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Anna And The Apocalypse


  • US Version
  • International Version
Release: Sep 15, 2020 - Author: BFG97 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Zombie films continue to be very popular, whereby in the meantime it is mainly the comedy productions that are celebrating success in cinemas, as demonstrated by the likes of Zombieland 2, which brought in almost three times its budget. However, this genre has become so saturated that filmmakers have to keep coming up with new ideas to stand out from the crowd. Thus, in 2018, the Christmas horror comedy musical Anna and the Apocalypse, based on the short film Zombie Musical by Scottish director Ryan McHenry, was released to coincide with the Christmas season.

Although the film was not really successful at the box office, it did well with the critics, which is mainly due to the convincing acting performances of all those involved. In addition, there are some rousing songs that not only invite to sing along, but also fit the respective situation and have a certain melancholy. This gives the film a very special atmosphere, which ranges from amusing and crazy to oppressive and depressing, so that there is no room for boredom, especially since the film deals quite inconsiderately with the lives of the characters.

In America, however, this was apparently seen differently, as they shortened Anna and the Apocalypse in many places or even changed the sequence of scenes, which they did especially in the songs, which is sometimes quite noticeable and disturbing. Apart from that, mostly only smaller shots and rarely larger scenes had to be cut, which at least maintains the continuity of the film for the most part. Of course the international version is still preferable, unless you don't like songs in movies, in which case it would be questionable why you watch a musical anyway.

The shorter US Cut was compared to the longer international version.

- 71 differences
- Runtime difference 288,66 sec (= 4:48 min)

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US Cut

Partially different logos in the opening credits



Anna can be seen longer in front of her locker. In addition, Chris scares her, asks her for something, but when the bell rings he decides that he has to pee and says a hasty goodbye to Anna.


US Cut

You can see the Australian map a little longer.


US Cut

The laptop can be seen longer. But the first two frames of the following shot are missing in the US Cut.



The dressed up people in the video dance a little longer.


The international version is zoomed in during the Chestburster scene.

no time difference

International VersionUS Cut

US Cut

The boy in the video retreats in fear. But again some frames of the next shot are missing.
Only the new material from the US version is illustrated. All in all, the international version runs slightly longer



A little alternative material.

no time difference

International VersionUS Cut


Anna sits down, which is shown from two different shots. Afterwards, a big part is missing in which we first see Anna and then John, who are matching their song and releasing their frustration.
The US version shows Anna shaking her head insignificantly longer.


International VersionUS Cut


Short intermediate cut on Steph in the US Cut. Anna in the theatrical version

no time difference

International VersionUS Cut


When Savage calls everyone on stage, only the international version is zoomed.

no time difference

International VersionUS Cut


While Nick makes an obscene gesture towards Anna in the theatrical version, he merely waves at her in the US cut.


International VersionUS Cut


And again there is a small difference. Anna looks a bit different while talking to John, which seems a bit sarcastic only in the international version.

no time difference

International VersionUS Cut


Ironically, the US cut now also uses the obscene gesture of Nick.


International VersionUS Cut

US Cut

New material in the form of setting up some pins. Therefore some frames of the following shot are missing.



In the international version, John walks longer towards the counter and shows Anna how she also looks towards the cheers. Instead, the US cut shows Anna longer.


International VersionUS Cut


Mirrored people are apparently the better people.

no time difference

International VersionUS Cut


The transition to the reception is missing. In return, the US Cut offers a few more frames of Anna and John in the bowling alley.


International VersionUS Cut


This time the night sky and the camera movement to the playground were removed.



More fun in the snow.



You can see John's elbow.



John says that Anna's father has nothing to worry about.


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