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Rats - Night of Terror

original title: Rats - Notte di terrore


  • NL VHS
  • UK VHS
Release: Jul 28, 2014 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut German VHS and the uncut British VHS. The German VHS cutis identical with one from te NL VHS and possibly even more local releases from various countries.
The VHS reissue by Screen Power was shortened exactly the same way.

2 cuts = 4 min. 59 sec.
In the Oirignal Version, the movie starts with a tracking short over a desert. It also features a long scrolling text overlay, which explains what has happened before.

"In the Christian Year 2015, the insensitivity of man finally triumphs and hundreds of atomic bombs devastate all five continents...
Terrified by the slaughter and destruction the few survivors of the disaster seek refuge under the ground...
From that moment begins the era that will come to be called , the period of the second human race...
A century later serveral man, disatisfied with the system imposed on them by the new humanity, choose to revolt and return to live on the surface of the Earth as their ancestors did...
So, yet another race begins, that of the new primitives...
The two comunities have no contact for a long period. The people still living below ground are sophisticated and despise the primitives, regarding them as savages... This story begins on the surface of the Earth in the Year 225 A.B. (After the bomb)..."

The UK VHS then shows a few close-ups of lizards and a shot of human skeletons in car wrecks, then the cut versions start as well.

72 Sec in total

After the group has discovered the torn tires of the motorcycles, King and Taurus start arguing. Then a rather long sequence is missing: Duke takes position against King, both argue and point their weapons at each other. However, they calm down again, then there is a cut to the interior of a building. The group starts barricading themselves in. The cut versions start again when Video and Chocolate barricade the door.

227 Sec in total