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1.28 Digidevice Meltdown

original title: Digimon Savers


  • US Version
  • Japanese TV Version
Release: Jul 16, 2011 - Author: Jim - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
"Digimon Savers", in the USA better known as "Digimon Data Squad", is the fifth series of the popular franchise revolving around the monsters of the virtual world and their partners.

Just as all the seasons before, the fifth series was slightly edited as well. As usual the American version offered a different opening as well as a different ending. Unlike previous openings this one wasn't replaced with a monotonous rap song but with a pop/rock song. The title screen for the episode was also changed, just like the preview for the next episode. Those are typical changes for the US version.
The translation itself is good but in the American version Agumon refers to Masaru (or Marcus in the US version, yet I stick to the Japanese names) as "boss", while in the Japanese version he calls him "Aniki" (brother). Most likely this was changed because it could be seen as an analogy to the Yakuza, which have a family-like hierarchy. Additionally several signs are blank in the American version whenever they originally showed Japanese graphic characters. While in the first episode they translated some of these signs while the rest of them were still blank, they quickly decided to just simply leave them all blank. Since it would be too much for this report to list all of these small differences, I'll just give you an example from episode 8. Strangely enough, they decided to also edit the English-language Coca Cola sign. Normally, the editors did not edit any signs that were ritten in Romanji (= western) graphic characters.

A DVD-set for this series is available in the US. However, it is not uncensored.

The images will be shown in the following order:
Left: Japanese version
Right: US Version

About the episode: In this episode it was again mostly Kouki's piercing that was affected by the alterations, besides that nothing of real relevance was changed. By the way, the punch in Lilamon's face from the last episode can be seen in the recapitulation at the beginning of the episode. The time difference sums up to 2 seconds disregarding intro and outro.
Kouki's lip piercing was removed, as was already the case in the last episode.

No difference in time

The piercing was retouched again.

No difference in time


No difference in time


No difference in time

And again the piercing is missing.

No difference in time

A freeze frame of Kouki and Marcus can be seen, each one's fist is lodged into the other's face.

2 Sekunden

The piercing was removed again.

No difference in time

As usual, Rizegreymon fires significantly less shots than in the Japanese Version.

ca. 0,5 Sekunden

For a last time, the US viewers are unable to see Kouki's piercing.

No difference in time