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  • Original Version
  • Alternative Cut
Release: Jun 07, 2023 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Original Version was compared to the Alternative Cut.


Since James 'Rennie' Cray's wife was run over by a killer with a car, he has been driving across the entire USA to hunt down the man who continues to stain the streets with the blood of innocent victims. When Molly's friend Alex is run over by the killer, Molly becomes his target. Rennie uses Molly to finally catch the killer and unexpectedly receives support from the police officer, Will...

Robert Harmon, who delivered a small genre classic with The Hitcher, brings terror back to the road with Highwaymen. The film is straightforwardly directed, with a few thrilling car chases and a rather thin plot. Nonetheless, it is very worth seeing.

Two versions on US Blu-ray

On May 30, 2023, the film was released on Blu-ray in the USA by Shout Factory. Surprisingly, the bonus material includes a longer Alternative Cut, which seems to have not been released before. Judging by the runtime, the European and US DVDs feature the original version. The Aternative Cut runs about nine minutes longer and offers many rather insignificant scene extensions. None of it is really of interest, so one can safely stick with the faster-paced original version. At certain points, alternative footage is used. Interestingly, the Alternative Cut is open at the top and bottom, allowing for more visual information.

Image comparison:

Original version:


Running times:

Original version: 80:53 min.

Alternative Cut: 90:22 min.


The pencil at the beginning is seen earlier in the OV.

OV: 1 sec.


In the AC, the questionnaire is seen for a longer time.

AC: 1 sec.


Rennie and his wife are seen in the motel room. She is straightening herself. Rennie puts a necklace around her before his wife leaves.

AC: 32 sec.


Another cut to the road is seen as the red car drives along it.

AC: 4 sec.


Rennie takes out his thermos and pours something into the cup. Then a cut to the car.

AC: 14 sec.


After Rennie stops at the shed, he takes off his sunglasses and gets out of the car with a bag. He walks across a meadow.

AC: 18 sec.


In the OV, the camera approaches Rennie's moving car.

After Rennie stows the prosthetic arm in the trunk, he gets in the car and takes out a map. He draws a circle around the location with a compass.

It transitions to another aerial shot of the car.

OV: 13 sec.
AC: 54 sec.


In two more shots, Rennie drives through the evening traffic.

AC: 6 sec.


Another shot of the road at night is shown.

AC: 2 sec.


Rennie overtakes a car ahead.

AC: 7 sec.


In the OV, Molly is seen longer after Boone leaves. She is picked up by Alex.

In the AC, Boone walks away. Molly waits on the steps.

Rennie parks his car under a bridge and listens to the police radio. The scene continues later in the OV.

Molly sits on the steps. Eventually, Alex appears and takes Molly with her.

OV: 6 sec.
AC: 49 sec.


Molly fastens her seatbelt and locks the car door. The green car turns around. Molly signals to Alex that they can go.

AC: 26 sec.


The OV shows Rennie parking under the bridge and listening to the police radio.

The AC shows Rennie switching through more channels until he eventually tries to sleep.

OV: 11 sec.
AC: 21 sec.


In the OV, Jimmy tells Will that the guy with the dogs was the first one at the crime scene and explains that he reported it over CB radio. Will wonders why it's still being used.

The AC shows an alternative scene. Jimmy continues to say that there was a survivor from the van and points to a horse. Will sees the wreckage being loaded onto a car. He says he wants to take a look at it first. A man replies that he can't keep the tunnel closed for too long due to an accident report.

OV: 15 sec.
AC: 42 sec.


Will tells Molly that the police couldn't make much sense of her statements, and the doctors believe she has PTSD, and the case is being labeled as a hit-and-run. Will occasionally sees things like this.

AC: 29 sec.


Will continues, saying that with all the terrible accidents, sometimes he wishes he could be at the crime scene earlier, but he's always the last one.

AC: 22 sec.


In two more shots, the killer's car goes through the car wash.

AC: 6 sec.


Four more shots of the car in the car wash.

AC: 11 sec.


Another shot of the car in the car wash.

AC: 3 sec.


In the OV, Molly turns around as Rennie leaves the room. The psychiatrist explains that this happens when we let the barricades down. He has the participants repeat the phrase "I am not alone." Rennie waits outside the door.

In the AC, the psychiatrist explains that this happens when we let the barricades down. He has the participants repeat the phrase "I am not alone." Molly stands up and leaves.

OV: 10 sec.
AC: 21 sec.


Another shot of the crashed car is shown, then a cut to the interior with Boone and Molly both unconscious.

AC: 6 sec.


In the OV, Molly is seen earlier when the killer nudges the car.

In the AC, the killer nudges the car twice with his own car.

OV: 2 sec.
AC: 9 sec.


Molly tells the injured Boone that they have to get out of the car.

AC: 8 sec.


In the OV, Rennie stops the car, gets out, and breaks the lock.

The AC shows an alternative shot where Rennie pushes the gates aside and gets back into the car.

OV: 18 sec.
AC: 34 sec.


Molly tells Rennie, in response to his question about having something in common, that people have been run over in both their lives. Rennie says it fits perfectly.

OV: 12 sec.


Rennie and Molly are seen in the car after Rennie starts driving.

In the AC, Rennie looks at Molly after they start driving. He notices her clenched hands and places his on top of them.

OV: 4 sec.
AC: 15 sec.


In two shots, Molly and Rennie exchange glances while driving.

AC: 6 sec.


Rennie continues to be chased by the killer. Cuts to Rennie and Molly in the car.

AC: 7 sec.


After the cars fall onto the killer's car, Molly looks at Rennie as he exits the car.

In the AC, Rennie and Molly are still in the car. Rennie tells her to wait. Molly says they must have caught the killer now and can call the police. Rennie exits the car.

OV: 5 sec.
AC: 21 sec.


In the OV, the killer's car is shown for a longer duration. Then the car is shown earlier.

In the AC, the car is shown approaching an obstacle. The killer tells Molly to take over the steering wheel. Molly turns the car around the curve. The killer says he's taking over now and punches Molly in the face.

OV: 3 sec.
AC: 38 sec.


Molly continues to observe as the killer inserts his stump into the prosthetic.

AC: 6 sec.


The killer screws the prosthesis onto his arm.

AC: 12 sec.


In the OV, there is a brief cut to Molly as the killer drives towards her.

In the AC, the killer asks Molly what she thinks about Rennie's mental state.

OV: 1 sec.
AC: 3 sec.


In the OV, the killer retrieves his camera.

In the AC, the killer comments that he doesn't think Rennie is particularly stable but that he can drive well. Then he takes out his camera.

OV: 2 sec.
AC: 11 sec.


In the shed, Rennie tells Will that sometimes the killer hides things.

OV: 7 sec.


Before the bottle of morphine is shown, there is an aerial shot of Rennie's car.

AC: 7 sec.


Another aerial shot of Rennie's car is shown before cutting to the power lines.

AC: 4 sec.


Rennie's car in front of the motel is shown.

AC: 2 sec.


After Will mentions that he is near a motel close to the state border, the scene cuts to Rennie's car.

AC: 4 sec.


The overturned car of Rennie is shown.

AC: 3 sec.


Molly and Rennie exchange glances before the ambulance arrives.

AC: 6 sec.


The paramedic approaches Molly. She realizes that Rennie is missing.

AC: 6 sec.


Police officers investigate the killer's car. Then a cut to Molly.

AC: 9 sec.


Molly is shown, followed by a shot of the field.

AC: 6 sec.


Molly is shown, then a cut to Rennie before Molly stands up.

AC: 4 sec.


The end credits in the OV run at an accelerated pace.

OV: 4:44 min.
AC: 5:21 min.