sec

41:46-44:06 / 41:05-43:05

When the General speaks to the people and toasts to them, there are lots of alternate takes until the headshot.
Does not make sense though because there is significant difference contentwise.

HK DVD 14.4 sec longer

HK DVDGerman Free TV Version

55:07-55:08 / 53:38

After the car explosion, only the HK DVD contains a small shot of Ching up in the air.

+ 1 sec

73:27-73:32 / 71:12-71:18

Why? When the camera pans from Ching's opponent to Ching himself, there is another alternate take. The HK Version shows Ching longer while the German Free TV shows the other guy longer.

German Free TV Version 0.2 sec longer

HK DVDGerman Free TV Version

73:47 / 71:31-71:32

When the guy hits the fan, the first two close-ups are missing on the HK DVD.

1.1 sec

74:04 / 71:49-71:50

Extended shot of the guy going through the glass door.

1 sec

75:37 / 73:19-73:30

Extended shot of the woman getting kicked out to which she responds with a few swear words in Spanish. She also shows her breasts which is probably why that scene was cut in the first place.

11 sec

75:49 / 73:41-73:45

Before Ching appears from behind the shower curtain, there is another shot of her naked in the bathroom.

3.9 sec

79:09-79:21 / 76:57-77:10

Another pointless and on the HK DVD slightly longer alternate take when the General talks to Ching and takes off his sun glasses.
As compensation, the following shot of Ching begins earlier in the German Free TV Version.

German Free TV Version 1.4 sec longer

HK DVDGerman Free TV Version

79:40-79:45 / 77:28-77:35

Alternate take of the bag with Ching's girlfriend in it getting dropped.

German Free TV Version 2.3 sec longer

HK DVDGerman Free TV Version

79:59-80:10 / 77:48-77:59

Alternate take of Ching with the grenade in his hand (German Free TV Version longer), followed by another shot of the General (HK DVD longer, he always speaks highly of Ching's guts instead of simply calling him a bastard).

HK DVD 0.7 sec longer

HK DVDGerman Free TV Version

81:42 / 79:27-79:32

For some reason, the shot of a few approaching baddies has been removed.

5.1 sec

84:06 / 81:50-81:53

More details when Tai Fei's body get perforated via close-up.

2.9 sec

88:35-88:42 / 86:09

Another extended scene on the HK DVD: the slow motion happy family reunion is longer.

+ 7.2 sec

88:48-88:54 / 86:15

And again.

+ 5.6 sec

89:03-89:09 / 86:23

On the HK DVD, they clasp in their arms longer plus they let go of each other at the beginning of the following shot.

+ 5.8 sec