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Gamera vs. Barugon (aka War of the Monsters)

original title: Daikaiju ketto Gamera tai Barugon


  • US Version
  • Japan VHS
Release: Nov 03, 2011 - Author: Jason - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the German DVD by M.I.B. which is most likely identical to the US Version and the uncut Japanese VHS by Daiei Video Museum.

In the US, the movie has different titles: The original title "Gamera vs. Barugon" and "War of the Monsters". At least the Alpha DVD with the title "War of the Monsters" is cut. We assume this version equals the German version:

Converted into NTSC, the German DVD (PAL) has the same length as the US DVD (NTSC). Furthermore the US DVD lacks the exact same scenes as the German DVD, according to several sources. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the old US Version to compare whether or not it's true. If you have any information about it, please let us know.

Nothing but anything has been cut: plot, violenct, monster action. This implies the publisher not only censored the movie but also cut more footage for time reasons. But it's also possible that the original material was damaged to use it for a DVD release (which brings up the question if this was really relevant because the release sucks anyway).

In Japan, a dignified DVD of Gamera Vs. Barugon has been released (original Theatrical Vefrsion, brilliant audio and image quality).

The time index refers to the German Version. The remaining difference results of rounding in the process of converting the length from PAL into NTSC.

The logo of the Japanese produtction company is missing.
11 sec

The opening credits of the Japanese Version are different of course.
Comparison of the images (Japanese Version on the left, German Version on the right):

no difference

Planning the expidition:

Extended shot of the Japanese women playing their instruments.
14 sec

Back in the village:

Karen and the Professor keep discussing whether she should return to Japan or not. She also says Keizuke could help her to find the opal.
10 sec

And again another shortened dialog. Actually, she also says nobody dared go near the cave due to the curse. She also explains the men took the opal out of its familiar environment and that wasn't an antic jewel for sure.
16 sec

Battle between Onodera and Keizukes' brother:

Onodera and Keizuke's brother keep fighting while the woman tries to seperate them but she gets pushed back over and over. Here and there Keizuke's brother can gain the upper hand, he hits Onodera in the face twice.
13 sec

Another missing part of the fight: Onodera chokes Keizuke's brother. His wife approaches from the background but Onodera kicks her away. Then Onodera hits his opponent's stomach and face. The wife tries to interfere earlier again.
11 sec

After Onodera pushed the wife in the direction of the armchair, he grabs a stick and smashes it on her back. Then he keeps hitting Keizuke's brother in the stomach and face again.
6.5 sec

Onodera tosses a further file cabinet at Keizuke's brother on the ground.
5.5 sec

At the subway station:

After the music started to play for the evacuated people, the scenes goes on. Shot of several people. A drunken man says he thought humanity had already seen it all with the atomic bomb and now they were going to get destroyed by a monster. An old woman points out he was very loud and tells him to be quiet. Some soldiers are on their way to the exit of the station.
32 sec

Gamera & Barugon meet:

Before Barugon jumps at Gamera, they're "watching" each other from a safe distance. Funnily enough, Gamera shoots ahead to impress Barugon and Barugon backs off. Then the same thing just the other way around. Finally Barugon prepares to jump earlier from a further distance.
39 sec

Karen & Keizuke at the airport:

Karen gets up one more time and says to Keizuke she needed to hurry up or they were all doomed. Keizuke wants to know if she knew a way to stop Barugon. She replies she was positive and asks him to bring her as close to the monster as possible.
17 sec

Battle between Keizuke & Onodera:

Onodera chokes Keizuke before he pushes him away.
3 sec

Keizuke also hits Onodera in the back and gets rid of the coat.
1.5 sec

Onodera tosses a bottle at Keizuke but he just ducks. Then each of them hits his opponent's face in a fight twice.
9 sec

Onodera attacks Keizuke with a knife. After a short trial of strength, Keizuke smashes Onodara's arm on the table - twice. That's why he drops the knife.
13 sec

Keizuke smashes a chair on Onodera's back behind the bar.
2 sec

Keizuke jumps over the bar and grabs Onodera. He punches his face three times before he hits the wooden pillar.
9.5 sec


Karen's explanations about Barugon's weaknesses are more detailed. She says the color of his blood is connected with his cell structure. She keeps talking that, as a result of that, he could be decoyed anywhere with sparkling light.
14.5 sec

Karen keeps talking about the meaning of the diamonds for her village in connection with its characteristic being capable of decoying Barugon.
11.5 sec

Briefing #2:

Karen, Keizuke & the Professor keep wondering why Barugon had grown so far under infrared light and why the diamond couldn't decoy him as expected.
18 sec

At the beach:

Karen explains to Keizuke why she wanted to return to the previous scene of event. She says Barugon's people had seen her for the last time 1000 years ago. She also thinks it was funny that she was the first one to see Barugon after such a long time. The following shot of Keizuke starts earlier as well.
37 sec

Preparing the counterstrike:

The preparations of the "Operation Rainbow" to attack Barugon are missing: the mirror gets perfectly adjusted to Barugon. After aiming at the target, the Professor's assistant says they could attack in 30 to 50 minutes. A higher-ranking soldier arrives and suggests to wait until dark because everything would be easier to recognize then. The Professor agrees.
49 sec

After the attack of Barugon:

Keizuke asks the General for firing the canons one more time to force Barugon into a second light ray. Karen interrupts and explains she knew from her experience in the jungle how animals think: he wasn't going to do the same mistake again if he got injured. The Professor adds that Barugon wasn't going to come up with a second light ray.
32 sec

Gamera doesn't show up immediately. Before that, the shot of the General on the phone continues. He returns to the others when he's finished. The Professor talks about the hopeless situation they're in and the question why stopping those kind of monsters wasn't possible in the 20th century. The shot of Karen & Keizuke from behind starts also earlier.
29 sec

Gamera Vs. Barugon #2:

Extended shot of Karen & Keizuke. There's a lot of excitement in the background.
15 sec

The shot of Gamera & Barugon under water is longer. Gamera swims back, Barugon's eyes and dorsal fins are glowing a couple of times.
5 sec

Again an extended shot of Karen & Keizuke. The biologist also says Barugon was going to end his own life for good.
5 sec

And another extended shot of them. They turn around with relieve. Then Keizuke leaves the scenary.
15 sec

Same here but this time the shot starts earlier. Karen sits next to him and takes off her scarf.
6 sec

After Karen took Keizuke's dog, he turns to her.
4 sec

For the very last time [I promise :-)]: the final shot of Karen & Keizuke is - guess what? - slightly longer.
2 sec


The German Version finishes with a simple "Ende" (The End) in front of the background, followed by the black screen.
The Japanese Version contains regular final credits and music. Considering the difference, there are still missing another
40 sec.
Comparison of the images (Japanese Version on the left, German Version on the right):

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