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Magic Cop

original title: Qu mo jing cha


  • BBFC 15
  • Uncut
Release: Jul 23, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut British Blu-ray by 88 Films (BBFC 15) and the original uncut version (included on the same Blu-ray when played with region code A).

- 3 cuts
- Duration: 10.3 sec

Magic Cop (1990) is the 5th installment of the Mr. Vampire series, which started in 1986 and pitted Lam Ching-Ying against vampires in a historical setting. The films feature a fair amount of the notoriously silly Hong Kong humor and were huge successes in Asia. In the UK, Eureka first released Part 1 on Blu-ray and in early 2023 there was also a box set with Parts 2-4 as well as Vampires vs. Vampires, an unofficial spin-off from Lam Ching-Ying.

The actual 5th part, Magic Cop, now got its own Blu-ray release from 88 Films on July 24, 2023, which comes with extensive bonus material. The 6 minute longer Taiwanese extended version is also on board here, even though the quality is not impressive at all (see screenshots below). In any case, the BBFC rating of the regular theatrical version also pointed out a mandatory cut due to animal cruelty. In both the theatrical version and the Taiwanese extended version, a scene in which a cat is somewhat tortured was slightly censored.

The scene is still quite comprehensible even without the unnecessary harm done to the poor animal. In addition, we have once again, as it was also done on e.g. the British release of The Flying Guillotine 2, the curious case that the uncensored version(s) are also on the disc. Playing via region code A you get the complete versions of both the theatrical and the extended version. The European code B plays the censored versions. 88 Films releases the movie in parallel also in the US and obviously the same disc was produced for both countries.

Running time information is arranged according to the scheme
BBFC 15 Blu-ray in 23.976fps / Original version Blu-ray in 23.976fps

40:38 / 40:38-40:45

After Frankie Chan tries to strangle Michiko Nishiwaki, but realizes that he has no chance to reach her: Michiko now grabs the cat by the neck. Cut to Frankie, who now can't breathe. The magician Michiko is able to harm him through the animal. We see another frontal shot of the cat as well as one of Frankie suffering analogously.

6.5 sec

In the Taiwan version, the scene comes at 46:12 / 46:12-46:19 and is identical - thus also cut exactly the same. Unfortunately, the Taiwan version is only available windowboxed on the Blu-ray instead of sensibly filling out the 16:9 image entirely. Either way, though, the picture source for this rare longer version of the movie was only of below-average quality, as expected.

40:50 / 40:57-40:58

The cat is tossed up in the air.

0.9 sec

In the Taiwan version, the scene comes at 46:24 / 46:31-46:32 and is identical - thus also cut exactly the same.

40:52 / 41:00-41:03

Two more shots of the cat and in between one of Frankie hanging on the wall in a similar position.

2.9 sec

In the Taiwan version, the scene comes at 46:26 / 46:35-46:37 and is identical - thus also cut exactly the same.

Slipcase and reverse cover of the 88 Films Blu-ray: