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2.05 When You Coming Back, Range Rider? Part 1


  • Syndicated Version
  • Uncut
Release: May 04, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut Syndicated Version (UK BD by Fabulous Films / First Edition) and the Uncut Version (UK BD by Fabulous Films / New Edition).

- 6 cuts
- Length difference: 415.2 sec resp. 6 min 55.2 sec

Please note: Since the Uncut Versions are available as two-part episodes while the Syndicated Versions are available as two single episodes (for obvious reasons), the Uncut Version lacks the end credits of Part 1 & the opening and recap at the beginning of Part 2. Furthermore, the commercial breaks differ which may result in minor differences such as a longer or an additional black screen. All that has not been considered in the following comparison which only lists the actual cuts/differences made for syndication. There is one exception though: Occasionally, the Syndicated Version lacks a small shot due to a commercial break. This will also be listed as cut in the following comparison.

Basically, the UK Blu-ray box set is a very nice release. Except for one thing: The two-part episodes of seasons 2, 3 and 4 are only available as Syndicated Versions. Those versions are cut in order to fit in the (US) time slot. Since those versions have a length of approx.45 minutes (Blu-ray / NTSC) each, the time issue is not an issue anymore.
But this is only the case with the first 500 box sets. According to Fabulous Films, the subsquent box sets do contain the Uncut Version. For those of you who have bought one of the first 500 box sets: You can send the discs with the Syndicated Versions to Fabulous Films and get them replaced with the discs containing the Uncut Versions - for free. If you want to keep the Syndicated Version, you can get the replacement discs for a small fee (£10 incl. shipping to Germany but I do not know if it is cheaper within the UK or more expensive if the discs need to be shipped to a different country).

As for the Syndicated Versions: They are still watchable but a fan notices the missing footage. For that reason, one should watch the Uncut Versions.

As already mentioned, the two-part episodes of seasons 2, 3 and 4 are cut. Be that as it may, there have been comparisons for the season 3 ("The Bend in the River") in our archive for quite some time now: Comparison for Part 1 & Comparison for Part 2. The reason is simple: This two-part episode is cut on the UK DVD and it turns out that the UK DVD contains the Syndicated Version. This has been checked and confirmed.

Time index refers to
Syndicated Version - Uncut Version.
06:06 / 06:07

Almost the entire conversation between Colonel Decker and General Bullen regarding The A-Team is missing. Due to this huge cut, the flashbacks showing Colonel Lynch's failed attempts to catch The A-Team are missing as well. However, the scene starts with Decker firing off some rounds to keep in shape. Then the conversation with the General.
The General's first comment ("These men have been wanted for over 10 years.") is also audible via voice-over at the end of the previous shot of Daniel Running Bear by the way.

General: "These men have been wanted for over 10 years. It's time that we close the file."
Decker: "The case has been back burner for years, General."
General: "It's common knowledge Colonel Lynch…"
Decker: "…has been waging his own rediculous little vendetta."
General: "Precisely the reason that Colonel is now out and this matter is hanging fire. These three soldiers were trialed and convicted because of extreme political pressure at the time. Which is something that you should understand."
Decker: "Yes, sir."
Decker fires off some more rounds, then their conversation continues.
General: "They were practically forgotten about within a couple of years of their escape. But Lynch keeps throwing balls down their alley and now he's mushroomed this whole thing into what's considered to be a highly embarrassing series of a situations. Look at that."
General Bollen gives Decker their file.

Decker opens the file and reads it out loud. Several flashbacks of Colonel Lynch trying to catch The A-Team follow. The footage comes from further episodes.
Decker: "December 3rd '77, they relieved Colonel Lynch of one executive jet belonging to the military."
Then the scene with The A-Team at the airport. They steal an army jet and as always, Lynch is too late.

Decker keeps reading: "Two months later, he lost five MP cars in a high speed pursuit."
Now Hannibal dressed up as a woman on a bike. Face is with him. Of course, they manage to escape once again.

The conversation continues.
General: "For which he had to make restitution to shopkeepers whose storefronts where destroyed by Lynch's actions. And then, last year, after the newspaper headlines they'd captured the team, they escaped from a full security military installation."
Decker: "Taking with them a military troop under Lynch's command."
And again, one gets to see the scene Decker and the General are talking about.

General: "You know, (all in all, they've made a fine bunch of jackasses out of all of us and I want it to stop now.")

Here, the beginning of the shot is missing. As a result, the Syndicated Version lacks General's first two words.

212.8 sec resp. 3 min 32.8 sec

10:56 / 14:30

Daniel Running Bear is irritated by the message on the napkin a little longer. Then he leaves. Subsequently, one gets to see B.A. and Hannibal who is still in disguise. B.A. sits next to him.
Hannibal: "Here you go, B.A. No mustard."
B.A.: "Oh, Hannibal. How many more of these cold hot dogs I gotta eat? I'll save this one."
A woman is jogging by which distracts Hannibal for a moment.
Hannibal: "Eh, well… eh… I had to have the props. I mean, you don't want me to waste good money, do you?"
B.A.: "That dude definitely wasn't being followed, Hannibal. So if he's a birddog for the military, he ain't got no backup."
Hannibal: "Yeah, I haven't seen any MPs. My conversation with him as Mr. Lee, I think he's a good man with a real problem. We gotta help him. I'll get Amy, you go spring Murdock and get ahold of Face."
B.A.: "I don't know where Face is, man. I've been trying to reach him since yesterday."

47.9 sec

18:24 / 22:46

A few night shots are missing and so is the first shot of Daniel Running Bear.

23.9 sec

32:57 / 37:43

The A-Team rides to their destination. There is some chit-chat when they are riding off one after another.
Daniel (to Hannibal): "It's the easiest way up there. It's more comfortable than crowding my Land Rover."
They slowly ride off. Then a scene with B.A. and Murdock.
Murdock: "Oh, man. Horses! Horses! Don't you just love horses?"
B.A.: "When I can see 'em."
Now, B.A. and Murdock are riding off as well. Face and Amy follow.

Subsequently, there is a little riding sequence, accompanied by some country music.

77.6 sec resp. 1 min 17.6 sec

39:13 / 45:15

After taking care of Carter's goons, Hannibal has a message for Carter.
Hannibal: "Now, you tell Mr. Carter that he's out of the rustling business. No more mustangs leave that valley."
Hannibal and B.A. leave. Now, Face approaches Lane Carter. He gets a bullet out of his revolver and gives it to her.
Face: "Should be gold but… Well, I think you understand."
Face leaves as well. Then Murdock shows up in front of Lane. He says hi and walks away as well. But when he does, he pulls his guns and turns back around to Carter's goons. They twitch. After that, Murdock leaves for good.
Subsequently, there is a little scene with Daniel Running Bear and Amy in the jeep.
Daniel Running Bear: "This looks like it's gonna get real interesting real soon."
Amy: "Yep, it usually does."

42.6 sec

42:00 / 48:48

Before Murdock's attempt to predict the arrival of the train by putting his ear on the rail, one gets to see the train first. In addition to that, the beginning of the subsequent shot of Murdock with his ear on the rail.

10.4 sec

43:13 / 50:11

The Syndicated Version ends here. But first, one gets to see one (additional shot) of the train. The image freezes and "To Be Continued" pops up on the screen, followed by the first credit (Stephen J. Cannell is being listed as executive producer here). Then the regular end credits. (not considered in length difference calculation)

By the way, the shot of the train is the first of the two removed shots (please see previous alteration).

Syndicated Version 10.8 sec longer