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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Extended Cut
Release: Mar 31, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: *Moritzd.m - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the theatrical Version and the Extended (Unrated) Cut.
The old Version is represented by the German FSK 18 - Special Edition (Columbia)
whereas the "Extended (Unrated) Cut" is placed on the identical called DVD as a RC-1. The new "Extended (Unrated) Cut" of the movie "The Replacement Killers"
is a new representative of the category "commerce-cut" by Sony / Columbia.
Most of the extended scenes are enlargements of the plot which are actually quite expedient but meaningless for the usual action-fan.
Anyhow, Mira Sorvino gets some more chances to swear and the characters acquire depth.
These points probably just animate true Chow Yun-Fat fans to buy this "Extended Cut"!

16:13 min. - 16:38 min.

The conversation between John and monk is new arranged at the beginning and longer in the end.
The monk tells him warns him of the consequences if he competes against Wei.

Extended Cut contains 15 more seconds

16:51 min. - 17:02 min.

Wei examines his stepdaughter and grandson while they take a bath at the pool.

Extended Cut contains 11 more seconds

17:19 min. - 17:46 min.

Eddie instructs his employees to process the cars for them to get forwarded. John calls.

Extended Cut contains 27 more seconds

21:11 min. - 21:35 min.

Meg specifies the documents needed by John and proposes him to become an American citizen.
The price is shortened in the "Extended Cut", the cut lacks the amount.
Instead John answers: "no problem!"
Afterwards Meg asks for the money in cash.

Extended Cut contains 20 more seconds

27:26 min. - 27:39 min.

Zedkov brings Meg, who has already been questioned for 12 hours, a coffee but she more likely wants something to eat.

Extended Cut contains 13 more seconds.

28:12 min. - 28:19 min.

Zedkov adds that Meg just run out of luck.
The scene contains a new sentence about corps in the bureau which can be seen in the old version in a different angle.

Extended Cut contains 4 more seconds

28:23 min. - 28:29 min.

Meg asks sarcastic where the corps come from and Zedkov answers that he hadn't killed them.

Extended Cut contains 6 more seconds

29:09 min. - 29:13 min.

Meg says:" fuck you!" and afterwards "you don't know a goddamn thing about me".
The "cinema-version" shows this scene in a different angle and lacks all the swearing!

Extended Cut contains 1 more seconds

29:21 min. - 29:25 min.

Zedkov says Meg that it is her life she has fucked up.

Extended Cut contains 4 more seconds

29:42 min. - 29:47 min.

Meg says that she never had anything to do with Wei but the police officer answers "Now, you do"

Extended Cut contains 5 more seconds

30:50 min. - 30:57 min.

Meg adds that she can get rid of every tail in the 6th avenue.

Extended Cut contains 7 more seconds

34:56 min. - 36:19 min.

John and Meg are sitting in her car and she questions him about Wei. Afterwards she tries to escape but it doesn't work.
John instructs her to buckle up.

Extended Cut contains 83 more seconds

46:14 min. - 46:44 min.

Til Schweiger and Danny Trejo are walking in a different angle and in slow motion through the airport.
The "Extended Cut" includes a little girl who walks towards Til Schweiger which he palms.
This scene is terribly acted by Til Schweiger and looks almost funny.

Extended Cut contains 16 more seconds

47:34 min. - 47:59 min.

John tells Meg about himself and Weis profession as a hit man.

Extended Cut contains 7 more seconds

48:03 min. - 48:22 min.

Meg asks if he thought he could betray Wei. His men would search for him on the streets.

Extended Cut contains 19 more seconds

48:32 min. - 48:44 min.

Meg tells John that he wouldn't give her a choice.
The Extended includes another shot in which she points a gun at him and he just says "do it".
The second shod is also included in the "cinema-version".

Extended Cut contains 12 more seconds

48:51 min. - 49:00 min.

John takes the weapon and pushes the barrel at his forehead. He shouts at Meg and instructs her to shoot him!
At the moment she hesitates he overwhelms her and takes the gun.

Extended Cut contains 9 more seconds

49:10 min. - 49:14 min.

This shot is now mirror-inverted, what corrects the "continuity mistake". The next shot shows Meg who is lying on the bed.

Extended Cut contains 4 more seconds

49:30 min. - 49:50 min.

An alternative angle shows Meg how she asks John what actually happened.
The "cinema-version" lacks another "fuck" and John tells her about his time as a war captivity.

Extended Cut contains 16 more seconds

50:38 min. - 51:12 min.

John tells about his family and what could happen to them. Meg disappears in the bathroom and John sits even longer musing.

Extended Cut contains 33 more seconds

51:18 min. - 51:38 min.

The ending of this scene is different. While John looks in the "Extended Cut" at an old picture of his family
and adds: "but the chose me", the "cinema-version" shows Meg still in the room and John adds like before that he has to go to China
because otherwise his family would die.

In this scene, the "Extended Cut" lacks some seconds because some parts are just used in the "cinema-version".

Old Version contains 10 more seconds

52:32 min. - 54:19 min.

Kogan explains Til Schweiger and Trejo their job. Wei adds that they should start immediately.

Change of scene. John and Meg have stolen a car and Meg asks John how he knows that she could crack a car. He answers "lucky guess".
He wants to know if she has learned it from her parents but she just answers "mechanics illustrated" (a magazine).
John tells her about his father and his reeducation in China.
Know we learn his deeper motivation why he fears for his family - he got guilty.

Extended Cut contains 107 more seconds

61:57 min. - 62:21 min.

Alternative angle of Weis hit men in the car.
One of them is Kogan and one says if the boy keeps on turning on the blender he would kill him by himself.
Kogan answers that he must kill the guy later, because Wei wants the brain of the boy to fall directly into the lap of the father.

Extendet Cut contains 19 more seconds

64:58 min. - 65:06 min.

John curses Buddha in chinese.
The only word understandable is "why?".
The change is impalpable longer in the "cinema-version"

Extended Cut contains 6 more seconds

65:42 min.

The "Extended Cut" lacks Megs question: "why hire professional killers for a little kid?"

The "cinema-version" contains 3 more seconds

65:53 min. - 67:48 min.

Nearly every angle has been changed in this scene. Some sentences are now spoken by a different person.
The "Extended Cut" contains some more text passages in which Meg taks about her childhood.
We now come to know that she has sexually been abused and that she had an jounger brother who got killed by her father.

The ending of this scene is nearly the same than in the "cinema-version",
but the old one lacks nearly every part in which the "Extended Cut" emphasizes the emotions of the protagonists.

Extended Cut contains 68 more seconds

80:25 min. - 80:29 min.

The "cinema-version" contains a longer view of the bullet in the magazine,
but therefore the "Extended Cut" contains John who says "I have the same problem with you".

Extended Cut contains 22 more seconds

The "Extended (Unrated) Cut" is about 501 seconds longer than the old "cinema-version"