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Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Complete Season One

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

1.21 Liberty on Ryloth


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 29, 2011 - Author: azog - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Fassung (German Free TV) and the Director's Cut, available on the season box by Warner Home Video.

Running times:
Running time TV = 21:09
Running time = 23:23

Jedi Master Mace Windu attempts to conquer Lessu, the capital of Ryloth. But his troups get decimated by the druids' attack. That's why he needs to ask rebel leader Cham Syndulla for help. Senator Orn Free Taa doesn't like that.

The last Director's Cut episode contains some additional fooling around (if you like it) plus the usual extended scenes.
TV: 00:00
DC: 00:00
The TV Version starts with the Clone Wars logo, the DC with an introducing black screen.
0.92 sec

TV: 00:09
DC: 00:10

The moral at the beginning has been translated.


TV: 02:17
DC: 02:18

After Mace Windu got on his AT-RT, the shot of the Runners approaching the enemy position is missing. The Droids watch the troups. The TV Version continues with the binoculars view immediately.

5.36 sec

TV: 02:21
DC: 02:27

The droid puts the binoculars down. Only in the DC, he also says it didn't look good.

1.12 sec

TV: 02:23
DC: 02:31

The tank (AAT) takes the AT-RTs under fire but the clones and Master Windu can duck. While being under fire, one of the droids asks if they got him.

6.52 sec

TV: 06:28
DC: 06:42

Extended shot of the droids patrol in the ruins of Cazne.

1 sec

TV: 06:43
DC: 06:58

Master Windu signalizes the clones to stay calm. Subsequently they get in position next to him and look up.

2.52 sec

TV: 06:45
DC: 07:02

In the TV Version, the patrol looks to the clones and Jedis for a sec before they move on.
In the DC, one of the droids finds the skull of a previous model. Then a conversation.

Droid 1 wants RB-551 to look. Droid 2 says it wasn't a surprise hat got hit because he'd been of the older models, controlled by a main computer. Droid 1 adds they were not like them because they (the droids) could think independently. Then all three droids call for Roger at the same time.

14 sec

TV: 07:33
DC: 08:04
The TV Version ends with Master Windu's serious face (after Cham Syndullas wants to know why they thought he'd would). The DC contains an extended shot of his face.
TV: 1.56 sec
DC: 0.48 sec

TV: 09:34
DC: 10:04

Extended shot of the bomber squadron taking off.

2.52 sec

TV: 14:00
DC: 14:33

After Syndulla's and Senator Orn Free Taa's agreement, the scene ends and it goes on with the residents being brought outside.

TV: 1.28 sec

The DC shows a group of droids walking across the bridge first. In the background, the sirens start wailing and one of the droids is looking around. Then the droid yells to deactivate the bridge and adds they had to hurry leaving the bridge. All the droids start running away, except for one.

The bridge gets deactivated in the control room and the single droid falls down the canyon.

Droid 1 orders to deactivate the bridge. Droid 2 confirms the order. Droid 3 says (just before he falls): "What the..."

Then a shot of the tactic droid and Wat Tambor. TA-175 wants to know what was going to happen to the residents.

TA-175 asks for the residents (as already mentioned). Wat Tambor replies they should be brought outside, but not too far. He adds the Jedi would reconsider his attack if he noticed the residents in the line of fire.

total length DC: 33.96 sec

TV: 14:58
DC: 16:04

Syndulla keeps talking after having mentioned that the transporters were carrying a lot of money.

Syndulla also says slave and kill them wasn't enough for the separatists and that was why they also got mugged.

5.2 sec

TV: 17:07
DC: 18:17

Extended shot of the commander of the clones with the binoculars.

1 sec

TV: 17:09
DC: 18:21

The clone lifts up his head after having gotten the order to prepare to shot.

0.36 sec

TV: 17:26
DC: 18:38

Extended shot of the control room before the droid pushes the lever to deactivate the bridge.

0.32 sec

TV: 18:33
DC: 19:45

The clones enter the control room and one of the droids tells them not to trespass.

1.48 sec

TV: 18:34
DC: 19:48

The clone fires off two more shots at the droids.

0.24 sec

TV: 19:31
DC: 20:45

TA-175 leaves town and leaves greedy Tambor behind.

TA-175 orders to start the ship and says Tambor was a fool.

9.2 sec

TV: 20:24
DC: 21:47

After the bombers got destroyed, Ahsoka says: "Whoa!". He adds (to his master) it was close. The TV Version lacks the "Whoa!".

0.8 sec

TV: 21:05
DC: 22:29

Business as usual. The credits in the TV Version only consist of mentioning George Lucas' name plus the Lucasfilm logo.

TV: 4.6 sec
DC: 54.32 sec