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The Lost World: Jurassic Park


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Release: Dec 01, 2016 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX - external link: IMDB
Compared were the cut itv-airing from the 18th of October 2014 at 18:15 with the uncut DVD.

There is 1 case of audio muting and 22 cuts with a total length of 91.64 seconds. Additional time difference is due to cuts made before and/or after a commercial break.
Time designations refer to the itv-airing. Time designations in brackets refer to the DVD version.

While the DVD has an aspect-ratio of 1.85:1, the itv airing shows an Open-Matte 1.78:1 (16:9). It shows a small amount of more content on the upper and lower end, sometimes more on the upper (see top pictures) and sometimes more on the lower (see lower pictures). There is also content missing at the right end, with additional info on the left end.


0:27:45 (0:27:48)

Nick's cussing is cut in the itv-airing. It is also missing in the DVD subtitles.

Nick: Shit...

0.76 seconds

0:38:58 (0:39:01)

Dieter uses the taser, which makes the compy jump away. The electric sound, as well as the dino's scream, are moved in the itv airing when Dr. Burke moves his head, indicating the dino's moving.

0.8 seconds

0:48:00 (0:48:04)

Ian cusses. The cut is very obvious, as the dialog sounds very choppy at the time of the cut.

Ian: God dammit, you bastard. Listen, listen up...

1.16 seconds

1:02:57 (1:03:03)

Eddie is probably cussing. DVD subtitles have nothing.

1.24 seconds

1:03:05 (1:03:12)

After Eddie has been thrown into the air, landing head first in the T-Rex's cake hole, the itv omits Eddie being eaten.

3.8 seconds

1:04:45 (1:04:56)

Roland cusses.

Roland: You're that Earth First bastard, aren't you?

0.88 seconds

1:11:22 (1:11:34)

Dieter's cussing has been muted from the audio. Strangely, the DVD has this in its subtitles.

Dieter: Shit...

Reference picture:

1:12:15 (1:12:27)

The compies attack Dieter for a slightly longer amount of time.

3.44 seconds

1:12:17 (1:12:32)

Dieter fights much longer against the compies, while screaming for Carter. The DVD subtitles have zilch.

20.84 seconds

1:14:01 (1:14:37)

The itv airing omit the compies nibbling on Dieter's pants. The subsequent shot, where Dieter tries to escape, is also cut until the last picture shown here.

2.68 seconds

1:14:22 (1:15:01)

As the compies follow Dieter, the itv airing cuts how the camera moves along the stream - which slowly becomes redder, thanks to Dieter's generous donation.
The subsequent shot on Roland is also missing a couple of frames.

13.64 seconds

1:19:31 (1:20:24)

Roland cusses.

Roland: Bastard!

0.8 seconds

1:19:59 (1:20:53)

Carter sticks longer on the T-Rex's foot. (itv 2 steps, DVD 3 steps)

3.16 seconds

1:21:01 (1:21:58)

Nick screams at the T-Rex. The DVD subtitles only show the second half of the sentence. The red marked text is missing in the subtitles.

Nick: Your move-in day failed, you son of a bitch!

2.8 seconds

1:21:29 (1:22:28)

After the T-Rex gets ahold of the, from a milk snake fleeing, stupid Dr. Burke, the itv omits the waterfall becoming slightly more red. The subsequent camera panning is also omitted.

2.24 seconds

1:22:37 (1:23:39)

After the velociraptors get ahold of the first, itv omits two more getting attack.

4.44 seconds

1:22:45 (1:23:51)

The itv airing omits how a fleeing person does the dumbest thing possible: stop to run away and instead face the raptor. He gets what he deserves.

5.12 seconds

1:27:52 (1:29:04)

The velociraptor attacks Sarah's lucky bag longer.

1.48 seconds

1:31:19 (1:32:33)

After the velociraptor is ridiculously thrown out the window by Kelly, the itv airing omits the pierced and now helpless raptor. Some subsequent shots of Kelly have also been removed, so no sudden change in the soundtrack is hearable.

4-4 seconds

1:39:48 (1:41:06)

After the itv airing shows the hand at the helms, it does not show it to be without a body.

2.96 seconds

1:47:23 (1:48:44)

The itv-airing only shows, how the unlucky bastard (screenwriter David Koepp) gets trapped between the T-Rex's teeth. It omits him being carried, while screaming (which becomes a tortured gurgle after the T-Rex bites while walking), and getting eaten behind a car.

7.6 seconds

1:51:32 (1:53:00)

After the T-Rex gets ahold of Ludlows leg by biting, the itv airing omits him being pulled towards the young T-Rex. Only after Ludlow lies on his back, the itv airing continues.

5 seconds

1:51:45 (1:53:18)

The proud parent is shown longer on DVD, as its watches the offscreen eating. Ludlow's screaming is heard in the itv airing on the following shot of the inGen helicopter, but it slowly fades out to omit the bone breaking heard in the DVD - followed by an even louder scream by Ludlow.

2.4 seconds

1:55:22-1:58:24 (1:56:57-2:03:19)

The credits are much much shorter in the itv airing, while showing upcoming programme.